Inyova is a P2P lending platform that facilitates lending and borrowing of money from individuals and lenders to investors. It also offers analysis of the global P2P lending market as well as a platform for investing in P2P loans.

(Was Yova) is a modern cryptocurrency that utilizes the blockchain technology. The Cryptocurrency is fast, simple, flexible and secure. It can be used in all fields of life.

Inyova Review 2021 (Was Yova) is a blog that gives you information on investing in stocks and Forex. It is written by the writer Thomas. The writer is not professional with money and in part time jobs. He is a university student who studies finance at a polytechnic. He has written some articles on his own blog.

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Inyova is a Swiss robo-advisor specializing in impact investing. You may know him as Yova, which was his former name until June 2021.

The basic idea is to invest to make the world a better place. In this way you not only get a good return on your investment, but your money also contributes to the improvement of the world.

But what is the difference between Inyova and other robo-advisors and how much does it cost? That’s exactly what we’re going to find out in this full review of Yova.

At the end of this Inyova review, you will know all the pros and cons of investing with Inyova. You will also find out if the service meets your personal investment needs.

Note that I do not invest with robo-advisors. Do-it-yourself investments are best suited for people who are willing to invest time and effort, and they will save you money. But DIY takes time and knowledge. For people who don’t want to invest their time and effort, investing with robo-advisors is the best thing imaginable.



Very good robo-advisor, with a strong focus on impact investing and SRI.

Inyova is a robo-advisor specializing in impact investing. They are for people who want to use their money to make the world a better place. Since it is an investment platform, they naturally try to invest in profitable companies.

Inyova was launched in 2017 under the name Yova. Although it is a young platform, it is growing rapidly and already manages several million Swiss francs. In June 2021, Yova changed her name to Inyova. This new title means Invest in your values.

Most importantly, you need at least CHF 2,000 to invest. Below this level, it is impossible to achieve good diversification.

They started with a web application, but have added a mobile application as well. This is interesting because most robo-advisors in Switzerland do not have mobile apps.

So let’s dive into the details of this Inyova review.

Inova’s investment strategy – impact investing

Let’s begin this review of Inyova with an overview of its investment strategy.

Inyova has a very different investment strategy than other robo-advisors. While most robo-advisors invest in exchange-traded funds (ETFs), Inyova invests directly in stocks and bonds.

Another difference is that they only invest in sustainable companies and therefore follow an impact investment philosophy. Other robo-advisors offer a sustainable investment option, but this is not their main focus. With Inyova, you won’t be able to invest in other companies. They are therefore only suitable for investors who wish to invest in this way.

Your portfolio is selected according to certain personalized criteria based on two main factors:

  • Company writes: Products and services
    • For example, renewable energy and clean water.
  • The company’s footprint: how it manages its business
    • For example, gender equality and equal pay.

Each investor has access to a personal portfolio. You can choose which topics are important to you and which you disagree with.

If impact investing is important to you, Inyova is the best robo-advisor for you. It is the only robo-advisor in Switzerland that specializes exclusively in impact investing. And they’re doing great.

In addition, any investor can directly exclude or include companies. All these features make Inyova a highly customizable robo-advisor, perhaps the most customizable robo-advisor in Switzerland.

Your asset allocation is based on your risk profile: the length of your investment and your age. For example, a young investor like me could invest 100% in stocks. On the other hand, an investor close to retirement may have only 60% (or even less) equity. So the minimum is 20% investment in shares and the maximum is 100%, which is very good.

You will end up with about 40 stocks in your portfolio. These actions will be diversified in different sectors and countries.

Overall, Inyova offers an impact investing strategy that is very good if you are focused on sustainable investing. It is the best robo-advisor for impact investing and sustainable investing. I prefer more stocks for better diversification, and I prefer to invest in broader ETFs to avoid stock picking. That said, I understand the appeal of SRI.

Yinova card

If you are considering investment services, you should pay attention to the costs. Inyova is different from other services in that there are no fixed costs. The amount of commission you pay depends on the amount of money you invest.

If you have serious financial goals, investment costs make a big difference.

The investment contributions to Inyova are annual contributions on a lump-sum basis. In this way, you pay part of your assets as a management fee. Here the fees are based on the amount of money invested:

  • Less than CHF 50,000: 1.2% annual charge
  • From CHF 50,000 to 150,000: 1.0% annual fee
  • From 150,000 to 500,000 Swiss francs: 0.8% annual fee
  • More than CHF 500,000: 0.6% annual charge

If you invest a large amount, you can get excellent fees compared to other robo-advisors. However, if you don’t invest much (like most people), the cost of Inyova will be high. For me, an annual fee of 1.2% is unacceptable. Of course, it is up to you to decide if this payment method is right for you.

The amount of the commission depends on the amount of money in your account. This includes capital gains. That’s good, because good scores can also make your bill more favorable.

Finally, you also pay a Swiss stamp duty on the transactions Inyova performs for you. In the long run, this will not be a huge amount, but it is not insignificant.

There’s another thing I don’t like about their prices, and that’s how they compare to other prices. Here’s how they compare to other solutions:

Comparison of Inyova with different alternatives (of Inyova)

The first thing that irritates me a little is that they compare themselves to the ETF robo-advisor with a commission of 0.94%, which is already high for Switzerland. The cheapest one I know of has a commission of 0.64%, which is almost half the price of Inyova. This is a common marketing strategy, to not compare yourself to the best.

On the other hand, it bothers me that they compare themselves to a very expensive do-it-yourself platform (SwissQuote). There are two major problems with thisequation.

First, they use an expensive platform (SwissQuote) instead of a cheaper and better platform like Interactive Brokers. Using a better broker will significantly reduce this amount.

The second problem is that they are compared to the Robo-Advisors ETF, but not the DIY Investing ETF. In my case, I pay about 0.3% per year, all in. My fee will be four times less than Iniova’s. Since I have invested over CHF 100,000, my commission drops to 1.0% (which is still three times the price of my commission!)

I’m not saying this to brag that my strategy is cheaper than Iniow’s. My point is that it hasn’t helped the customers since then! People need to know that investing yourself is cheaper than what Inyewa is trying to show. If you want more information on this comparison, read my article on the different levels of investment.

In general, I find the rates for Yova’s services to be low. For small amounts of investment, the commissions are too high compared to the cheaper robo-advisor. On the other hand, if you have invested a significant amount in Yova, the commissions will be good. Finally, the comparison with other solutions could be more transparent.

How do I open an account with Inyova?

Opening an account is a simple process. You can sign up for a free account to get familiar with their systems.

When you open an account, the first step is to create your strategy. To determine your strategies, you need to make several decisions.

Inova handprint selection

The first decision is to choose a theme for the handprint. With Inyova it supports impact investing. At this stage, you can focus your investments on specific products or services used by businesses. For example, you can choose to invest in companies that are active in the field of renewable energy.

Inova Footprint Selection

The second solution is to choose themes for the paths. You can reduce the number of companies based on how they operate. For example, you can focus on companies with low CO2 emissions.

Exclusions of Inova

Finally, the third decision is whether to remove certain categories from your portfolio. For example, you could exclude all nuclear power companies from your portfolio.

After this crucial step, you must inform Inyova of your risk profile. You only have to answer four questions. You then determine your risk profile and your stock allocation. You can cancel this share allocation if you wish to receive more or less than what they recommend.

Once you have completed these steps, you will have access to your portfolio. They will give you a list of 30 to 40 stocks that they will invest in for you. And you always have the option to remove companies from the list or add companies to your portfolio.

Once you are satisfied with your strategy, you can proceed to the registration process. In this step, you will create your SAXO bank account (where your funds will be kept) and fill in the usual information about yourself.

In general, the registration process goes smoothly. Everything goes very quickly and it’s great that we can start with the strategy before all the other steps. This way you can get an overview of your portfolio before you deposit money into your account. And the level of adaptation is also excellent.

Is it safe to invest in Inyewu?

Online security is an important part of the investment service. So let’s see if it’s wise to invest with Ineva.

First, because they are not a bank, they cannot hold your assets. All your shares are held in your name at SAXO Bank. Injeva is only considered an asset manager. This means that they can make transactions on your behalf, but they do not have access to your money. The funds remain protected by the general Swiss deposit guarantee scheme up to an amount of CHF 100,000. So the part of your assets that is not yet invested is also safe.

If Inyova goes bankrupt, all your assets will be in your name at SAXO Bank. This is a good level of security for your property. This is the same strategy used by almost all robo-advisors in Switzerland.

Technically, all communications are encrypted, which is the minimum standard these days. You can also use the second authentication factor (2FA). This significantly increases the security of your account. If internet security is important to you, you should always use the 2FA system.

So overall, investing in Inyova will be safe because they use asset segregation. But the technical security would be much better if they supported two-factor authentication.

Inova Pros

Let’s summarize this Inyova review with the main advantages of investing with Inyova:

  • Durable and highly customizable portfolio.
  • Excellent focus on impact investing and sustainability.
  • You can invest up to 100% in shares.
  • Easy to create an account.
  • Low commission if you invest more than CHF 500,000.
  • Web and mobile applications

Inova Cons

Let’s summarize the main disadvantages of investing with Inyova:

  • Very high commissions if you invest less than CHF 150,000.
  • Lack of transparency in pricing and marketing.

User Return

I wanted to see what people were saying about Inove online. Unfortunately, there are very few reviews of this online service. My favorite review source, TrustPilot, has no reviews. However, there is some criticism of Google. Based on 28 reviews, they received an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Of course, this is not enough to draw the right conclusions, but it is interesting nonetheless. I also searched the forums for people’s opinions on Iniowa.

Overall, the positivity of the reviews is mostly about the team itself. In fact, the team seems to respond easily and very quickly. Moreover, people appreciate the degree of customization possible in their portfolio.

On the other hand, the negative comments focused on two things:

  • Very high cost of services.
  • Your powerful advertising campaign.

So overall, Inyova users have excellent reviews of the service. People who do not use Inyova usually complain about the high commissions and the fact that you can invest much cheaper elsewhere.

Inova v. Selma


Selma is an excellent Swiss robo-advisor that you can easily invest with. This is a great way to invest in the stock market without the stress of DIY.

Criterion Selma Finance Inova
Sustainable investments I agree. Best – Impact investment
Investment strategy Best – ETF Worst – stock selection
Diversification Best I agree.
Trade costs Better I agree.
Sociability Single Single
Interface Only on the web. Web and mobile
Adjustment No Good
Return to Average Average
Minimum values I agree. I agree.
Security Good Good
Technical security Good Good

Selma is another good robo-advisor in Switzerland. In addition, Selma has a sustainable investment option.

There are important differences between these two robo-advisors. In fact, Selma will invest in exchange traded funds (ETFs) rather than individual stocks.

If you choose to invest sustainably, Selma will invest in sustainable versions of its ETFs.

These two versions of sustainable investment are different from each other. Inova’ssustainable strategy goes much further than Selma’sstrategy. In Selma’s case, you have only the bare minimum of resilience. If you’re interested in impact investing, Selma is probably not enough for you.

Selma’s rates, on the other hand, are better than Inova’s. With Selma, you pay only 0.98% commission on your portfolio. If you do not have more than 150,000 CHF, Selma is cheaper than Inyova.

In terms of usability, both solutions are good.

For more details, I have a detailed comparison between Inyova and Selma.

Inyova vs True Wealth

Another serious alternative is True Wealth, which also offers a sustainable investment option.

True Wealth uses the same strategy as Selma and invests in ETFs. So it has the same quality of durability as Selma. This means that Inyova is only better than TrueWealth in terms of sustainability.

True Wealth, on the other hand, is even cheaper than Selma and much cheaper than Inyova. By investing sustainably, True Wealth costs only 0.8% per year. Therefore, it is necessary to invest 150,000 CHF in Inyova to make the commission cheaper.

Finally, True Wealth is a little less user-friendly, but not by a long shot.

For more information, I offer a review of True Wealth.


What is the minimum investment in Inyova?

To open an account with Inyova, you need to invest at least 2000 Swiss francs.

How much will you pay for Ineva?

You pay 1.2% of the value of your portfolio to have it managed. If your portfolio exceeds CHF 50,000, your commissions will be reduced.

Who can invest in Inyova?

Any Swiss resident over the age of 18 can open an account with Inyova.

What happens if Inyova goes bankrupt?

Your shares are held in your name at Saxo Bank. That way, you can get your assets back if the service goes bankrupt.



Very good robo-advisor, with a strong focus on impact investing and SRI.

This Inyova review should contain everything you need to know about what they offer. Overall, Inyova is a good robo-advisor for SRI in the future. It will be very easy for you to invest in stocks and bonds of companies that have a positive impact on the future. And you will be able to shape your portfolio according to your principles.

However,must payfor these very long-term investments. Inyova’s rates start at a very high price. For amounts less than CHF 50,000 you pay a fee of 1.2% of your assets. These costs are too high for me.

Other alternatives allow you to invest permanently in the world of robo-advisors and save on commissions. Both Selma and True Wealth cost considerably less. And I much prefer investing in ETFs to individual stocks. Although 20 to 30 stocks are enough to diversify. By using an ETF, you don’t have to choose a stock. Therefore, I prefer passive investing, while Injeva tends to be active.

On the other hand, Inyova is the only robo-advisor that specializes in impact investing. Other robo-advisors offer simple SRI options, but not high-impact investment options.

You can save even more money by investing yourself. Most people overestimate how difficult it is to invest on your own. Investment costs are very high and there are significant differences between the various levels of investment.

What about you? What do you think of Inove?

Inyova 2021 (What Yova) test – pros and cons

Inyova is a Swiss robo-advisor specializing in impact investing. How does it compare to the competition? Here is my unbiased review of Inyova!

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