Making money in the stock market isn’t easy. It’s not something most people consider until they’re already in the middle of it. And when they do, they’ll find that the stock market is a wild, unpredictable journey, but one which can be an incredibly rewarding experience, if you know what to do.

This site is a fantastic way for you to find and trade penny stocks using real-time market data. You, the investor, choose the stocks you want to watch and use the ‘Stock Market Eye’ to track your chosen stocks, in real time.

For our new blog, StockMarketEye, we’ll be focusing on low-risk, high-reward investing. We’ll be looking at penny stocks and discussing stocks that have a good chance of earning a return of 10x or even 20x the initial investment. This is the strategy used by the stock market for centuries, so it’s a good place to start.

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What is StockMarketEye and how does it work?

StockMarketEye is a simple portfolio management tool that lets users keep track of their assets in real time. You can keep track of your portfolio, set up notifications, and monitor the performance of your assets. It allows you to keep track of your stocks and sends you notifications when the price changes. It also allows you to keep track of stocks you’re interested in.

StockMarketEye is simple to use. You may get started fast by just importing your brokerage account data from 1000s of various brokerages across the globe. There are six distinct reports available to assist you in analyzing your current and previous investments. You can view the overall picture of your individual assets and portfolios with dynamic charting. You may create an unlimited number of watchlists to keep track of the markets and your investing shopping lists.

StockMarketEye: My Opinion

First and foremost, downloading and installing the program was simple and painless. They have a very user-friendly website, and all it took was a few easy clicks to download and install it.

Check it out here: StockMarketEye – Portfolio Tracking Software for Investors

Initial Thoughts

StockMarketEye is an excellent resource for new investors. It’s simple to use and offers a lot of features that novice traders will like. For example, I appreciate how it categorizes equities in an easy-to-understand manner. The graphs are simple and easy to read, and they offer a wealth of market information. I really appreciate how it arranges my portfolio so that I can quickly see how my investments are doing.

I really like how they offer a portfolio page where you can add your own portfolio for each investment. You may, for example, keep track of the performance of each stock in your 401K. It’s very simple to stay on top of every aspect of your portfolio and organize it in the manner you desire. You’ll be able to observe which aspects of your accounts are doing well and which are not.

Now, I’ll be completely honest with you: I’m not a professional investor, and I’m definitely not a sophisticated one! So I can’t tell you whether this program is suitable for large and complex transactions and accounts, but I can tell you if it’s good for the ordinary individual. If you’re reading this review, you’re presumably an ordinary investor; in that case, it’s good program with a lot of features.

You can keep track of whatever you desire. You can keep track of all of your investments and portfolios. You may configure notifications for various events and stock prices on your desktop and mobile devices. You may add stocks to watchlists to keep track of what’s going on with them, whether or not they’re in your portfolio.

You can see how that appears below:


If you wish to keep or share it, you may export it to Excel or PDF, which is fantastic.

You have an infinite number of watchlists, so you may make as many as you want! Although, for the typical individual, I would not suggest doing so since too much data may bog you down and cause you to get stuck. You may do as many as you want if you manage other people’s portfolios or if you’re doing this for a company.

What I Admired:


If you navigate to this screen, you’ll see:


As you can see, the program allows you to link your real brokerage accounts to it. If your brokerage company isn’t one of the 70 mentioned, you may utilize Direct Connect to add any of their previously authorized brokerages, or you can perform an advanced connect if your firm isn’t one of the 70. However, all of the big players are included, including Vanguard, Charles Schwab, E*Trade, Fidelity, and others.

If you’re not very educated about your accounts, this is a fantastic method to learn more about what you’re investing in and make better choices.


I definitely have to mention that I received this product for free. One of my first impressions when I initially downloaded and began using the program was, “This must be very costly.” However, when I checked up the price, I was pleasantly pleased to find that it was just $74.99 each year. That’s not much at all! StockMarketEye is at a great price for all of the functionality and features it offers.


Assume you want a software that will allow you to keep track of all of your stocks and portfolios. If you’re a data geek who enjoys looking at various trends, graphs, and statistics, StockMarketEye is a must-see.


Do you want to have a look at StockMarkey Eye for yourself? StockMarketEye is a portfolio tracking software for investors.



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