Selling your artwork on Etsy is one of the best ways to sell, but it’s not always easy. There are a few simple tips that will help you make more sales and get better feedback!

The “how to sell coloring pages on etsy from fiverr” is a question about how one can make money selling their coloring pages.

How to sell coloring pages on Etsy?

How to Make Money on Etsy Selling Coloring Pages

Love coloring pages and want to know How to Make Money on Etsy Selling Coloring Pages and make some extra money on the side (or even full time)?

It’s your lucky day!

On Etsy, you may sell your coloring pages in a variety of ways. You may either print them and sell them as a tangible item or offer digital copies of your pages. It’s a simple method to supplement your income on the side.

I get what you’re thinking: Etsy has over 1 million active businesses, so there’s a lot of competition. How can I earn money selling coloring books on Etsy?


But don’t worry, we’ve got you prepared with our comprehensive guide on selling coloring sheets on Etsy.

So, what do you have to lose? Start selling right now!

For more information on how to get started selling coloring pages on Etsy, read this post today!

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Does Etsy offer coloring pages?


Etsy is a famous website for selling handmade and antique objects, but it may also be used to offer digital goods.

Coloring sheets are a common sort of digital goods offered on Etsy.

Many individuals find that coloring is a relaxing and unwinding activity, and they are ready to pay for high-quality coloring sheets.

If you wish to sell coloring pages on Etsy, there are a few things to bear in mind.

Make sure your pages are high quality and printable at high resolutions first.

Second, consider providing a range of page sizes so that customers may print the pages at their preferred size.

Finally, consider providing discounts for large orders in order to boost sales.

What kind of coloring sheets do people buy on Etsy?

When it comes to coloring sheets, Etsy merchants have a broad selection of options to suit a variety of tastes.

Coloring sheets featuring complicated patterns and mandalas, for example, are available in certain stores, while animal designs and botanical pictures are available in others.

Furthermore, many retailers provide customised coloring sheets, which allow customers to request a certain design or message.

Coloring sheets are a popular Etsy item in any style, with many stores frequently selling out of stock.

  • Mandalas and complicated designs are popular coloring sheets.
  • Illustrations of animals or plants are very popular.
  • Personalized coloring sheets are a standout feature.
  • Providing discounts for large purchases might help boost sales.
  • Coloring books with quotes

How much do you charge for coloring pages?

On Etsy, coloring sheets often sell between $1 to $1.99 apiece. However, depending on the intricacy of the design and the amount of pages included, charges vary from a few dollars to over twenty dollars.

The costs should reflect that most people are seeking for a low-cost approach to relax and de-stress or economical coloring sheets for their children. 

There are also a lot of free coloring sheets online, so you should be able to find something that fits your budget.

Having a few free coloring pages to offer on Etsy is a terrific approach to attract new customers to your business, build an email list, and then sell the premium coloring pages to them. Free information on selling to your email list may be found here.

Should I offer just one sort of coloring sheet or a variety of them?

There are several possibilities available when it comes to coloring sheets.

Should you offer just one sort of coloring sheet or a variety of them? Is it better to niche down or not?

Both queries have different answers depending on your target audience.

If you’re targeting a certain demographic, it can make sense to offer just one sort of coloring sheet that matches their preferences. If you’re targeting young girls, you may offer princess-themed coloring sheets, for example.

If you’re aiming for a broader audience, though, you may want to include a selection of coloring sheets. Adult coloring books, mandalas, and other adult-oriented materials should be considered if your target audience is adults.

It can make sense to offer just one sort of coloring sheet if you have a very particular target in mind.

If you want to appeal to a wider audience, you should provide a choice of coloring sheets.

My advise is to start with a certain set of coloring sheets and expand from there.

Should I offer coloring sheets in physical form or as digital downloads?

When it comes to selling coloring pages, you have two choices: digital downloads or hard copies.

So, which is the superior choice? First, let’s consider digital downloads.

The fundamental benefit of selling digital items is that no manufacturing expenses are involved. To begin selling, just upload the file to your website or Etsy store.

Customers may then download and print the PDF at their leisure. If you want to sell coloring sheets on a budget, this is a perfect alternative.

There are, however, certain drawbacks to selling digital things.

Customers, for example, cannot browse over the pages to get a sense of the quality of your work.

They also won’t be able to grasp the completed product in their hands, making it more difficult to form a bond with your company.

If you opt to offer digital downloads, be sure to provide high-resolution photographs as well as detailed instructions on how to print the pages.

Let’s look at the physical copies now. Customers can see and feel the quality of your work when you offer real things, which is the biggest benefit.

They may also browse the pages to have a better understanding of what they’re purchasing.

This is a terrific approach to engage with your consumers and establish a relationship with your business.

Selling actual things, on the other hand, has significant drawbacks.

For starters, there are manufacturing expenses to consider. You’ll need to purchase printer ink and paper, as well as a method of delivering the final output to your consumers.

This may mount up quickly, particularly if you sell worldwide.

Make careful to account for manufacturing and shipping expenses if you intend to sell physical copies of your coloring sheets.

To mitigate the expenses, you may wish to try giving bulk purchase discounts.

What resources are available to help me design coloring pages?

You may make own coloring pages using a variety of tools.

If you’re selling digital downloads, you’ll need to use a tool like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to design the pages.

You may also use the following tools:

You will also need an iPad or a PC.


How can you make coloring sheets that you can sell?

Ok, now you have understood what you can do and your next question is – How can you make coloring sheets that you can sell?

There are a few of various approaches you may use.

Utilize clipart:

If you’re not an artist, using cliparts is one of the most straightforward options. Many cliparts are available online, and many of them are free to use.

You will, however, require a commercial license if you wish to utilize copyrighted content.

Here are some resources for commercially available images and clipart:


You might also draw the graphics yourself. If you’re seeking for something different or want to customize the coloring pages for someone special, this is a perfect option.

Procreate and Inkspace are excellent tools for creating coloring pages.

Creating your own coloring pages, regardless of approach, can be a fun and satisfying experience. So go creative and have fun with it!

How to Make a Digital Coloring Book with Your Coloring Pages

To begin, assemble all of your coloring papers in one place. It’s ideal if they’re already in PDF format.

If not, you may convert them to PDFs using a free online converter.

Once you have all of your pages in PDF format, you may merge them all into one file using a free online PDF merging tool.

How do you get your Etsy store up and running?

Step 1: Create an Etsy account.

You must first establish an Etsy account before you can begin selling.

You may create an Etsy account by clicking here.

Step 2: Pick a name for your store.

Your Etsy store name is the name of your company. It’s how buyers will discover you, and it’ll appear on every listing you make.

Choose a name for your store that is both distinctive and simple to spell.

To help people locate you in search engines, incorporate keywords in your store name. You may have up to 20 characters in your store name, and you can alter it once every 30 days.

Step 3: Complete your account setup.

After you’ve decided on a store name, you’ll need to complete your Etsy account setup.

This involves filling up your address, selecting your payment choices, and establishing a store profile.

Step 4: Begin selling your things.

It’s time to start listing products for sale after you’ve done setting up your account.

To list an item, go to the top of the page and select “Sell on Etsy.”

This will lead you to the listing page, where you can fill in product details, add photographs, and set a price.

  • Make your product description precise and simple.
  • To help clients discover you in search engines, use keywords in your title and description.
  • To guarantee that you rank for all available keywords, use a variety of keywords.

Step 5: Market your Etsy store.

It’s time to start advertising your Etsy business after you’ve begun listing products for sale.

You may market your store in a variety of ways, including:

How do you market your Etsy shop?

Etsy Ads: Promote your listings to a broader audience by using Etsy’s paid advertising platform.

Use a range of keywords in your titles and descriptions to help search engines find your listings. This is one of the most effective techniques to attract organic buyers to your Etsy business selling coloring sheets.

Share your listings on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, as well as Google.

1. Use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to promote your listings.

2. Include links to your Etsy store on your blog or website.

3. Hold social media competitions and prizes.

4. Use various types of social media material, not just conventional advertisements, to raise brand recognition and sell your items.

6. Google AdWords: Drive visitors to your Etsy store using Google’s paid advertising program.

7. Search engine optimization (SEO): Include keywords in your titles and descriptions to improve your listings’ search engine rankings.

8. Send out frequent emails to advertise your items and include a link to your Etsy store in your email signature.

9. In-person events: Sell your wares at craft fairs, farmer’s markets, and other in-person events.

10. Collaborations and guest articles: To increase exposure to your business, collaborate with other Etsy merchants or publish guest posts on famous sites.

11. Influencer marketing: Ask well-known bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencers in your field to promote your items.

12. Targeted Facebook and Instagram ads: Use social media to reach out to prospective clients who are interested in your items.

These are just a few suggestions to get you going. Check out this blog article for additional information on how to promote your Etsy business.

13. Blogging: Include links to your listings in blog entries on your items.

Blogging may help you raise brand recognition and increase sales in your Etsy business.

You may incorporate links to your listings in your blog posts regarding your items and general information that your audience is seeking for so that visitors can quickly buy them.

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14. Email marketing: Include links to your Etsy store in your email newsletters to clients and prospective consumers. Having free lead magnets is the best way to go about it (coloring pages).

This may help you raise both traffic and sales to your Etsy business. You may begin here.

What are some unique methods to market your coloring books?

1. Sell your wares at craft fairs, farmers markets, and other in-person events.

2. Collaborate with art & parenting teachers and art bloggers:  You can offer your coloring pages as freebies on other peoples blogs (with a link back to your own blog or Etsy shop, of course!) or collaborate with art teachers to create exclusive coloring pages for their students that they can sell in their school stores.

3. Launch an affiliate program for your store: You may pay bloggers and other website owners a percentage for each coloring sheet sold via their links.

4. Put together a bundle of your best-selling goods and sell it at a discount.

5. Provide a subscription service: Students and parents may sign up to get a fresh batch of coloring sheets once a month (or once a week, depending on your schedule/business model).

6. Open your own business: If you have a huge social media or blog following, you may open your own online store and sell your coloring pages there.

7. Other options include partnering with local companies to offer your coloring sheets in their shops.

Top coloring page sellers on Etsy

What should you charge for your coloring pages?

There are many aspects to consider when determining how to price your coloring sheets.

Consider how much time and work went into producing the page.

  • How long did you spend designing and coloring it?
  • How much money did you spend on supplies?
  • Consider the coloring-page industry as well.
  • What are the prices of comparable pages?

If you’re just getting started, you may want to keep your prices modest to attract consumers.

You may start charging more after you’ve established yourself as a trustworthy supplier.

Finally, keep in mind any costs related with listing and selling your coloring pages.

Keep all of these variables in mind when choosing your rates so you can earn a profit while still delivering value to your clients.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Look around other Etsy stores to see how much comparable products sell for. 

2. Think about how long it took you to build the item and how much the supplies cost.

3. Make sure all expenses related with listing and selling your goods are taken into consideration.

4. Begin with a lesser price point and gradually increase it as your experience and reviews grow.

5. If you’re selling real goods, consider delivery costs.

Ideas for making coloring sheets

Make sure you possess the rights to your coloring sheets (officially) before you start selling them.

Put a watermark on your display photographs to help secure your work, and be sure to identify yourself as the creator in the listing description.

Obtain a commercial use license for any artwork you want to utilize in your coloring pages:

If the work you’re utilizing on your pages wasn’t created by you, make sure you secure a commercial use license from the artist before selling it.

This will help protect you from future legal problems.

Choose the format in which you wish to sell your coloring pages: 

You may offer either physical coloring sheets (printed on paper or cardstock) or digital files that the consumer can download and print.

Pick a theme for your web pages:

Whether you want to offer pages with detailed patterns, mandalas, geometric forms, or something else completely, make sure your pages have a theme to appeal to a certain sort of consumer.

This will make marketing your pages and attracting consumers interested in what you’re offering much simpler.

Concentrate on a certain age group:

When you’re initially starting out, it’s crucial to focus on a certain age group so that you can produce coloring pages that are acceptable for that age group.

This will assist you in attracting consumers who are seeking for pages developed exclusively for their children (or students).

As your expertise grows, you may broaden your age range and sell pages to adults, teenagers, and others.

Make many different coloring page designs: 

You may attract more clients and sell more coloring pages by offering a range of designs.

Consider making mandalas, geometric patterns, animals, natural sceneries, or other designs that appeal to a broad audience.

FAQs – How to Make Money on Etsy Selling Coloring Pages?


Is it possible to earn money on Etsy by selling coloring pages?

Yes, you can earn money on Etsy by selling coloring sheets. However, there are a few points to remember, all of which we covered in this article.

How can you sell coloring sheets on the internet?

Are you looking for an alternative to Etsy to offer coloring pages?

When it comes to selling your coloring pages, you have a few options.

You may also sell your pages on Amazon, eBay, or Craigslist, in addition to Etsy.

You may also market your Etsy shop on your own website or blog, as well as on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

You can attract more prospective consumers by spreading the word about your shop.

How can you make money selling coloring sheets on Amazon?

You should begin by registering as an Amazon merchant. After that, price your items to reflect the expenses of selling on Amazon.

If you do everything yourself (packing and shipping), for example, the costs are substantially lower than if you hire Amazon to do it for you (known as Amazon FBA – Fulfilled by Amazon).

If you’re interested in learning more about Amazon FBA, I suggest taking this free course.

How much should my coloring sheets cost?

Remember to factor in the cost of supplies as well as the time it takes to make the page when selling your coloring pages.

You can also want to start with a lesser price and gradually increase it as your experience and reviews grow.

Your coloring sheets may be sold in both digital and print formats.

If you decide to sell digital files, make sure the file is of good quality so the customer can simply print it.

Consider the cost of delivery when ordering physical copies.

On Etsy, how much money can you earn selling Printables?

Selling coloring sheets and printables on Etsy may earn you anything from $500 to over $50000 every month.

This is determined by a variety of things, including the quality of your designs, the price point at which you sell, and how successfully you advertise your business.

However, selling printables on Etsy can often provide a reasonable revenue.

Yes, most coloring sheets are protected by copyright.

What is the cost of copyrighting a coloring book?

When you make a design, you own the copyright from the moment you make it. However, you must pay government fees if you wish to officially retain a copyright for your designs and coloring book.

One copyright costs about $35 in the United States.

What is the ideal number of pages for a coloring book?

A single coloring sheet or a coloring book might be used. A coloring page may contain at least ten pages. Much will be determined by how you price it.

How to Make Money on Etsy Selling Coloring Pages from fiverr?

There are many options.

Conclusion: How to Make Money on Etsy Selling Coloring Pages

Selling coloring sheets on Etsy is an excellent method to supplement your income.

When selling your pages, keep the following things in mind: copyright, format, topic, age range, design, and marketing approach.

You may get money from your coloring pages with a little effort!

How to Make Money on Etsy Selling Coloring Pages – Selling Coloring pages on Etsy

The “make money by coloring pages” is a question that has been asked many times before. It is not easy to sell coloring pages on Etsy, but it’s possible.

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