Viralmark is a buyer traffic app that pays you for sharing links to websites with your friends and family. It’s a great way to earn money and get free traffic for your online business. But how do you know if it’s a scam? Viralmark is not a scam and it’s in fact a free and legit app. in this in-depth review we look in depth at what they offer and if in fact it’s a scam

The problem most people struggle with when it comes to marketing is finding a way to get more traffic to their websites. This is no surprise given the amount of entry-level traffic that gets thrown at budding marketers everyday. Many marketers sacrifice their efforts to write detailed product descriptions and make sure their images are up to date and appealing to site visitors. This is a big mistake. You must go one step further and create a Branding Logo and Slogans for your website. Enough said.

I’m here to tell you the truth about digital goods; this time, we’re going to look at the ViralMark product from Warriorplus.

ViralMark was released towards the end of August 2021, and it claims to bring you “billions of visitors to your link”…

So, let’s see how it works in practice and what the income potential is. I’ll try my best to make this review short and sweet.

When there are several red flags, it’s clear that I won’t be able to suggest the product. (What would be the purpose – I’m sure you’re here to learn about legitimate internet income opportunities.)

Let’s get this party started.

Disclaimer Please note that I am not a ViralMark member or affiliate. This review is based on public-domain research and material. Any findings or suggestions are just personal views that may or may not apply to all people or circumstances.

A Brief Overview

Review of ViralMark Website: Cost of Membership: $8.99 + Upsells No, it is not recommended.

Summary of ViralMark

Rudy Rudra introduced ViralMark, a WarriorPlus product, in August 2021. In less than half a minute, this application claims to provide you with free limitless buyer traffic.

Based on that, you should be able to make money without exerting any effort on autopilot.

The issue with ViralMark is that it simply serves to spam individuals. In other words, it can automate some YouTube and Twitter tasks. Consider the following scenario:

  • the Twitter Following,
  • reTweet on autopilot, and
  • Automate YouTube actions (commenting, responding, etc.).

Such behavior is readily detectable by Twitter, which will ultimately result in the account being banned. Furthermore, the chances of ViralMark’s offers converting into sales are low to none.

That is why I do not advise using ViralMark.

In general, every automation tool is a ruse, and you should not spend your time with them.

To generate a regular income online, you’ll need to put in some work and learn a few skills. With the right tools, you can earn four figures each month in a year.

Here’s a link to a page with additional details.

Sign up for a free account and I’ll walk you through the platform. There’s no need for a credit card; all you need is your email address.

What is ViralMark Review and how does it work?


ViralMark claims to be the first Twitter and YouTube traffic automation software in the world, generating limitless, free targeted traffic. And that all happened in only 28 seconds!

You also don’t have to:

  • have any kind of domain
  • do you have any hosting?
  • create any kind of content

Let me start by saying that this statement is complete rubbish.

ViralMark is simply one of several WarriorPlus products that follow the same pattern and use the same marketing tactics but provide no real value.

ViralMark Review was founded by me.

Viralmark was founded by Rudy Rudra.

ViralMark Review

He is an affiliate marketer from India who has been doing so since 2016.

I looked at his YouTube page and discovered that he had only posted three videos in the past two years. On YouTube, I’m not particularly active.

He has his own webpage as well. He also doesn’t seem to be particularly active on the website.

ViralMark Review

The most recent piece was published two years ago. The domain authority is also poor.

His Facebook page is password-protected, and only his pals can view what he posts. This strikes me as odd, particularly in the case of a professional internet marketer. However, there’s nothing wrong with it. He want to maintain his privacy.

Rudy seems to be primarily concerned in creating items for the WarriorPlus website. Since April 2021, he has produced 6 items.

ViralMark Review

What are the flaws in the prior courses?

Why does Rudy feel compelled to constantly inventing new products? (To be clear, they’re all very much the same, only with a different name and color scheme.)

The solution is to persuade new customers to purchase a product that will be utilized again.

Who is it intended for?

ViralMark Review

This is a beginner’s guide. It’s also logical.

It is unlikely to assist newcomers in making money online. Not in the least. People who are just interested in learning how to generate money on the internet, on the other hand, are easy prey for fraudsters.

It’s all right. We’ve all been there.

I just wanted to let you know that there is no such thing as an automated system that generates money on its own. Such assertions are utter rubbish.

It requires some knowledge, time, and effort. It also requires a great deal of trial and error. It is simpler to obtain full-time income using some educational platforms, and some individuals have made $4,000 per month in less than a year.

As a result, I will not suggest the ViralMark to anybody.

What is the mechanism behind it?

ViralMark Review

As previously said, this program should automate one’s YouTube and Twitter activity. Automation is now frowned upon by both platforms, since it is deemed spammy and is immediately banned.

This is the primary reason I do not suggest it.

You’ve undoubtedly gotten a weird message from someone you don’t know on Facebook or Twitter. Would you buy the service or product if you clicked on the link?

I really doubt it.

So, in the instance of ViralMark, it’s you who spams other people’s social media accounts. I’m sure you understand that this isn’t going to make you any money.

It is completely useless to the end user.

How much does it cost?

The front-end pricing is reasonable, as is typical with WarriorPlus goods.

ViralMark Review

But it’s after you’ve checked out that the true “magic” occurs. That means you’ll have to cope with upsells. You have the option to “upgrade” or “opt out” of the offer. The problem is that the skip option isn’t always visible, so be cautious while browsing the upsells. (However, I hope you haven’t bought this item.)

Here’s a quick rundown of the upsell structure, commonly known as the One-Time Offer (OTO)

ViralMark Review

Testimonials that aren’t true

Fake testimonials are unfortunately very prevalent in goods like ViralMark.

This is obviously a red sign, and it only serves to emphasize the fact that this product is not worth attempting.

Take a look at the second image:

ViralMark Review

Let’s look up the picture on Google.

Here’s what we came up with:

ViralMark Review

The picture is used on a number of websites. The following is an excerpt from one of the articles:  

“FACE OFF Genius AI produces frighteningly realistic human faces – but none of these individuals exist“

ViralMark Review

Clearly, this is not Mark Willam, as the ViralMark sales website claims.

What I find appealing about ViralMark


  •  Money-back guarantee for 30 days

What I don’t care for


  • Income Claims That Aren’t Realistic
  • Sales Page That Is Deceptive
  • There Are Too Many Upsells


ViralMark is simply another mediocre WarriorPlus product.

The primary goal of this product is to get newcomers to buy it, then charge them extra via Upsells.

Customers do not get any genuine value. This isn’t going to work at all. Please do not use ViralMark; it is not worth your time.

A link to information on what it takes to make a genuine, regular income online may be found below. Please contact me if you have any queries.

Also, if you’ve had any experience with dubious goods like ViralMark, please share your story with us in the comments section below. It will assist others in avoiding frauds.

Mike, thank you for taking the time to read this.

What is the Best Way to Begin an Affiliate Marketing Business?

Without any previous marketing expertise, I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since late 2017. In the beginning of 2018, I learnt how to create a website that generates traffic and sales.

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