There are a number of different organizations that help people with criminal records find work, some in California. They vary significantly in effectiveness and cost may be one reason why you’re not seeing more companies working with these types of programs. The labor market is changing rapidly as technology advances, but the laws governing it remain stagnant for many Americans.

The “felon friendly jobs near me” is a website that provides information on felons who are looking for employment. It also includes links to job boards and websites where felons may find work.

Jobs for Felons in Anaheim, California

Finding work is tough under normal circumstances, but it becomes significantly more difficult if you have a criminal record. Allow this post to serve as a guide to finding employment for felons in Anaheim. We’ve done our homework and have our own criminal histories to rely on for specialized application advice. 

According to the most recent census, Orange County has about 100,000 enterprises and Anaheim has over 350,000 citizens. That’s a lot of competition and potential. Don’t be bothered by it. We’ve contacted over 1,000 businesses to inquire about their employment rules for those who have been engaged in the legal system. We’ll save you time and effort by analyzing the greatest positions in your region, including convict temp agency employment in Anaheim. 

Anaheim jobs that employ criminals


Below you’ll find a search feature with listings for Anaheim jobs that employ criminals, California. Simply add in the things you want to search for to filter the results, such as industry or job title. The strongest industries locally are tourism and retail, so those might be the best place for you to start.

Top Anaheim firms that employ criminals

Have you been looking through the classified advertisements in the newspaper for assistance but are unsure whether any of the businesses would consider someone with a criminal record? Here are the 10 firms in the region that are most likely to recruit ex-offenders. Take a look at their entry-level roles, which are great for a speedy hiring.

The Walt Disney Organization

AT and T


Market at Northgate

Company Penhall

Anaheim, California


Shrimp Company Bubba Gump

Ganahl Lumber Company Company

West Coast tree experts

When it comes to looking for jobs, one of the most significant obstacles is the CV. If you have a criminal record, this is particularly true. That’s something we can assist you with! Check out our resume guidance for ex-felons to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

Without further ado, let’s review some of the Top Anaheim firms that employ criminals. 

The Walt Disney Organization

Anaheim’s Disney California Adventure Park is one of the area’s largest employers. This is a wonderful area to look if you want to help people with their Disney experience.

At Disney, entry-level positions include: 

  • Actors/Cast Members in Park
  • Services to Visitors
  • Positions in Restaurants
  • Positions in Retail

AT and T

AT&T is a great place to get back into the workforce with a conviction because they hire so many technicians and Customer Support associates with minimal training or experience. The company offers telephone, internet and cell phone services. 

Below are entry-level jobs at AT&T: 

  • Houses for Sale
  • Technician for Installation
  • Customer Support 
  • Maintenance


Curacao is a well-known local supplier of household goods like as electronics, appliances, and furniture. This organization is ideal for aspiring salespeople since it demands a good attitude and optimistic demeanor.

The following are some of the top entry-level careers for ex-offenders to consider: 

  • Salesperson
  • Stocker
  • The delivery team
  • Maintenance

Market at Northgate

If you have a conviction but are looking at getting your foot in the door someplace, why not try Market at Northgate? They’re one of the companies that hire felons in Anaheim. They have a record of being felon-friendly, as long as you’re honest on your application. 

Start anew with one of the following entry-level positions:

  • Clerk
  • Warehouse Pickers
  • Baker
  • Cashier

Company Penhall

Company Penhall is a leading concrete cutting and removal service in Anaheim. They may hire felons on a case-by-case basis, so if you don’t mind hard work, this might be the company for you. 

The following are some of the greatest entry-level jobs: 

  • Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Forklift Operator
  • Transporter
  • Cutter for Concrete
  • Removes concrete

Anaheim, California

Do you desire a career that allows you to contribute to your community? Working for the city is a great way to achieve that. 

Some of their entry-level roles are listed below:

  • Clerk for Data Entry
  • Janitor
  • Clerk
  • Officer enforcing the law


CoolSys is an HVAC and refrigeration firm that was formerly known as Source Refrigeration, Inc. If you’ve always wanted to work in this field, this major corporation might be the place for you.

The following are their most promising entry-level positions: 

  • Chef de cuisine
  • HVAC Technician
  • Administration
  • Refrigeration Technician

Shrimp Company Bubba Gump.

Have you considered applying at any of the local restaurants? Could we recommend Bubba Gump? You’ll be able to locate a place in any part of the city.

Consider the following entry-level positions:

Ganahl Lumber Company Company

This firm, which specializes in, well, lumber, is an equal opportunity employer. Because they are an equal opportunity employer, they will review all applications without bias. 

Among their entry-level positions are: 

  • Forklift Operator
  • Window and door sales
  • Sales of Hardware
  • Puller of Orders

West Coast tree experts

Are you interested in saving the environment one tree at a time? At West Coast tree experts, a job in the tree industry is a good way to get to not only help out our planet, but put you in a better life position as well. 

Consider one of the following entry-level jobs: 

  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Well-being
  • Maintenance of trees

Felony trucking jobs in Anaheim

Many trucking businesses around the United States have a reputation for recruiting individuals with criminal backgrounds, and they are ideal for shift work. 

Whether you’re a seasoned driver or just getting started, here’s a list of our top contenders for Felony trucking jobs in Anaheim:

Anaheim warehouse jobs for convicts

Warehouses are almost always a great place to get a job when you’ve got a record following you around. You can find felon-friendly roles at just about any warehouse, as well as at companies that have an on-location storage or a shipping department. Look for administrative positions such as a Customer Support representative or find a position operating machinery. 

Here are the best places to find Anaheim warehouse jobs for convicts:

  • U.S. Postal Service (UPS)
  • Amazon
  • Sunland Nutrition, Inc. is a company that specializes in nutritional supplements.
  • Corporation Dal-Tile
  • PoolCorp

Felony temp agency employment in Anaheim

Perhaps a temporary employment is the best option for you. Employment agencies allow you to try out a range of jobs at various businesses. After you’ve tried a few different alternatives, finding the correct fit might be easy. 

The greatest felony employment agency jobs in Anaheim. 

In Anaheim, there are second chances and employment training programs for convicts.

Fortunately, California has Ban the Box legislation. This implies that companies cannot inquire whether someone has been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony in a checkbox on their application. They may still do a background check, but your criminal past will not prevent you from getting an interview. 

Following are a few In Anaheim, there are second chances and employment training programs for convicts.. These programs provide access to housing, food, financial aid, education, and more:

  • Reentry Institute of California
    • Mission: To help men in becoming productive members of society by preparing them for and supporting them during the transition from imprisonment to freedom. The cycle of imprisonment may be halted with proper planning and assistance.
    • Education, Employment, and Family Services are available.
  • Reentry Program in California
    • Mission: The mission of the Reentry Program in California is to assist California prisoners in successfully reentering society. This includes developing parole plans; providing prisoners assistance with developing social skills and obtaining services in their local communities; promoting public support for such programs; and providing a model for reentry programs that can be replicated in California and elsewhere.
    • Addiction and recovery, clothing and household items, education, employment, housing, immigration, and medical services are all available.
  • Regional Reentry Partnership of Los Angeles (LARRP)
    • Mission: The mission of the Regional Reentry Partnership of Los Angeles (LARRP) is to support the development and implementation of a comprehensive, culturally competent, and effective community reentry system, by providing a strong community voice in public policy and funding decisions; by serving as a convener of reentry service providers, advocates, and other stakeholders; and by building capacity across the county to meet the needs of the reentry community.
    • Education, Employment, Housing, Legal, Medical, Religious, and Voting services are all available.
  • Rebound and Root
    • Mission: Root & Rebound’s mission is to restore power and resources to the families and communities most harmed by mass incarceration through legal advocacy, public education, policy reform and litigation — a model rooted in the needs and expertise of people who are directly impacted.
    • Legal services are available.

The “felony friendly jobs” are a great way for felons to find employment. Felons can also make friends and network with other felons in the area.

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