Frank Kern is a self-proclaimed pick up artist, who claims to make $10,000+ per day with his controversial “Kreation Marketing” method. Frank has made some very public errors in the past and continues to be involved in controversy today. This article explores 8 things you should know about Frank Kern.

Frank Kern is an American entrepreneur and author. He is the founder of The Frank Kern Company, a company that helps entrepreneurs make money online. He has also authored several books about making money online including “The Ultimate Guide to Making Money Online”.

Who Is Frank Kern? 8 Things You Should Know About Frank

Frank Kern is a seasoned internet marketer who has tried his hand at a variety of online enterprises.

He even started a pyramid scheme at one time, although he had no idea it was unlawful.

Are you interested in learning more about Irwin Frank Kern IV? Do you want to know what he’s been up to lately?

Is there any training he has that demonstrates how to create a steady income online?

We’ll address all of your questions and more in the Frank Kern Review that follows.

1) Who is Frank Kern, exactly?

Who Is Frank Kern

Frank is a salesperson, that is the basic explanation.

Frank Kern is a well-known online marketer, which is a somewhat more complicated solution.

He began his career selling credit card machines door to door. Because of the high likelihood of rejection, direct selling may be aggravating.

Frank had had enough, and in 1999, he turned to the internet to see if he could sell the items without having to speak to anybody.

Then he met someone who taught Frank how to generate money by sending emails to others.

That’s true, it’s referred to as email marketing.

But, according to Frank, he was also a spammer and operated a pyramid scam before that. I’ll get to it in a minute.

Fast forward to present, and he has more than two decades of online marketing expertise.

I’m sure we can all agree that such a seasoned digital marketer has some wisdom to offer, and we can all learn something from him.

What is the most likely piece of advice? Take a look at the video (it is not the newest one, but he gets right to the point).


Are you able to connect to that?

Because, without a doubt, I am capable.

I recall in 2018, I had a website and had purchased an affiliate training course, so I had everything I needed to start an internet company.


I recall thinking about how I got started writing material while driving around. I even told myself, “OK, I’ll park the vehicle, sit down in front of the computer, and start writing.”

The first portion went well (parking the vehicle), but something went wrong as soon as I sat down in front of the computer.


I couldn’t seem to motivate myself to write, so I ended up watching YouTube videos and/or other things…

So go to work and quit f..ning about. That is the only way to achieve success.

What does Frank consider success to be?

A success might be defined as achieving whatever value you have in mind.

But, honestly, whatever you produce on a regular basis so you don’t have to work a 9-5 job is a success.

Isn’t that reasonable?

2) What is Frank Kern’s age?

Who Is Frank Kern

Well, it depends on what year you are reading this post in right now.

Frank is 48 years old as of this writing (April 2022), and he was born on Thursday, August 30, 1973, as Irwin Frank Kern IV.

He was born in Georgia, most likely in the little town of Milledgeville (if I am not mistaken).

3) What is Frank Kern’s current residence?


Frank and his family used to live in San Diego, California, but according to his website, they currently reside in Miami, Florida.

I imagine the ocean is considerably warmer than on the west coast of the United States…

…in fact, it’s unlikely that’s the main reason he and his family relocated to Florida. The primary reason is that California has some of the highest taxes in the country.

I’m sure you’ve seen that a lot of firms are moving from California to Texas and Florida in 2020 and 2021.

4) Is Frank a con artist?

Frank is not a con artist.

He is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses. Frank understands what to charge for his skills, therefore his course is on the expensive side.


Here’s a little narrative from his past that may have sparked the idea that Frank was a con artist two decades ago.

Franks remembers being a spammer for around two years, distributing “get-rich-quick” offers.

That, however, was hardly the worst of them.

What do you think about the Pyramid Scheme?

Frank did make a significant contribution, one that might have made him a billionaire. At the same time, he most likely believed he could make other people wealthy.

What’s the end result?

The Federal Trade Commission filed a complaint against him (FTC Instant Internet Empires)

Who Is Frank Kern

The FTC informed Frank that he had set up a pyramid scheme.

“What precisely is a pyramid scheme?” Frank asks.

To summarize, the FTC confiscated all of his money (earned via this method), he apologized, and the case was concluded.

Aside from the embarrassment, Frank used the experience as a lesson and resolved not to follow that road again.

Frank’s biggest blunder was this.

5) What Is Frank’s Job?

Who Is Frank Kern

He provides online classes that educate company owners how to use Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and YouTube Ads to grow their businesses.

He’s been doing it for… well, maybe forever (I mean from the time Facebook introduced the Ads).

Frank Kern’s website is, where you can get up-to-date information on his business activities.

Who Is Frank Kern

What about the traffic? Every day, his website receives thousands of visitors. More than 200K every month, according to

Who Is Frank Kern

The majority of his visitors are from the United States, followed by Brazil, the United Kingdom, India, Canada, and other nations.

So, what exactly does he do?

Frank’s classes have one key goal: to physically invest in the advertisements. Frank can teach any company owner how to correctly put up advertisements and how to benefit from them.

This is not a good method for a newbie who wants to learn how to generate money online. Unless he or she has set aside money to do so.

6) Frank’s Expensive Course (s)

Who Is Frank Kern

I just attended one of his seminars.

What I like about Frank is that he is open and honest from the start.

Unlike many “gurus” who offer things online, Frank will tell you right away if his product isn’t for you.

  • He’s trying to sell something.
  • It’s an expensive ticket ($2,000+).
  • It’s also not for everyone.

The webinar lasted almost an hour, and I acquired a lot of new information. Despite the fact that I am not his normal client.

To cite a few examples:

  • You will always struggle, no matter what you choose to do. Any firm has to deal with this. (One must be ready to overcome the inevitable stumbling block.)
  • Please continue to send money.
  • The trick is to master the foundations.

It’s crucial to accept that the journey will not be easy, but to make the process simple at the same time. And here is Frank’s strategy:

  • Make a list.
  • Selling them anything is really very tough, isn’t it?
  • Sell them something else — This is more difficult than the second step.

Frank discusses common errors made by companies in the webinar.

For instance, if a firm spends $50,000 on Facebook advertisements and generates $16,000, it is a good investment. Isn’t that not very profitable?

“Please change the advertising,” such a company requests Frank.

It isn’t always about the advertisements, after all. To put it another way, you don’t want to put gas in a damaged engine.

  • The term “fuel” refers to the money used to pay for advertisements.
  • Your company (website, squeeze page, email campaign…) is the engine.

In fact, you may view the webinar and reach your own Conclusions:

Who is it intended for?

His lessons are not for novices or those who wish to start a blog and make money from it.

Franks explains how to grow a company from the ground up. How to reach a larger audience and hence generate money.

It’s also worth noting that you don’t require hundreds of dollars every day for advertisements as a company owner. You start with little amounts, such as $5 each day, and gradually increase the amount depending on the outcomes.

What’s Included in the Course

Frank conducts a 12-week demonstration-based training program.

You’ll go through three essential steps:

Step 1: Figure out how to increase income. It includes a lesson on how to make money right now. You’ll see that, as I said before, Frank keeps the whole process basic. There are only six sales procedures.

2) Step – Automated and Evergreen – Ensure that it occurs on a regular basis.

Step 3: Advertisements and Scale Frank shows you how to develop targeted ad campaigns for three distinct platforms:

Furthermore, each student enjoys one-on-one access to Frank and his crew. There’s also support available from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Pacific Time.

How much does it set you back?

Who is Frank Kern

The cost is in excess of $2,500.

You may choose for a 12-month payment plan and pay $249 each month. Of course, there is a money-back guarantee for the first 30 days.

Now is the time to consider the price as an investment. You can really quadruple your money later on.

7) What is Frank Kern’s net worth?

Frank’s net worth is expected to be at $35 million in 2022.

You’re aware that these figures aren’t usually exact, but it’s at least $30 million.

Isn’t that good? Or would you expect a billionaire to be someone who has worked in the sector for more than two decades?

Isn’t it true that this isn’t everyone’s goal?

The majority of his earnings have come from:

  • Individual consultations (Business owners pay frank tens of thousands per year)
  • Offering online courses for sale
  • Seminars in Person

Frank’s primary interest, based on what I’ve observed over the previous 5+ years (on and off), is to teach other companies how to utilize advertisements properly.

That implies it’s a win-win scenario for everyone at the end of the day:

  • For the entrepreneur,
  • For the benefit of the client
  • Frank, on the other hand

(It would almost certainly be a win-win-win scenario.)

Who Is Frank Kern

Yes, Frank has a lovely wife, four children, and a dog.

Frank is one of my favorite people since he keeps his personal life private. He’s a decent spouse who enjoys what he does and avoids squabbles.

That’s why there’s not much information on him and his family online, and I’d want to keep it that way.

Maybe a few words to Frank’s wife, Natalia Muntean, who is a Ms. Bikini Universe 2009 contestant.

She has also worked as a fitness model. She works with female businesses, according to her Facebook Fan Page profile.

Who Is Frank Kern


These are the eight most important facts about Frank Kern. I hope you like it; if not, please let me know in the comments area below.

What about Frank’s omens? Do you think they’re worthwhile?

Is that something you’d want to put money into?

The question you should ask yourself is: Do I already have a company that has been operating for some time and am looking for methods to expand it?

Then Frank will most likely be able to assist you.

Frank is probably not the greatest teacher if you are just getting started with an online company and don’t have a website or even know what topic to chose.

Even as a novice, you may become an intermediate internet marketer in a year and earn four figures per month.

The truth is, you’ll need to master some fundamental SEO concepts and put in some work.

It is not difficult, and although there is a lot of free material available, having access to a step-by-step tutorial that shows precisely what has to be done is preferable.

If you have any questions about Frank, or if you’re thinking about starting a blog and want to learn more, please leave a comment below.

I’ll be more than pleased to assist you.

Mike, thank you for taking the time to read this.

Frank Kern is a master of marketing and sales. He has been around for over 30 years, but still manages to be successful. Frank is the founder of “The Frank Kern Company” which offers services in marketing, advertising, public relations, sales, and more. Reference: frank kern login.

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