In the future, people will not just be shopping on Amazon or browsing Etsy. They’ll be playing games and earning cryptocurrencies while they do it! So how can you make sure your shop is primed for this new era?

The “increase etsy sales 2022” is a goal that every Etsy seller should shoot for. By following these steps, you can increase your conversion rate and maximize your sales.

How to Maximize and Increase Your Etsy Conversion Rate in 2022

Do not be concerned if you were unsure how to improve your Etsy conversion rate or even what it was.

This post will cover everything a seller needs to know about the Etsy conversion rate in order to boost their Etsy sales.

Even new Etsy merchants will find the solutions presented here simple to implement. So be ready to join the Etsy train and discover how to boost your Etsy conversion rate!

If you’re short on time, take a look at these easy tips for increasing your Etsy conversion rate.

  • Use Keywords with Long Tails
  • Have An About Me Page That Is Both Professional And Pleasant
  • Beautiful images
  • Write Product Listing Descriptions That Sell
  • Offer Reasonable Prices
  • Make delivery simple and free.
  • Additional Product Reviews
  • Make clear policies for your shop.
  • Improve the quality of your Etsy listings
  • Respond to Customer Suggestions
  • Enhance your processing speed
  • Customers Should Be Treated Like Friends
  • Post-Purchase Follow-Up
  • Frequently Asked Questions should be included (FAQs)


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What Is A Conversion Rate On Etsy?

The proportion of sales made divided by the number of visits is your Etsy conversion rate.

If your Etsy conversion rate is 50%, it indicates that 50% of visitors to your store purchase anything without you having to put in any extra effort, such as promotion or branding. 

The Etsy conversion rate is vital to track so you can see how successful your advertising activities are and how well you’re doing overall. 

These figures indicate what works best for your store and how it will perform in the future.

This figure is commonly expressed as a percentage and rises the more devoted your consumers are or the more goods they purchase that you know will sell, such as limited-edition handcrafted jewelry.

On Etsy, what is a good conversion rate?

At first, most merchants’ Etsy conversion rates range from 1% to 3%. Please rejoice when it begins to pick up, since this implies you’ll be able to convert more Etsy purchases. 

However, focusing just on the average conversion rate on Etsy is not recommended. Finally, you want to obtain the most competitive pricing for your company.

etsy converson rate how to find and calculate

How Do I Calculate And Find My Etsy Conversion Rate?

The Etsy conversion rate is calculated by dividing the total number of sales by the total number of visits you had within a certain time period. To obtain a percentage number, multiply it by 100.

  • Your Etsy conversion rate may be seen in your Shop Manager. 
  • Go to your Listings section.
  • Select the total number of visitors for the product listing you’re looking at.
  • Subtract that amount from the total number of times the product listing page has been visited.
  • Your Etsy conversion rate is the response you receive.

etsy conversion rate importance of increasing

Is Increasing Etsy Conversion Rate Important?

The Etsy conversion rate is significant since it indicates how many Etsy visitors are interested in purchasing anything from your store. 

If your Etsy conversion rate is poor, it means your items are either unpopular or customers can’t locate them on your Etsy site. 

This may happen if they aren’t readily accessible, the prices are too expensive, or your store isn’t search engine optimized.

What Can I Do to Improve My Etsy Conversion Rate?

Your Etsy conversion rate is influenced by several things. I’ll go through them below so you can see where you need to improve in order to obtain a strong conversion rate on Etsy.

etsy conversion rate use long tail keywords

1. Use Keywords with Long Tails

Long-Tail Keywords are one strategy to boost your conversion rate on Etsy. You may use Etsy Keyword Research to uncover long-tail keywords with a lot of traffic.

For your convenience, here are the two top keyword research tools:

  • Sale Samurai: This is the greatest Etsy-specific keyword research tool.
  • Key Search is a low-cost keyword research tool that may be used for Etsy, blogs, online stores, YouTube, and more.

If you only include “jewelry” in the title of your product, it will be buried among the thousands of other jewelry listings.

However, if you include the phrase “traditional Samoan jewelry for parents,” your item will be far more visible to consumers who are especially shopping for this sort of thing.

These keywords may be found in relevant searches that individuals may do while shopping for things similar to yours. This increases your chances of getting discovered and of earning a transaction.

You don’t need to spend money on Etsy advertisements to be discovered by relevant buyers if you use long-tail keywords.

etsy conversion rate have a professional about me page

2. Have An About Me Page That Is Both Professional And Pleasant

An “About Me” page might demonstrate to your consumers that you are enthusiastic about your job. 

It also enables them to learn more about the person who runs the store and the things they offer, which may help you both build trust.

Consider the following two examples:

1) I want to generate money by selling on Etsy. My items are of exceptional quality and I am adept at crafting traditional jewelry by hand.

2) Hi! Thank you for stopping by my Etsy shop! I hope you like your visit to my shop.

I am a stay-at-home parent who has always been enthusiastic about displaying my background via handcrafted jewelry. I started making jewelry as a pastime. When my family and friends saw how lovely it was, they pushed me to try selling it to see how well it would sell.

I started selling at neighborhood bazaars and donated the proceeds to a local shelter for the elderly. In order to continue doing so, I’d want to begin selling to a wider market, since we plan to expand the shelter to meet the rising need for additional accommodation for the elderly.

I’m excited to share a little bit of my history with you, and I hope you like my items. Thank you, and have fun exploring! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding my jewelry.

The second example pulls at the emotions and tries to make a genuine connection with the consumer.

This is one of the simplest strategies to improve your Etsy conversion rate.

Check out these free templates here if you’re still having trouble developing your “About Me” page.

etsy conversion rate Beautiful images

3. Beautiful images

When doing consumer research, Etsy said that the quality of the images is the most important component in assisting a buyer in making a purchase.

Please make sure that your items are well represented by clear, Beautiful images. People want to see exactly what they are buying then they will be more likely to buy it. The same thing applies when it comes to videos.

If you’re selling handcrafted things, three well-chosen images should enough; if you’re selling printed items like apparel or stationery, six to eight decent photos should suffice. 

If you have many products in a single listing, take thorough images of each one to best showcase it. Having beautiful images is a definite method to boost your conversion rate on Etsy.

Etsy has put up an Ultimate Guide to Etsy Product Photography.

Please see our thorough page for a full list of the finest cameras available.

4. Write Product Listing Descriptions That Sell

The next step in improving your Etsy conversion rate is to develop an appealing description for each item. You may use it to sell anything or just enlighten people. 

Here are some reminders:

  • Give detailed physical descriptions.
  • Please double-check your work.
  • Provide a care manual.
  • Give the product’s advantages.
  • What inspired you to create the product?

Remember that customers want to know exactly what they’re getting before they purchase, so be as detailed as possible.

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5. Offer Reasonable Prices

You must establish the proper pricing if you want to enhance your Etsy conversion rate. You should not be scared to provide discounts, but do so sparingly and avoid giving away too much. 

If people see a discount every time they purchase with you, they will anticipate one. They could be prepared to pay a greater amount if you provide excellent customer service or have high-quality images.

Although price is significant, it is not the most crucial aspect in deciding your sales. 

You may determine your price by comparing comparable postings to your own. Examine the sales of those goods to see if your price or anything else needs to be adjusted.

6. Make delivery simple and free.

People love to save money, and offering free shipping when purchasing many items from your shop can increase your Etsy conversion rate. 

You should also ensure that each item is appropriately wrapped to ensure that it is protected while transportation. 

If you research the psychology of free shipping, you’ll discover that buyers are willing to spend more for a product that includes free delivery rather than dividing the cost between shipping and the product price.

7. Additional Product Reviews

Once your clients have received and experienced the item, you may ask for a product review. Offering an incentive, such as a discount code or a free gift, is the greatest method to promote this. 

Instead of focusing on “excellent” evaluations, you should always aim for as many as possible. This will emphasize your honesty as well as how you handle unfavorable feedback.

For example, if someone complained about your product’s packaging or the lack of an appropriate care instruction, you may answer by saying:

  • I’m grateful for their purchase.
  • Apologizing for the bad experience they had.
  • A softcopy of the care guide should be provided.
  • Describe how you plan to enhance the package.
  • As a gesture of goodwill, give them a discount or an extra freebie.

Make a note of them in your responses to them in your review. Potential consumers will be able to observe how you manage the situation and will be more willing to acquire your things as a result of your excellent manners and professional service.

8. Make clear policies for your shop.

People want to know exactly what they’re getting and if there will be any issues before they purchase. 

Every Etsy seller should have a clear store policy that addresses shipping, returns, refunds, exchanges, and privacy. In certain countries, including a returns policy in your business is a legal obligation, so do your research beforehand.

Here are some free templates for creating your Etsy policy.

9. Improve the quality of your Etsy listings

Another term for your Etsy SEO rating is Etsy Listing Quality Score. Your precise score is impossible to determine. 

However, you may strive to boost its visibility and listing in search results. The amount of views any item receives is determined by how effectively it is described and shot. 

Customers may go on to another business that employs visuals and bullet points if they can’t see your listing well or don’t want to wade through a long block of text.

It will assist to boost your Etsy Listing Quality Score if your product title is descriptive and closely matches the relevant keywords that meet the search intent.

10. Respond to Customer Suggestions

Even if it’s simply a brief note, you should always read and respond to any feedback your consumers leave for you. 

This will demonstrate to them that you care about what they think and value their input. Customers are more inclined to purchase from your business again if they sense you care about them and their opinions.

What prior customers have stated about buying from you is an essential aspect for your consumers when determining whether or not to purchase from you again.

Above all, you’ll be able to focus on urgent areas for progress. Accept that feedback is beneficial to your development. You will not be encouraged to offer value and improve your service if you hear “well done” and “nice work” often.

11. Enhance your processing speed

You should constantly endeavor to complete your tasks as quickly as possible without losing quality. 

Customers may opt to purchase somewhere else if you give them notifications informing them that an item will take longer than normal.

You may engage in the following practices:

  • Understanding your country’s regulations
  • Knowing how your carrier operates
  • Making a backup plan for the holiday season
  • Getting ready for the unexpected
  • Wherever possible, automate.
  • Identifying holes in your prior delivery routes and timetables

Customers Should Be Treated Like Friends

12. Customers Should Be Treated Like Friends

This is a question that many people may find strange to answer, but it may help you increase your Etsy conversion rate. Treating your consumers like friends entails staying in contact with them and responding to their communications promptly. 

If they have a problem with their goods, address it as soon as possible and attempt to assist them. Customers will likely purchase from you again if they feel appreciated and that you care about their experience.

Thanking your consumers for their continuing support on Instagram is a terrific method to do it. It also indicates that you care about their ideas and respect their input, making them more inclined to buy with you again. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll note that I engage with my followers on a daily basis, many of whom are also my authors. I like connecting with them and providing answers to their questions.

I don’t do it to make money off of them; it’s something I like doing. One amazing result of this is how supportive they are of my company. 

When I offer digital things for sale, the majority of my followers are fast to buy them because they see their worth.

13. Post-Purchase Follow-Up

It’s critical to maintain touch with your consumers after they’ve made a transaction. 

Someone who has purchased from you expects to hear from you, so giving them a message shortly after the transaction is made will help them gain confidence in your brand and reassure them that their item has arrived. 

You may also write them a note after they get the gift to see how they like it and wish them luck with it. 

You may take it a step further by asking them what they think and if they have any suggestions. 

Every consumer should be treated with respect and appreciation.

include frequently asked questions

14. Frequently Asked Questions should be included (FAQs)

FAQs are a great approach to get your clients better acquainted with your brand and goods. It’s a simple yet powerful method to show them that you care about their opinions and want to assist them. 

When you answer a customer’s question before they ever ask it, you demonstrate that you are informed about and confidence in your goods.

It also saves your clients time from having to contact you to get answers to their questions. You could even lose them to a competitor who has addressed all of their questions.

Here are some pointers on how to create great FAQs for your website. 

What Influences Etsy’s Conversion Rate?

You may try some of the following easy techniques:

  • Connect your Etsy shop to your Socia Media Channels account. It will be easy for your relatives, friends, or followers to spread the word about your Etsy shop page, resulting in more traffic. 
  • You may also use Facebook or Google Ads to drive traffic to your Etsy shop.

People will be sent to your Etsy shop if they click the link in your ad, social media page, or post.

This indicates that they already intend to buy from you and just want further information and persuasion to complete the transaction. 

If you’re looking for a guaranteed approach to boost your Etsy conversion rate via other channels, this is it.


I hope this thorough guide to the Etsy conversion rate has solved all of your concerns. There are several techniques to boost your Etsy conversion rate and, as a result, increase your income. 

Please do not be overwhelmed by the many suggestions. Any endeavor will seem to be a mountain to scale at first. 

However, if you establish some specific goals for improving your Etsy conversion rate and stick to them, your Etsy sales will soon surge.

Thank you for your time. I wish you success in using these strategies and making a lot of money on Etsy!

In 2022, the Etsy conversion rate will be around 1%. With a good etsy conversion rate, you can increase your sales and profits. Reference: what is a good etsy conversion rate.

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