In the US, potholes are a big problem. The worst cities for pothole problems have been identified and ranked below. What do you think of this list?

The “cities with most potholes” is a question that can be answered by looking up the cities with the highest number of potholes. The city of Milwaukee has the most potholes, followed by Detroit and New York City.

It is an asymmetrical conflict. Your automobile sustains a little bit more damage with each pothole encounter.

At first, you may not notice. Every pounding weakens your tires. Your suspension levers and arms flex and twist. You don’t even notice the sound becoming louder and louder as the rubber wears away.

But sometimes, it happens more quickly. Your tire or wheel may be damaged by the asphalt, which also tears through them. It won’t be the same even after you get it back on the road.

Although we’ll discuss several methods you might lessen the harm, it’s not your fault. The pressure of temperature variations causes the asphalt to crack, mainly in the winter and spring. Poor road construction is ineffective. The worst of all are the government agencies that leave potholes there to act as traps.

Reporting a pothole to your neighborhood city, county, or Department of Transportation is the recommended course of action. A fast online search demonstrates how. But of course, these days, when people get outraged, they often tweet about it to Twitter’s 330 million other users. According to The Clunker Junker, Twitter data is probably the greatest method to determine which American cities are experiencing the most problems. So, using the data, we created some maps and infographics.

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The “Pothole State” in America is Rhode Island.


First, we counted the number of tweets about potholes that came from each region of the United States over the course of a year. Next, we calculated the combined length of each state’s and city’s roads. The number of Twitter pothole complaints per 1,000 kilometers of road in each region was then calculated by adding these numbers together.

Melanie Joy from Rhode Island tweets, “We used to nickname it ‘The Pothole State’.” Rhode Island surpasses second-placed Hawaii in terms of the number of potholes per 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) of road, with 23.4. (20.6).

Joe Kassabian writes in a tweet, “Riding a motorbike in Hawaii is a combo of soaking in breath-blowing scenery and then almost dying by going into a pothole large enough to be a bomb crater.”

The local press and government in Idaho share pleasing footage of potholes being patched, making it the state for smooth driving. Drivers far from Idaho use the term “Idaho-sized pothole” to describe distant road problems, which greatly increases the number of tweets about Idaho plus potholes.

Here are the top 10 American locations where there are more tweets about potholes per 100 kilometers (62 miles) of road.

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Buffalo, New York 10.


Annual tweet volume per 100 kilometers: 212.2

Photograph courtesy of istockphoto/Hsa Htaw.

Philadelphia 9.


Annual tweet volume per 100 kilometers: 266.2, source of the image.

New York City, 8.


Tweets per 100 kilometers annually: 280.4, source of the image.

7. Boston


303.2 tweets per 100 kilometers annually, source of the image.

No. 6 Pittsburgh


303.8 tweets per 100 kilometers annually, source of the image.

5. Miami


Annual tweet volume per 100 kilometers: 310.3

The photographer is espiegle/istockphoto.

Four. New Orleans


Tweets per 100 kilometers annually: 324.4, source of the image.

St. Louis 3.


Tweets per 100 kilometers per year: 385.2

Istockphoto provided the image.

2. DC, Washington


Tweets per 100 kilometers per year: 451.4, source of the image.

One. Atlanta


529.1 tweets per 100 kilometers annually

Photo courtesy of Deposit Photos.

Drive Carefully to Reduce Pothole Damage


With President Biden’s Infrastructure Bill on the table and, more gravely, the famous Seinfeld pothole that appeared in Netflix repeats (“there’s not actually a hotline to contact if you want to build a pothole”), potholes are a hot topic right now.

Driving carefully is the greatest course of action to prevent potholes from becoming a problem for you.

Try to:

  • Make room between vehicles so you can see impending potholes.
  • Avert deep puddles.
  • Prior to obvious potholes, slow down, and at the last second, let off the brake.
  • Regularly inspect your rims and tires.
  • Disregarding suspension noise

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We extracted tweets containing the phrases “pothole” and “potholes” from the UK and the US using the Twitter API, then we extrapolated the data to determine how many tweets were sent in a year.

To determine the length of each road in each city and area, we utilized Github and the Overpass API. The number of complaints per 1,000 kilometers of road was then computed. We combined Greater London and the City of London to determine the figures for the English counties.

Data was gathered in August and September of 2021.

The sources utilized and further information on potholes in U.K. and U.S. cities are available here.

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Michigan is one of the most pothole-riddled cities in America. The state has a high number of roads that are not properly maintained, which leads to a lot of damage and destruction. Michiganders have had enough with the constant potholes, so they’ve taken matters into their own hands. They’re reporting the worst potholes on social media and demanding action from local officials. Reference: michigan potholes.

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