Focus groups are a great way to find out what a group of people think about the latest product or service a company is trying to sell. They are a great way to get people interested in potential products and services long before they get to market.

Have you ever considered making money as a focus group moderator? Well, it’s easy and you can do it from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer and some time. And the good news is that you can take surveys and test products for a fraction of the cost of a focus group. And you won’t have to be in a big city to do it.

Up to $100 per test*!. Read more about focus groups for money and let us know what you think.

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I love finding ways to make extra money. For me, it gives me more control over my finances and tells the universe that I don’t have to be satisfied with my income.

If I want to make more money, I can do that, and there are many ways to do that.

Last fall I got the idea to try focus groups as a way to make some extra money. I had only tried it once before this year, and that was when I graduated from high school. It was easy, fun, and I made $100 in an hour.

My husband and I are now addicted to this part-time job, which allows us to earn extra money to fund projects around the house, birthday parties, and even a few bills.

What is a discussion group?

If you’ve never heard of a focus group, it’s a form of marketing research where a company, brand or its marketing department invites a group of people to sit down and give their honest opinions on products, services and various topics.

Think of it as a survey, but in a much more in-depth way. Focus groups usually last 60-90 minutes, but can be longer or shorter. The courses are usually given in groups, but it is also possible to participate individually.

Focus groups have always appealed to me because it’s an easy way to get paid for your opinion. Since I work from home and no longer have colleagues, I also enjoy networking and sharing my opinions and experiences in a group environment.

I also like that nothing you say is wrong, because the interaction gradually builds on your thoughts and opinions. There is no pressure to come up with the perfect idea or answer, which makes this way of making extra money effortless.

What topics are covered?

What are the topics discussed during the focus group? Literally everything under the sun. I only apply to groups that I think I’m qualified for, but I’ve seen opportunities for everything, including. :

  • Children’s education
  • Home Ownership
  • Pet owners
  • Home decoration
  • Make-up
  • Skin and hair products
  • Taxes
  • Approach
  • Cooking enthusiasts
  • Bank
  • Smartphone users
  • And more!

There is such a variety of topics and literally anyone can find what they can do based on their experience.

How much did we earn

So, now you’re probably wondering how much we’ve already earned by doing focus groups. Each focus group has a unique price, but you can expect to earn anywhere from $100 to $400 for just an hour or two of your time.

We started looking for focus groups in earnest in October, and in about three and a half months we made $1500 from those groups. Since we are pooling our finances, I am not sharing the proceeds. I also don’t spend a lot of time looking for opportunities.

So far, I’ve only used one website to find newsgroups, and my husband has used it too. Last year I applied for 8 focus groups and this year for 4. I’m trying to be more aggressive in covering some of our family’s extra expenses.

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What was the best focus group I have led so far?

The best focus group I’ve had so far was actually my first. I signed up for a focus group in October for which they paid $500. This kind of reward is certainly not something you can expect every day when you’re looking for focus groups, but I was grateful for the opportunity.

The group lasted 4.5 hours (the longest focus group I’ve ever attended), but it included free food and snacks, and a parking allowance because I had to drive to downtown Chicago and pay for parking. It was a technical brainstorming session and like I said, you couldn’t really mess up your answers, so it was very easy, fun and worthwhile.

How to find opportunities

Let’s talk about how you get these focus group opportunities. I’ve done a lot of research and testing over the past few months, but I’ve done it to confidently recommend some of the best websites for finding quality newsgroups.

All you have to do is register on one of these sites, fill out your profile information and start looking for opportunities. The advantage of focus groups is that some are conducted in person and require you to be there, but others are conducted online, so you can live anywhere in the United States and be studied.


IntervieweeInterviewee is my favorite place to hold focus groups, and it’s where I found all my opportunities for focus groups. I don’t hear much about this site, but it really is a hidden gem. Respondent allows you to view ads you may qualify for and fill out a short questionnaire to see if you qualify. The lists are updated very regularly, but here’s a brief overview of what I’m looking at today.

Completing a questionnaire is about the same as participating in a focus group. Once you have completed the survey, you can click on the Surveys tab to see if you are eligible to participate in the focus group. Here are some recent studies where the qualification rate was quite high. A high percentage does not guarantee that you will be selected, but it is good news.

What I like What I like Respondent likes the variety of options on the site (but local and online discussion groups). I also like that Respondent is a third-party site and that its staff does not directly select focus group participants. The interviewee seems to be the middleman, and the brands research and screen all the candidates.

I prefer this because it gives me a better chance of being selected since this is probably the first time the brand will have contact with me. I want people to vote for me based on my experience and my survey responses, not on the number of focus groups I’ve participated in over the past few weeks.

I also like that your time is well compensated. The pay is much higher than what you might get through surveys. Even the qualifying examinations (to see if I was a good candidate) never took longer than 5 minutes.

What I don’t like: I don’t like that the sponsor charges 5% commission to close the earnings. Since they are a third party, they probably make money from the newsgroups you select and pay for. These costs are low, but can increase depending on the amount of your payment. is a site where my husband has had great success. This site is ideal for focus groups and clinical trials. pays $75 – $150 per focus group. My husband earned $250 in a particular group because they paid $150, but offered a $100 bonus if he wrote an answer to a particular question and brought it to the focus group.

This site will remove you from the survey if it determines that your answers are not appropriate for the focus group. This can be considered a positive as it saves you time in answering surveys. Another interesting feature of this site is that you can earn points by completing surveys. The average reward is between 100 and 1,000 points, equivalent to $1 to $10 USD. Payment is in the form of a prepaid Visa™ debit card.

What I like: I like that this site pays members with a Visa card, so there are no fees. Moreover, the card will be ready for you as soon as the focus group is over, while the sponsor will need a few days to pay. I also appreciate that the surveys are fast and accurate. Don’t waste a lot of time if you don’t qualify.

What I don’t like: I don’t think there are any online discussion groups on this site. So the only way to make money online would be to fill out surveys and earn points.

Pros and cons of conducting focus groups


  • You pay well for your time.
  • Everyone gets opportunities, regardless of their experience or current stage of life.
  • It’s easy and it doesn’t even feel like work.
  • Online options are available if you have a computer, webcam and microphone.


  • The pay may be periodic (because you don’t know what groups you will be placed in).
  • You may need to make several trips for local groups (this may include a trip to the nearest metropolitan area where the focus group will be held).
  • You may have to wait a few days after the focus group to be reimbursed (depending on the website you use).

Supplementary opinion

Focus groups are an interesting side activity for us because they are flexible and well paid. I’ve also learned a lot about focus groups over the past few months. Therefore, I want to end with some tips that can help you increase your income if you decide to try this kind of business.

Be honest in completing the questionnaire

There’s no arguing with this, but don’t be tempted to make up details about yourself or your situation in the hope of being selected for the group. It will probably come back to bite you.

Most newsgroup sites keep track of your responses and general trends in your responses. They are also known to ask you similar test questions to make sure you are being honest and not just saying what you think the brands want to hear.

In one of the focus groups my husband attended, a man was asked to leave because it turned out he had lied about owning property he claimed not to own. As with anything, honesty is the best policy.

Be on time

Opportunities for focus groups can present themselves one day and disappear the next, so it’s important to act quickly when you discover something that interests you. It only takes a few minutes to apply, and the sooner you do it, the better. Online/virtual newsgroups are more competitive because more people subscribe to them.

Some sites will send you messages about groups you might be interested in, which is very useful. Remember to check your email at least once a day.

If you qualify, you also need to act quickly. For Topic Topic, I would receive either a text and email or a phone call. If I missed a call, I tried to call them back within 1-2 hours. The responsiveness made it easy for the company to work with me and helped me book the focus groups I needed.

Consider using more than one site

If you want to increase your chances of participating in newsgroups, I recommend using different websites. This will allow you to diversify your options. I plan to add new sites to the list I compiled above as I try them out and determine their strengths and weaknesses.

The main drawback of newsgroups is that they are unlikely to become a permanent source of income for you. It is easy and effortless, making it an ideal side job for busy people.

That being said, you have no control over when opportunities present themselves and when you are selected. But if you don’t apply, you’ll never know.

If we had passed the focus groups, we would not have made an additional $1,500 in the last 3 months of 2018.

Key for:

  • Subscribe to quality and reliable sites (limit yourself to 2-4 different sites at a time).
  • Complete your profile
  • Regularly review opportunities and submit applications with honest answers
  • Respond quickly and adequately to any follow-up questions
  • Be on time for the focus group
  • Take the opportunity and repeat the process by increasing the number of high quality focus groups you sign up for.

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Would you try to run focus groups to make extra money? Why or why not? What is your favourite activity?

Stop worrying about money and take back control


Are you ready to take back control of your money? Take the first step with a free starter kit that includes:

  • 2 sample monthly statement schedules
  • 1 Checklist for commencement of debt repayment
  • 1 Radical cost savings checklist

Good luck! Please check your email now to confirm your registration.Focus groups are a wonderful way for businesses to better understand their customers’ needs. By inviting 10-20 individuals to a test session, companies can gain valuable insights and discover what it is that their customers are seeking from a given product or service.. Read more about paid research studies online and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you actually make money from focus groups?

A focus group is a group of people who are asked to participate in an experiment to test the effectiveness of a new product, service, or idea. They are paid to share their opinions. However, focus groups are not a new concept. Back in the 60s, businesses would commonly hold focus groups to help determine if a new product was popular enough to be successful. As technology progressed, focus groups moved online, but now they are becoming more and more common again. There are many different types of focus group that are used, but for this example, we will focus on “telephonic focus groups”. These are the most common type of focus groups because they are less expensive than in person groups, and there is a lot According to a recent survey, only 10% of Americans are fluent in the language of focus groups. In fact, more than 50% of the population can’t even tell you what they are. So, how can you possibly make money from them? Even if you are fluent in the language of focus groups, there are still numerous other factors that come into play when attempting to make money from them, including your own skill set, your personality, and your willingness to learn new things.

How much do focus group participants get paid?

In focus groups, participants are asked to give feedback about a product or service. What they say, however, may not be what you wanted to hear. That’s because the way they speak can be affected by how you present your product, your company, and your message. People often think focus groups are created to find out about a product when it is too late for the client to change it. They are not. They are created to test a product before it goes into production. This way, you will have a good idea of what your target audience likes and dislikes about your product as well as what they think the product will cost, how it will be distributed, and how many of them would be interested in a specific feature.

Is national focus groups legit?

There is an art that goes into conducting a focus group. If you’re honest and ask good questions, you will have a better chance of getting the answers you want. Since this is an art, it is only right that they ask for your price. At the end, what you give or what they pay you doesn’t matter, you’re job is to produce the most honest and accurate results you can. National focus groups are a growing fad in businesses that want to test the success of a new product. They are also an increasingly popular way for companies to test the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. However, with the rise of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, companies are finding that they can get the same results by buying inorganic reach. In this post, learn about the different types of national/inorganic focus groups and the different types of marketing campaigns that you can use to promote them.

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