Japan is one of the most popular countries for travel in Asia and there are plenty of places to visit. But where should you go? This list will provide a brief introduction on some places that might be worth visiting, along with their approximate prices.

The “places to visit in usa” is a list of places that are worth visiting in the United States. The article includes information about where to go, what to do, and how much it will cost.

We’ve been touring Japan for the last several months and having a great time. It’s difficult to become bored in this nation since it’s so picturesque and has so many things to offer. Although Tokyo is the most well-known city, there are a lot of interesting sites to explore both within and outside of Tokyo!

Is Japan pricey? Not always, but it also depends on your goals. Transportation is the most costly item. Apart from that, you can get by with very little money.

In order for my family to travel as often as possible, I prefer to set a budget and keep track of my spending. I’ve included a few activities in Japan along with their pricing since I have no idea what’s in your wallet or how your spending plan is set up.

Japan image-filled text. Title: Activities In TokyoJapan image-filled text. Title: Activities In Tokyo

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Activities In Tokyo

The most crucial item to carry with you before leaving is a high-capacity power bank. Your phone’s battery life will be maintained for all the photos, translating, and—most importantly—the GPS for instructions. My charger, which is 22000mah and can recharge my phone to 100% many times, is no longer available.

Additionally, I just purchased a lanyard and an add-on wallet to hold my IC card in the rear of my phone. When traveling, it is much more practical to use this than to constantly take out my wallet.

By the way, familiarizing yourself with Japanese yen before your trip could be helpful.

Free Godzilla statue

Location: Chiyoda City, Yurakucho, Tokyo

I was underwhelmed by the statue’s size despite my excitement to view it. Value it? No. However, it was still enjoyable to stroll the neighborhood and dine at a wonderful restaurant.

Godzilla statue in TokyoGodzilla statue in Tokyo

We also had these delectable delights at Yurakucho station, which is only a short walk away (kougnane). 

Kougane (Cream filled dessert)Kougane (Cream filled dessert)

2500 yen for the Marvel Avengers Station (Highschool: 1700, Primary: 1100)

Location: Minato City, Tokyo, Roppongi

Since 2014, a transient Marvel exhibition has been traveling the globe. When I visited, it was in the Roppongi-based Mori Museum.

Man pulling out Thor hammer at Marvel Avenger StationMan pulling out Thor hammer at Marvel Avenger Station

The Avengers are the subject of interactive displays, as well as a few entertaining games. Be sure to check it out if it ever returns or comes to an area close to you!

4950 yen for the sumo match at the Ryogoku Kokugikan National Sumo Stadium.

Location: Tokyo, Sumida City

You won’t want to miss attending one of these competitions if, like me, you have an interest in sumo wrestlers. Just be aware that loud cheering is not permitted by onlookers.

Wrestlers at Sumo TournamentWrestlers at Sumo Tournament

I was also instructed to always travel in the same direction as the natives. So, when I spotted a lengthy queue, I joined it and joined them downstairs where we had some delectable Chanko Nabe (sumo stew) for 500 yen.

Chanko Nabe (Sumo Stew)Chanko Nabe (Sumo Stew)

Planets teamLab: 3200 yen

Location: Tokyo, Koto City

Knee-deep in water while wandering through an interactive art gallery. The fantastic experience this museum has to give may be heard, seen, and felt.

Waterfall stairs at teamLab PlanetsWaterfall stairs at teamLab Planets

Before heading to Borderless, I advise visiting Planets. Although it was stunning, I had anticipated it to be much larger given the magnitude of Borderless.

3200 yen for teamLab Borderless

Location: Tokyo, Koto City

This was a lovely and enlightening experience. Upon entering and saw the lit floral arrangement on the wall, I was first furious that I had spent my money. 

However, the displays get considerably more broad and interactive as you go farther into the museum. I spent hours there because it was so incredible. In August 2022, Borderless will shut down and relocate to a new location in 2023.

Colorful lamps at teamlab borderlessColorful lamps at teamlab borderless

Venus Fort: No cost

Location: Tokyo, Koto City

Although this Palette Town mall that first opened in 1999 is no longer there, I still wanted to mention how amazing it was.

Venus Fort MallVenus Fort Mall

On the day we visited teamLab Borderless, we had around 2 hours before the admittance time and used that time to explore the mall’s attractions, shops, and free auto museum.

1430-3080 yen at Harry Hedgehog Cafe

Location: Tokyo, Jingumae, Shibuya City

Hedgehogs may be held and fed in a lovely café. With your entry price, you get receive a drink from the vending machine and gloves to handle the hedgehogs.

 Feeding the hedgehogs cost 1650 yen with goodies and 1430 yen for 30 minutes. Mealworms were the rewards, so I definitely passed on that one. If you attend during a busy period, the fee increases up to $3080 for 60 minutes, which may be required. Luckily, there was just one other party there when we arrived. 

Harry Hedgehog CafeHarry Hedgehog Cafe

P.S. Yokohama is home to another one.

1200 – 3000 yen for the Tokyo Tower

Location: Tokyo, Minato City, Shibakoen

From the Tokyo Tower, take in the lovely panorama of the neighborhood! On a clear day, you can even see Mount Fuji. The main deck is 1200 yen, while the upper deck is 3000 yen.

You are given a tour of the tower’s top deck while being led up. Additionally, you get a phone and headphones that will teach you about the background of the nearby structures (provided in multiple languages).

Skyline view at night from Tokyo TowerSkyline view at night from Tokyo Tower

600 yen for Tama Zoo

Location: Tokyo, Hino, and Hodokubo

For the modest cost of admission, this zoo was fairly large. There were several varieties of animals and displays to see. 

Like any zoo, avoid visiting during the height of the summer since many animals prefer to hide.

Train at Tama ZooTrain at Tama Zoo

Destinations Outside Of Tokyo

Artrick Museum: 1300 yen (Junior & High School: 1000, Child: 600)

Location: Yokohama, Kanagawa, Naka Ward

Are you misled by your own eyes? Trick artwork that generates fascinating, Instagram-worthy illusions is all around this museum.

Photo illusion at Artrick MuseumPhoto illusion at Artrick Museum

Take the time to investigate and savor the food vendors, especially because Chinatown’s streets are nearby as well.

Free in Yokohama Chinatown

Location: Yokohama, Kanagawa, Naka Ward

If you’re close to Yokohama, don’t forget to visit Chinatown! It’s a lively, colorful location with much to see.

Although it’s free, you’ll want to bring yen since there are so many delicious delicacies to sample! At most, each meal cost 500 yen.

Character steamed dumpling, soup dumpling, and sesame ball in Yokohama ChinatownCharacter steamed dumpling, soup dumpling, and sesame ball in Yokohama Chinatown

1650 yen for Moff Animal World.

Location: Yokohama, Kanagawa, Nishi Ward

This animal encounter section, which was on Queen’s Tower’s fifth level, was unexpectedly enjoyable. Animals of all kinds may be petted and fed. To purchase tickets for animal feed, use yen coin machines are available. Avoid traveling on a holiday because of the huge queues.

Hand holding a birdHand holding a bird

300 yen for the Kamakura Great Buddha (Kotoku-in).

Location: Kanagawa, Hase, and Kamakura

This enormous bronze figure of Buddha is housed at a Shinto temple in Kamakura. Despite the fact that this attraction was busy, being there had a (sorry to sound corny) zen-like quality to it. Looking at this massive monument and the other gardens around it, I was at ease.

Author selfie in front of Kamakura BuddhaAuthor selfie in front of Kamakura Buddha

Free on Enoshima Island

Locations: Kanagawa, Fujisawa, and Enoshima

I should definitely return to Enoshima Island sometime; it’s a great spot to spend the day. We arrived here after the Kamakura Buddha and didn’t stay long before heading to the caves.

A garden, observation tower, beaches, and other attractions are available, along with several food booths and eateries. I also discovered that there is an Enopass, which grants access to several attractions and restaurant discounts.

Enoshima Island across waterEnoshima Island across water

  •  Iwaya Cave in Enoshima: 500 yen

The five-headed dragon of Enoshima and Buddhist sculptures are honored in the two caverns. 

Line leading up to Enoshima Iwaya CaveLine leading up to Enoshima Iwaya Cave

Excursions From Tokyo

700 yen for Jigoku Nozoki (Hell Peak Point).

Location: Chiba, Kyonan, Awa District

Are you equipped to climb several stairs? There are several beautiful vistas and Buddha sculptures on this peak. It was fantastic since there weren’t many people when I visited on a day after it rained, but it was advised to take the cable car up and back because of the mud and slippery pathways.

Cable car: 500 one-way, 950 roundtrip (Children 6-11: 250 & 450 yen)

Woman peering from Hell PeakWoman peering from Hell Peak

There are still quite a few stairs to climb to the summit even with the cable car, but it’s worth it! We unfortunately didn’t get to view everything since the temple entrance shuts at 4 o’clock. I suggest sampling the dark vanilla ice cream before you go.

Black vanilla ice creamBlack vanilla ice cream

To get here, I took a train and bus to the Tokyo-Wan ferry port, the ferry across to Chiba, then a short walk. The round-trip ferry ticket was 900 yen there, and 700 yen back (450 & 350 yen respectively for children).

1500 yen for Mother Farm

Specifically, Futtsu, Chiba

To experience milking a cow on this farm was the only reason I was eager to go there. There are several animals to engage with and touch on this big farm. In addition, there are amusement park attractions, a zipline, and a bungee jump that are not included in the admission charge.

Author milking farm at Mother FarmAuthor milking farm at Mother Farm

It takes a while to travel to this farm, much as it did to Hell Peak Point. It takes an additional hour to go to the region by rail and country bus after traveling a bus, train, and ferry to arrive to Chiba.

Free admission to Arakura Fuji Sengen Jinja Shrine

Asama, Fujiyoshida, and Yamanashi

The famous Chureito Pagoda, with five levels, is located at this sanctuary. It is a beautiful location for seeing Mount Fuji, cherry blossoms when they are in bloom, and the scenery of the city below.

View of Mount Fuji with Chureito Pagoda to sideView of Mount Fuji with Chureito Pagoda to side

The travel there was the most costly component of the vacation. The round-trip fare, which included both trains and a highway bus, was around 6000 yen.

Jigokudani Yaen Koen, the Snow Monkey Park, costs 800 yen.

District of Shimotakai in Yamanochi, Nagano

Visit snow monkeys that are taking an onsen bath up close. Beautiful, lengthy, twisting, and mainly level, the journey to the spot also has some steps to ascend. I was a little let down since I thought the hot springs were natural, but they aren’t.

Snow monkeys in onsen at parkSnow monkeys in onsen at park

The distance to get there is around 9000–1000 yen each way, despite the low admission cost. With a tour group, I paid $95 USD to see both this park and Matsumoto Castle.

630 yen for Matsumoto Castle.

Location: Nagano, Matsumoto

The first castle in Japan was built in this lovely 16th century. We had access to the castle’s interior, which included a display of antiquated weaponry. Be prepared to first remove your shoes!

View of Matsumoto Castle across the lakeView of Matsumoto Castle across the lake

The “places to visit in the world” is a list of places to visit in Tokyo, Japan. The list includes prices and descriptions of each place.

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