The CEO of Vertical Group, Jeff Siegel is bullish on the future of solar windows. In his “Solar Window” stock tease he explained how a unique company has perfected their design and ability to make energy efficient anything from glass panes to walls, roofs, skyscrapers and more.

The “wndw stock” is a new company that Jeff Siegel has teased. The company’s name is revealed to be “Solar Window.”

What “Solar Window” Stock Is Jeff Siegel Teasing? (Revealed)

I just received an email regarding an Angel Publishing presentation by Jeff Siegel, in which he discussed a “breakthrough” that may be “mankind’s single greatest innovation.”

A team of engineers in a “small office building in the Arizona desert,” according to Jeff Siegel, has discovered a means to turn a “unlimited supply of power” into useable energy using a device “no thicker than a business card.”

Siegel claims that the “little $3 firm” behind the gadget has the potential to change global power markets, and that its stock may rise 95 times.

“But now comes the thrilling part…

You might be there before 95% of investors are even aware it exists…

Before this little $3 firm reshapes the global electricity markets on its own…

And before the stock of this firm starts to rise, converting every $1,000 you invest into $95,000 or more.”

What’s the big deal?

In summary, Jeff Siegel is teasing a solar window firm based in the United States. And, although he didn’t say who the firm was in the presentation, I deduced from his hints that he was referring to SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. (WNDW).

In this piece, I’ll break down Siegel’s presentation, explain why I believe SolarWindow Technologies is his selection, and go through the Green Chip Stocks service he’s offering.

Bringing Jeff Siegel’s “Solar Window” Teaser to Life

Jeff Siegel’s pitch is simple: he’s discovered a “$3 firm” that has developed a “device” that can “transform existing windows into power producers.”

According to Siegel, this gadget is “no thicker than a business card.” Yet it seems to be capable of converting houses, skyscrapers, and other structures into “power plants” capable of producing energy at a lower cost than any fossil fuel.

“To put it another way, this technology can transform every home, skyscraper, hospital, stadium, and school in the globe into its own ‘power plant,’ capable of producing infinite clean energy 24 hours a day, seven days a week!”


“It can power America’s 90 million-plus buildings and residences… at a lower cost than any fossil fuel available now.”

It can almost do it for free… “We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week!”

Jeff Siegel is referring to a sort of solar window technology in the form of a “sprayed-on film” that covers a window and allows it to produce energy from the sun.

It’s similar to a solar panel, only instead of large panels on your roof, this solar technology is built inside a window that can be put in a house or business.

Jeff Siegel defines the technology as follows:

“A’solar window’ seems to be a conventional window seen in a house or business structure. In reality, there is no discernible difference between the two…

Except that this solar window is protected by a thin, sprayed-on film that collects sunlight, transforms it to energy, and then utilizes that energy to illuminate, heat, or chill your space.”

Users may repay their installation costs within a year, and the solar cells are capable of producing power from artificial light sources, according to Siegel.

Furthermore, he claims that it may be applied to any house or business structure:

“It can go to ANY home or business building and apply its solar formula on the spot to begin producing clean electric power for the building or family right away.”

There’s no waiting for special glass or precise window or shingle measurements, which cuts installation and development costs dramatically.”

Sounds interesting.

And, according to my research, the technology is being developed by a number of firms that have shown that it is feasible. So anything like this has a lot of promise.

As I’ll explain in the following part, though, it doesn’t seem to be as easy as a business coming out and “spraying” solar on a window. That was my perception after seeing the presentation, however my investigation indicates that this is not the case.

Jeff Siegel’s Solar Window Selection

Jeff Siegel teased a number of details regarding the “solar window” firm in his presentation. He said that the firm is situated in Arizona, that its stock is selling at roughly $3, and that it has “over 120 patents,” among other things.

“Because this team managed to uncover the world’s single greatest source of energy.”

Not in an MIT lab… “Not on a deepwater rig… not buried under the sands of an OPEC country… but in a modest office building in the Arizona desert,” says the author.


“In every manner possible, this $3 company’s invention completely TROUNCES First Solar’s product.”


“In sum, nothing on Earth compares to this company’s ground-breaking idea, which it has safeguarded with over 120 patents.”

However, the most important hint he provided was a video promoting the company’s technology, which had the name “SolarWindowTM” at the bottom. And that led me to SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. (WNDW), which seemed to be a good fit.

Apart from the hint in the movie, SolarWindow Technologies is an Arizona-based firm that develops solar technology for use in windows. Its stock is presently trading at just under $3, and the company’s Q3 investor presentation says it has “almost 120 patent claims.” All of this corresponds to what Sigel mentioned during his presentation.

In terms of the technology, I’m not an expert on how solar panels operate, much alone solar panel windows. So the company’s technology page is probably the best place to learn about what SolarWindow Technologies is working on.

The company’s LiquidElectricityTM coatings and application techniques, according to that website, can create electricity on glass, flexible plastics, and films.

To cut a long tale short, the overall idea and technology seem to correspond to what Jeff Siegel outlined in his presentation. And from what I’ve seen, it seems to be very great.

However, there is one issue I have about installation that I haven’t been able to get a clear answer to (anywhere). As in, how does it connect to a home’s wiring?

The way Jeff Siegel said it… It’s almost as though the business shows up to your house, sprays the solar on your existing windows, and voila!

That, however, is not the case.

And I say this for two key reasons…

First, presuming the “sprayed-on film” can turn sunlight into energy, some type of wiring to link it to your home’s electrical system would be required.

Second, although the firm does not seem to have a commercially accessible product or service at the time of writing, promotional films on its website imply that it is working on constructing whole windows with solar technology incorporated in.

Here’s a clip from a video on the company’s website that shows a 9-square-foot “solar window” it’s working on developing:

What-Solar-Window-Stock-Is-Jeff-Siegel-Teasing-Revealed generates electricity from sunlight indoor light shade.html

So, although the technology itself seems to be amazing, Jeff Siegel’s “spray-on solar” remarks should be taken with a grain of salt.

As previously stated, the firm seems to have no commercially accessible goods or services at the time of writing. It also doesn’t seem to be profitable. This indicates that the technology is still in its infancy.

Your guess is as good as mine as to what the future holds. Many people have ideas about how it may grow, but no one knows for sure at this point.

In any case, SolarWindow Technologies seems to be Jeff Siegel’s choice. He seems to have been teasing this firm for years, according to this story on

If you want to know for sure what Siegel is teasing and acquire his study on the firm, check out “A Solar Window in Every Home,” a report that comes with a Green Chip Stocks membership.

Green Chip Stocks: What Are They?

Green Chip Stocks is a trend and innovation-focused investing research service provided by Jeff Siegel of Angel Publishing.

The program is designed to assist customers learn about “the newest renewable energy and other inventive advances,” according to Jeff Siegel. The website also claims that the business is committed to “socially responsible investment.”

You will get Jeff Siegel’s newest Green Chip Stocks investing ideas and recommendations, as well as weekly updates on his choices, as a subscriber.

You also receive access to research studies, such as the one I referenced earlier, “A Solar Window in Every Home,” which breaks down his recommendations in depth.

The basic premise is that when you join up, Jeff Siegel will share his investing ideas with you, and you may choose which ones to follow.

The price of getting started varies depending on whatever page of the Angel Publishing website you visit, but a 12-month membership costs $99.

I’m not a member, so I can only conjecture on whether it’s worthwhile. However, it does not seem to be a scam and appears to be suitable for anyone interested in rising technology businesses, especially those in the renewable energy sector.

Jeff Siegel: Who Is He?

Jeff Siegel, who has been a professional investor for 30 years, is the editor of various Angel Publishing stock picking services, including Green Chip Stocks.

In 1994, Jeff Siegel began his career in stock selecting by working for Agora, a corporation that controls a number of smaller financial publishing companies. In 2003, he became a member of Angel Publishing, where he currently shares his stock choices and insights with his subscribers.

According to the presentation, Siegel has identified a number of successful stocks throughout the years, many of which seem to be renewable energy firms.

However, I’ve written about several stock teaser presentations Siegel has given, and although one was for a solar firm, others were for biotech companies. As a result, his recommendations aren’t confined to energy companies. And if you want to learn more about some of the other stocks he’s mentioned, go to the website I just linked to.


The “Solar Window” presentation by Jeff Siegel is about a business that has invented a “breakthrough solar spray that might give you 850 percent gains,” according to Siegel.

I have no clue if the stock will rise or fall, but based on my investigation, the firm Siegel teases in the presentation is SolarWindow Technologies.

I believe that the overall technology that this firm and comparable companies are developing is quite amazing and has a lot of promise in the next years.

I mean, I don’t know about you, but if a product or service that made financial sense was available, I’d absolutely explore installing solar-powered windows.

But it’s possible that we’ll have to wait a long time for it to happen. And, in any case, there are always hazards when it comes to investing.

So there’s no assurance that Jeff Siegel’s stock choice will earn you money, much less help you transform $1,000 into $95,000.

What are your thoughts? Is there a future for solar windows? Or is this technology still a long way from being mainstream? Leave a comment below with your opinions!

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