In 2022, the same year that President Trump is reelected, a new way to fund political campaigns through gift card donations becomes available. What are your thoughts on this?

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Find the Highest Paying Gift Card Kiosk near you to trade your unwanted gift cards for more cash.

Have you ever been given a gift card that you are certain you would never use? Perhaps you have a stack of unwanted gift cards stashed away in the back of your junk drawer?

Did you know that you may swap them for cash right away? Isn’t it incredible?! Those unused gift cards will never be wasted again. Personally, I take my gift cards to a nearby gift card exchange shop and exchange them for cash.


gift card exchange kiosk near me pin

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Rather of buying another purse or beautiful pillow, I can now use the additional money to pay for food, bills, and other needs. As a result, I have more money to save or pay off debt. 

A gift card kiosk, on the other hand, may be a lifeline on occasion. I can’t conceive of a circumstance when a little more income would be a bad thing!

In fact, if more individuals were aware of the benefits of a gift card kiosk, less money would be wasted. According to a recent research, more than half of all consumers in the United States (51%) get gift cards but never use them! This means that $15.3 billion in value has been left on the table!


pie chart showing people who have unused gift cards


If you’ve never used a gift card exchange kiosk before and aren’t sure how to go about exchanging your unused cards for cash, this article will offer you with all the information you need.

We’ll begin by assisting you in locating the finest gift card exchange kiosk in your area, as well as guiding you through the processes to obtain cash directly into your wallet!

We’ve also got you covered if you’d rather accomplish this transaction without ever leaving the comfort of your own home! We’ve also compiled a list of some fantastic high-paying online gift card exchange providers. Thank you very much! 

Let’s get this party started!


What is a Kiosk for Gift Card Exchange?

A gift card exchange kiosk is a real machine that accepts gift cards and pays you for them. In terms of look, it resembles an ATM. A screen, a slot for gift cards, and a slot for the check to be issued are all present. There are other buttons for entering the necessary data.

It’s set up for self-service and is really handy and simple to use. Many businesses accept gift cards, and gift card exchange kiosks will give you a portion of the card’s balance. 

One of the most significant benefits is that you will get your funds immediately!


gift card kiosk


What Is a Gift Card Kiosk and How Does It Work?

Although a gift card exchange kiosk may seem scary, I assure you that it is really easy to use. 

To begin, you’ll need to enter your card information as well as the balance.

After that, you’ll be asked to input information such as the card number and pin.

After that, the gift card kiosk will make you an offer, which will appear on the screen. This is often a proportion of the card’s remaining balance. The proportion varies every kiosk and may also be affected by the gift card reseller.

You must next determine whether or not to accept this offer. 

If you accept the offer, the gift card exchange kiosk will print and issue a check to you, which you may then take inside and exchange with the cashier. Keep in mind that this check is generally only good for a day or two, so pay it in right immediately!

If you decide not to accept the offer, just press the ‘reject’ button on the machine and return your gift card!

Isn’t that simple?


9 “Kiosk” Options for Online Gift Cards

If you’ve been looking for a “gift card exchange kiosk near me,” believe it or not, the closest one is right in your palm! What if I told you that in just a few clicks, you could turn your unused gift cards into cash?

Do you have any doubts? That is, in fact, correct!

As if selling unwanted gift cards wasn’t easy enough already, online gift card exchange providers have simplified the process even further. You may now cash in on your gift cards without ever leaving your sofa or changing out of your PJs! 

There’s no denying that the internet has made completing all transactions quick and practically straightforward, and selling your gift cards is no exception.

There are several legitimate online gift card exchange services that pay well and are a safer and more convenient alternative to visiting a local gift card exchange kiosk! I’ll save both time and money by avoiding a trip to the real gift card kiosk, which is a great win for me!

Please use care while picking a gift card exchange site, just as you would with any other online purchase. If something seems to be too good to be true, it almost always is!


woman with gift card to sell on laptop


Here are our top suggestions for online gift card exchange services to assist you.


1. Gift Cards from EJ

EJ Gift Cards makes it simple to sell your gift cards. Select your gift card brand from their selection, input the available balance, and accept their offer. If you approve, you’ll just need to fill in a few data like your card number and pin number, register, and voilà! You have your money!

EJ Gift Cards is one of our TOP Picks for selling gift cards for cash online since it pays you through PayPal within 24-72 hours! So, what do you have to lose? Get a quick quote for your leftover gift cards right now!


2. Raise

Another valid alternative for selling unwanted or unused gift cards (and shop credits!) online is the Raise Marketplace. It’s as easy as putting your gift cards on the market and then being paid! 

You may be paid by direct transfer, PayPal, or cheque for your unused cards. It’s that easy!


3. Credit Card Cash

Card Cash is yet another option for getting cash for your unused gift cards.

Card Cash also accepts a variety of payment options, including cheque, ACH, and PayPal cash. It doesn’t get much simpler than this. Simply input the shop name and amount, accept the offer, submit your card information, and you’ll get paid! 


Where can I exchange my gift card for cash?

There are various alternatives for converting your gift card to cash. Selling the gift card at a gift card exchange kiosk or online on gift card exchange platforms is one of the simplest methods. 

There are a few more possibilities for getting cash for your unwanted gift cards, all of which are described below!


4. CashGift

At GiftCash, you can sell your unwanted gift cards for up to 92 percent of the card’s value in cash! And, best of all, GiftCash may pay you in cash or in cryptocurrencies! It’s all up to you!


5. Flip a coin

If you’re thinking about selling gift cards online to get some additional cash, Gameflip is a great place to start! Gameflip, unlike the other platforms on our list, does not actually handle the purchasing. They do, however, enable you to connect with a legitimate buyer via their website.

You’ll just use them to list your gift cards, making it possible for other people to buy them. You’ll transfer your card to a customer when he purchases your card. You’ll be compensated after the transfer is complete!


woman on laptop to sell gift cards near me


ClipKard is number six.

You can sell your gift cards in just a few clicks with ClipKard. The ClipKard team has greatly streamlined the procedure, making it very simple from start to finish. Adding your card, reviewing your offer, shipping, and receiving payment are all straightforward processes. Even better, ClipKard will pay you in cash as well as Reward Points! 


CardSell is number seven.

CardSell is a free tool that can let you cash in on your unsold gift cards. There’s no need to look for a gift card exchange kiosk near me when you have an app like CardSell.

They make the procedure quite straightforward. Simply input your credit card information, get it confirmed, and you’ll be paid in cash through PayPal within 48 hours!


Is it possible to swap gift cards?

Yes. There is, of course! Gift cards that are no longer desired don’t have to be thrown away! You may cash in your gift cards in a variety of ways. This post will walk you through all of the options for getting the maximum money for your cards, both online and in person.


GiftCardOutlets is number eight on the list.

GiftCardOutlets, formerly known as Gift Card Spread (GC Spread), enables you to sell your unused gift cards online at your own price! You have greater influence over the selling price of your card than with other online possibilities! 

You’ll make an offer, receive a rapid answer, set up payment, enter your card details, and be paid using GiftCardOutlets! Within ten days, payments are paid via cheque. Bulk sellers, on the other hand, may expect to get paid considerably sooner!



Are you looking for a way to acquire free gift cards?

Swagbucks allows you to earn money by completing surveys and other easy online activities, as well as receiving free gift cards every month. This earns me over $1000! Why put it off any longer? Join right now to begin earning money!


9. eBay

Although eBay is a viable choice for selling unused gift cards online, it is not one of our top recommendations. This is because in the past, a few dishonest purchasers would make a purchase, get the gift card number and pin through email, use the card information to make transactions, and then claim that the card didn’t work. 

They then demand that you provide a refund. You may find yourself in a tricky scenario since you are not dealing with an actual middleman who specializes in the buying and selling of gift cards (like all of the other sites mentioned do).

So, although selling your gift cards this way might earn you more money, it can also be more confusing and risky.


NOTE: Granny’s Gift Card

Gift Card Granny has already shown to be a good site to sell gift cards online. Gift Card Granny, on the other hand, does not seem to be selling gift cards right now. If anything changes, I’ll provide an update. For the time being, you may get reduced gift cards through Gift Card Granny. For your next gift-giving event, don’t forget to create your own gift card! 


NOTE: This is a cardpool.

Cardpool does not purchase or sell gift cards any more. Cardpool is no longer available.


gift card exchange online


Where can I find a Gift Card Exchange Kiosk in my neighborhood?

If you’re still not sure that shopping online is the best option for you, and you’re searching for a physical gift card kiosk, I’ve got you covered! I understand if you really want to hurry to the kiosk right now, exchange your card, and grab your money. 

There are several benefits to utilizing a physical gift card kiosk rather than online choices.

Here are some popular locations where you may sell your unwanted gift cards at a real gift card exchange kiosk:


• GiftCardBin is a collection of gift cards.

GiftCardBin accepts gift cards from over 600 stores, making selling your unused cards a breeze! They provide a variety of options for acquiring your cards, including in-person and over SMS. 

Yes, you read it right. You may SMS your gift cards to sell them. If texting to sell isn’t your cup of tea, you can locate a GiftCardBin store near you here. Simply bring your gift cards and an acceptable form of identification to any of their 600 partner sites (which may include one of the places mentioned below) to get your cash!


• Walmart

A gift card kiosk may be found on the inside or outside of most Walmart shops. This makes trading in your cards on your next supermarket run a breeze. Simply complete your purchase at the kiosk and then take your check inside to the cashier to get your cash right away!


• Walgreens Gift Card Kiosk

Another physical shop that generally features a gift card kiosk is Walgreens. Check on the inside or outside to discover whether your cards may be exchanged for cash right now!


• Target

Gift card exchange kiosks can be found in many Target locations, making it very easy to sell your unwanted cards during your next shopping trip!


target store



CVS is another store that is likely to offer a gift card exchange kiosk near you.


• Gift Card Kiosk at Kroger

When you find a Kroger near you, ask whether they offer a gift card kiosk where you may sell your unwanted cards.


What kind of gift cards does the kiosk accept?

Hundreds of retailers’ gift cards are accepted at most gift card kiosks. They’ll almost certainly take any unwanted gift card you have laying around your house.

From Applebee’s to Zappos, they’ll pay you for practically any gift card. Your best idea is to go to a nearby gift card exchange kiosk and check what cards they take, since this might differ from one kiosk to the next.


• Meijer

Another store that often features gift card kiosks is Meijer. If you live near a Meijer, this is a terrific way to get rid of those unused gift cards!


• Stop & Shop Gift Card Kiosk

Stop & Shop is yet another location that has gift card exchange kiosks. Be sure to check them if you live near to a Stop & Shop!


Bonus Points!

If you have the receipt, some businesses will accept unused gift cards and reimburse you the money. To discover out, give them a call!


• Safeway

Do you live near a Safeway? Then there’s a good chance you’ll find a gift card exchange kiosk near you!


• Giant’s Gift Card Kiosk

Another wonderful place to look for a gift card exchange kiosk is at your local Giant Food.


Where can I find a Gift Card Exchange Kiosk? FAQ: Where can I locate a Gift Card Exchange Kiosk?

If you go to any of the places mentioned above, there’s a good chance you’ll find a gift card exchange kiosk either inside or outside the business. At every state, gift card kiosks may be found in supermarkets and pharmacies!


• Rite-Aid

If you reside in a state where ShopRite exists, you should absolutely look for a gift card kiosk here!


• Shopping malls/centers

For your convenience, many malls and shopping centers provide gift card exchange kiosks. Keep an eye out for them the next time you’re in town. It’s never been simpler to turn your gift cards into cash. Seriously!


Bonus Points!

Before you leave, give the business a quick call to see whether they have a gift card kiosk in the store. 


Coinstar Gift Card Exchange – Do you know whether Coinstar really buys gift cards?

Previously, you could sell your gift cards for cash at any of Coinstar’s hundreds of kiosks. Coinstar, unfortunately, no longer sells gift cards. You may still exchange coins for gift cards and cash at their kiosks. 

If you look for a “Gift Card Exchange Kiosk Near Me” on Google Maps, you’ll find a lot of Coinstar kiosks. Gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash at these kiosks. If you have some spare cash, go ahead and check them out!

So, can a gift card be sold at a Coinstar Kiosk? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no



5 More Options for Exchanging Unused or Unwanted Gift Cards

If you don’t want to sell your gift cards but still want to make the most out of them, there are several choices available to you as well.

Perhaps selling your gift cards is too much of a headache for you? Maybe all you want to know is how to make it work for you. Are you thinking about all of your alternatives before making a decision?

Well, there are a few ways you can put those cards to good use (without selling them!). Don’t let them languish in the back of your dresser drawer. Don’t throw away your unused gift cards!


Here are some ideas on how to put your unused gift cards to good use:

1. Give your Gift Cards to someone else.

Is there a special occasion approaching? Do you think you’d have to spend money on a birthday present? Why not go through your gift card collection to see what your buddy would enjoy? 

You’ll save time and money by regifting the card! That’s one less gift card that will be thrown away! Win for the frugal!


flower and gift card - regift


2. Obtain a Visa Gift Card and deposit it into your bank account.

Some gift cards, such as a Visa Gift Card, may be used to make any kind of transaction. I’m constantly searching for ways to save money as a frugal nut. Use your Visa card to pay bills, purchase groceries, and anything else you may need for your house.

Of course, this option is only available for specific gift cards, but it’s a proven method to get the most out of the ones that can!

Other options for transferring your Visa gift card to your bank account may be found here. 


3. Purchase and resell items

Another option for putting those unused gift cards to good use is to go to the store, make some purchases, and then sell the things. It’s a convenient method to collect money for your unused credit cards. It’s possible that you’ll make a profit. 

Check out these 25 of the top local-sale websites. 


4. Exchanging the Gift Card

I’m sure you know a buddy who has a stack of unused gift cards that is sitting around collecting dust. Why don’t you check in with each other to see what you may be able to trade?

You may not be a Sephora devotee, but she may be pining for a Sephora haul! Simply trade your $100 Sephora card for her $100 Target card. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.


gift card trade


5. Make a charitable contribution

If you know you’ll never use, sell, or exchange a gift card, put it to good use by purchasing products to give to charity. Someone out there may benefit from your unused gift cards, and they would be extremely grateful!

“No one has ever been impoverished as a result of giving.”


Additional Information about Nearby Gift Card Exchange Kiosks

– Can a gift card be sold at a Coinstar Kiosk?

You are unable to do so. Gift cards are no longer accepted by Coinstar, which means you won’t be able to sell them at a Coinstar Kiosk. Rather, you can now exchange your stray coins for gift cards or cash.


– What would Coinstar provide me in exchange for my gift card?

Coinstar would have previously paid you 60-90 percent of the sum on your card. Coinstar, on the other hand, has ceased purchasing gift cards. Selling gift cards via Coinstar is no longer an option.


– What gift cards does Coinstar Kiosk accept?

Coinstar used to accept gift cards from hundreds of well-known retailers. Coinstar no longer sells gift cards, as previously stated. They will only pay you for your extra money at this time.


– Is there a gift exchange kiosk at Walmart?

A gift exchange kiosk is available at many Walmart stores. To find out for sure, call or go to your local Walmart store.


– Is there a gift card kiosk at Safeway?

A gift card kiosk is available at many Safeway stores. You may call or go to your local Safeway to see whether they do.


How to Make Money Selling Plasma

10 Legitimate Ways to Cash in Your Visa Gift Cards

There are over 23 games that pay instantly to PayPal.


Final Thoughts on Using Gift Card Kiosks to Exchange Cash

Now that you’ve learned about all of the finest methods to turn your gift cards into cash, test out a couple to discover which one works best for you. 

Do you know of any more places in your area where you can obtain cash for gift cards? Do you know of any additional gift card exchange kiosks that we didn’t include on our list? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

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