A trip to the doctor for some sort of rash or infection can be concerning. But what if the rash is on your left hand? It is not because of an infection or a rash that you picked up at the beach. It is more likely than not, that you are one of the successful lottery winners that will be receiving a cash payment of $1,000,000,000.00. Yes, that’s 1 billion dollars, and no, the government has not paid you a visit.

In this era of technology, we are always thinking about new ways to make money in our lives. Most of us use our right hands to pay for purchases, reach for the remote control and type on our keyboards. This is why we often forget about our left hands. In fact, right-handed people are more likely to make $100,000 in their early 30s than people who use their left hand to play video games and sign contracts.

According to the National Institutes of Health, 90% of people who have a left-hand dominant hand will use their dominant hand for most activities, including writing. So, for most people, their writing, business, and other important tasks will be done with their left hand. It is the left hand that controls the right arm, so for right-handed people, the right hand is the dominant hand.

When your left hand itch, what does it mean? Everything you need to know about the superstition of the left hand itching and the significance of the left palm itching!

Have you recently experienced an itching left palm and aren’t sure what it means? I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase that itching hands indicate that you’re going to make money or lose money.

Now you’re debating whether you should go out and purchase that lottery ticket or brace yourself for a loss. Is your left hand yearning for some good fortune in the lottery? When your left hand itch, what does it mean? And, more importantly, what does this imply for your money?

If you believe in the left palm itching superstition, keep reading to learn more about what to anticipate in your financial life if you have itchy hands!


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We all know that various cultures have distinct superstitions, yet it seems that the “itchy palms superstition” is one that is universal. Itchy hands are associated with money in almost every tribe and culture. 

Now it’s up to you to decide which hand is the fortunate one. What does it depend on? It depends on where you’re from, whether you’re a man or a woman, and even who you are as a person.

In certain cultures, the right hand is considered the fortunate hand, while the left hand is considered unlucky. Others believe that the left hand brings luck whereas the right hand does not. 


The Superstition of the Left Hand Itching

The Saxons and Celts originated the itching palms superstition centuries ago. They each had their own beliefs, which they merged to create the one that is now generally recognized. 

Sicknesses and illnesses may be healed by merely rubbing your skin against silver, according to the Saxons. Touching wood, on the other hand, was thought to bring good luck to the Celts, thus the phrases “touch wood” and “knock on wood.”

They both thought that itching hands were associated with wealth and prosperity (whether good or bad). Their beliefs were jumbled and interwoven throughout time, resulting in one common superstition that was handed down from generation to generation. This is why, to preserve the good luck, we massage our itching hands on wood today!

So, what exactly is this “left hand itching superstition”?

The most widely held notion today is that an itching left palm indicates that money is about to depart or will be lost in some manner. You’d have to rub your hand on wood, according to folklore, to keep this from occurring!


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What Does It Mean When Your Left Hand Itches?

When your left hand itch, what does it mean?

When your left hand itches, the first thing you should do is rule out the possibility of a medical problem. Dry skin, dehydration, eczema, or even something more severe may cause itchy palms.

Whether you’re confident your itchy left hand doesn’t need medical attention, you may wonder if it has anything to do with your finances.

The most prevalent notion is that itching on the left palm means money is going to depart your hands, pockets, or bank account. This may indicate that you have debts to pay, that your vehicle breaks down suddenly, or that you will lose $5.

I understand. I understand. This is most likely not the news you were hoping to hear. But maybe, just maybe, you’re one of the fortunate ones with a lucky left hand. Many individuals have experienced good luck as a result of having an itching left hand, believe it or not!

As I previously said, it is impossible to say which hand is the fortunate one. Let’s go into the specifics so you can find out which hand is responsible for whatever task.



Is Itching on the Left Hand Lottery Luck?

Perhaps you’ve had itching left hands for a long time and are concerned about the impact on your money. Is your left hand yearning for some good fortune in the lottery?

You’ll be relieved to learn that many individuals have won the lotto after having itchy left palms, despite the popular belief that scratching the left hand palm brings bad luck!

This is why I believe that left hand itching does not always imply that money will go; it all depends on the individual. 

Mary Shammas, a Brooklyn grandmother who won a staggering $64 million despite suffering with an itchy LEFT hand, is one of the most frequent instances.

She was on the bus when she noticed her left hand aching and got off to go to the Lucky Lotto shop to try her luck! And, wow, did Lady Luck smile on her that day! 

So, does that imply that scratching your left hand means you’re going to win the lottery? Yes, it is possible!


Left Hand Itching Lottery Number

In the lottery, what role does the itchy hand play?

You may be wondering what numbers you can play if your left hand is itching and you want to test your luck. You might even pick numbers that are associated with “hand itching.” 

Various lottery books will produce different “itchy hands” numbers. For itching left hands, one lottery book offers the numbers 636 and 437. It also includes 371 and 616 for itching hands alone.

For a hand ache, another lottery book offered the numbers 553 and 335. Another book recommended the digits 000, 119, 880, 981, and 963 for left-hand itching.

So, as you can see, there are a plethora of publications claiming to offer the greatest fit for hand itching. Of course, there is no “correct” response. The numbers and combinations you choose will be determined by the game you are playing and should have personal significance to you. 

Mary Shammas, for example, won $64 million by playing the numbers 5, 14, 17, 19, and 24 – her family members’ birthdays!

So why not go with your gut instinct?

lottery number for left hand itching


Other Itchy Hands and Lottery Luck Cases

There are many more examples of lotto winnings resulting from scratchy hands! Before buying their tickets or learning that they had won, these winners all reported having itching palms!

• This Maryland couple believes their itching palms were to blame for a $50,000 scratch-off victory in 2019!

• After a month of itching hands, this Michigan lady won $2 million in her local Mega Million Lottery! Her itch went away when she received the reward, which was unsurprising!

• After her three children all complained of itching hands on the same day, this Baltimore mother won a $50K lotto prize! Coincidence?

• When this Saskatchewan lady won $60 million in the Lotto Max, she said she had “extremely itchy hands”!

• When an Irish guy bought a lottery ticket and won €250 000, he had itching palms and felt that something wonderful was on the way.

• After suffering from itching hands, this North Carolina lady won $100,000 in a Crossword Money Multiplier game!

• The night before the draw, this Australian guy experienced an itching hand, which resulted in his winning $928 000 AUD!

• This $250 000 winner from Michigan attributed his victory to his itching hand!

• After suffering from an itching right hand, this Cumberland guy won the $99 million Mega Millions jackpot!

• After suffering from a right hand itch, this British grandmother won the £17 million prize!

• After experiencing an itching right hand, this Waynesboro guy earned $3,000.


To be honest, the list could go on and on. Many individuals claim to have won big money as a result of itching hands – some with itchy left palms and others with irritable right palms. 

Isn’t it clear that the old wives’ tale may have some validity to it?

But keep in mind that there are likely thousands of others who took a risk on their itching hands and didn’t have as good luck with the lotto! So, if you find yourself scratching your hands excessively, you may need to see a doctor rather than buy another lottery ticket!


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Which hand, therefore, is the “lucky hand”?

You may have observed that when some of these lotto winners won, they had an itch on both palms or only the right hand. When they won the prize, several of them didn’t say whose hand itched. Perhaps the “lucky hand” differs from person to person.

It is often believed that the itching right hand gets money while the itchy left hand loses it.


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However, as we can see, this isn’t always the case! That wasn’t the case with Mary Shammas, was it?!

Remember how we mentioned that one’s “lucky hand” may be determined by the person or even their origin?

In fact, in certain nations, such as India, the right hand is said to bring exclusively good fortune to males! So, if you’re a lady, your right hand will bring you poor luck, while your left hand would bring you great winnings, according to Indian tradition! 

Furthermore, many people all around the globe think that the “lucky hand” is solely dependent on the individual. In this scenario, the next time your palm itches, make a mental note of which hand it is and keep track of your financial fortune in the days ahead.

This is a foolproof method of determining which hand performs what for you!


When your left hand itch, what should you do?

Do you have a rash on your left hand? Leave your left hand alone if it is your “lucky hand.” It is said that if you scratch it, you will scratch away your good fortune! Rub your hand on a piece of wood instead. The elders thought that doing so would bring you money (while also fulfilling your need to scratch!).

Even if your left hand isn’t particularly fortunate, it’s said that rubbing it against wood would keep the money from leaving you! In any case, stroking your hand on wood does not seem to be a terrible idea!

When your fortunate left hand itches, some tribes think you should spit on it and then massage it on your hips! HUH? Perhaps I’ll simply keep rubbing it on the wood!

Other people think that if you grasp your hair and rub your hand against it, you will retain your good luck. The quantity of money you win / get will apparently be the same as the number of hairs you originally grab!

Last but not least, if your palms are itching, you may put them in your pockets and scratch them there. This is thought to aid in the flow of money into your pockets!

If you believe in the “left hand itching superstition,” scratch your hands in your pockets, grab a clump of your hair, rub your hand on wood, or even spit on it and rub it on your hip when you feel the desire to scratch. After you’ve completed all of this, go to the shop and buy a lottery ticket to try your luck!

Despite the large number of lottery winners mentioned here, I would not make any significant financial choices based only on my itching palms. And I would never risk hundreds of dollars on a game of chance! However, a $5 or $10 bet wouldn’t go amiss!


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What happens if you have itchy skin on both hands?

It is said that if both of your hands are itching, you will be fortunate — and not the $5 in your back pocket on laundry day type of luck! 

As you can see, a majority of the lottery winners mentioned above said that after they won, both of their hands were itching!

Plus, we’ve all heard the old adage:

“If your hands itch, you’re on your way to being wealthy!”

So go ahead and grab that lotto ticket if both of your palms are itching. Then, spit on your hands and rub them on your hips, grab a fistful of your hair, or rub your palms on wood. And if that final part makes you uncomfortable, consider how desperately you want that money.


Female vs. Male Itching on the Left Hand

As previously said, certain cultures, such as India, think that having an itching left hand is exclusively good for women! They think that the right hand is the “lucky hand” for males!


The Scientific Method

There are always those who have a rational explanation for everything and refuse to consider the possibility of superstition. (I’m curious whether these folks say “bless you” when someone sneezes, or if they even wear wedding rings?) Facts to remember: -Wedding rings are worn on the left finger because it was thought to be the only finger in ancient Egypt to have a vein going straight to the heart! -When someone sneezes, people say “bless you” because it is thought that the soul departs the body for a split second.

Anyway, let’s look at the scientific reasons why your hands may itch for the sake of these individuals.

Itchy hands may be caused by a variety of factors, including:

• a hypersensitivity response

• a viral infection

• a lack of fluids

• Diabetic complications

• an accident

There may be a variety of medical causes for itching hands, so if you think your itchy palms are a severe problem, visit your doctor!


What does an itching palm indicate?

An itching hand, according to folklore, is linked to your finances. An itching right palm is said to indicate that you will come into money, whereas an itchy left hand indicates that money will leave your pockets in some manner.

However, we’ve seen the reverse happen to a lot of people. This implies that a left hand itch may be a harbinger of good fortune on the horizon for some individuals, while a right hand itch could be a portent of financial loss for others.

One thing is certain: an itching palm, no matter how little or large, is a sign of a change in your money for any superstitious person!


Other Superstitions Concerning Money

Are there any other money-related superstitions that still exist today, given that we know about left-hand itching and lottery luck? Here are a handful I’m aware of!

• If a bird pecks you or your vehicle, it will bring you good luck financially.

• Sweeping the home after 6:00 p.m. entails sweeping away your money as well as any good fortune.

• If you leave your purse on the floor, you will lose money.

• Having a fortunate bamboo in your house can help you to prosper.

• Pick up a penny only if the head is facing up. You will earn more money as a result of this.

• During your first visit, giving money to a newborn infant will bring them riches for the rest of their lives.

• You will be wealthy if you have hairy arms.

• When you see a shooting star for riches, use the word “money.”

• Placing a Money Tree on your window sill may bring you riches and success.

Are there any others you’re aware of? Let us know in the comments section below!


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Last Thoughts on Is Your Left Hand Itching for Lottery Luck?

You can pick whether or not you want to test your luck now that you know all about your itching hands and what they imply for your money! 

So, what are your thoughts? Is your left hand yearning for some good fortune in the lottery? Have you ever won the lotto after your left hand began to itch? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. We’d be delighted to hear from you!

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