Paying for travel doesn’t have to involve shelling out thousands of dollars. We’ve found some creative ways that you can earn a few extra bucks in your travels without having to spend a dime more than normal.

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Yes, you can be paid to travel whether you wish to go abroad or locally!

Anywhere in the globe, including an RV, boat, train, airline, beach, mountain, or lodge in the woods, you may use a laptop to do your business. Simply said, it depends on your goals and intended destinations.

When I worked in retail information technology, I had the good fortune to get compensated for legitimate business travels. It was what really initially made me aware of working remotely.

Place independence is the term used to describe a vocation or work that does not need one to be in a certain physical location. In essence, it implies that you may work from anywhere in the globe and support yourself.

Since then, I’ve had the good fortune to both be paid to travel for my blog and find ways to travel for free. My life and perspective on the many jobs I wish to pursue were drastically altered when I discovered how to travel for pay.

Asking yourself these three questions can help you start living a more nomadic existence.

  1. What activity do you find enjoyable?
  2. Can you perform that online? In that case, how?
  3. Which three destinations are you most eager to visit?

Let’s now go through nine ways you might get compensated for traveling!

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Take a Remote Job First


Numerous employers will send you on business trips where you would, in theory, get compensation for your travel. Look for 100% remote employment so you may be paid from anywhere you want to go in the world, however, if you don’t want to be constrained to the location and time they choose for you.

In 2022, more businesses than ever before will begin to transition to full-time remote offices, hybrid workplaces (where employees spend one or two days in the office and the rest at home), or benefits like “work from anywhere” weeks.

These businesses include, but are not limited to:

  • Mastercard
  • Adobe
  • Twitter
  • Dropbox
  • Microsoft
  • Compass
  • Apple
  • State Farm Insurance
  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • Skillshare

On FlexJobs, you may search for positions that allow you to work remotely from any location. WeWorkRemotely,,, Indeed, Creatively.Life, and even Google Jobs are more remote job search engines.

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2. Launch a blog


You may establish a blog to earn money while traveling if you want to begin developing a digital nomad lifestyle. Blogging can be done from anywhere as long as you have Wi-Fi, which is one of its finest benefits.

But how can you even make money with a blog? I’m happy you inquired. Blogging for money may be done by:

  • putting advertisements on your blog and being paid when people come, view, and click on the adverts
  • By using affiliate links throughout your content to advertise a product or service for another business, you may earn money when readers join up for something or make a purchase through those links.
  • collaborating with businesses on sponsored projects. These collaborations may be for blog entries, social media updates, videos, or other forms of content/collaboration.
  • Selling your services, such as coaching, freelancing, consulting, etc. via your blog.
  • Selling a digital product, such as an eBook, downloadable workbook, design, course, template, or any sort of digital product
  • As a freelancer, I write for other blogs
  • running a workshop online
  • keeping a paid community running

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3. Open an online store for printables


An online printable store offers a ton of opportunities for revenue generation. Additionally, by selling digital goods, you may operate your internet company and produce your own digital items from any location while setting your own hours.

You choose the time and location of your workday.

You may develop your printables using a program like Canva and sell them on Shopify or Etsy.

Here are some suggestions if you’re unclear of what you may offer in an online printable shop:

  • Printable schedules
  • Workbooks you can print
  • downloadable money envelopes
  • Printable works of art
  • Coloring pages you may print
  • downloadable diaries
  • Printable goal-tracking sheets
  • Brain teasers that are printable

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4. Launch a Vlog


You may start a vlog and be paid as you make your videos from wherever you choose if you like making videos and feel at ease in front of the camera.

Even being paid to make travel-related vlogs is an option. While having a YouTube channel is a terrific method to earn money online, there are a few steps you must do before you can start being paid from ad revenue:

  1. 1,000 customers
  2. Throughout the last 12 months, 4,000 Watch Time hours
  3. Follow all YouTube rules and regulations
  4. setting up an AdSense account

Along with advertising, there are additional ways to monetize your vlogs, including affiliate marketing, sponsored brand partnerships, merchandise, other services, channel subscriptions, Patreon, chat streams, and more.

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5. Market Your Vacation Videos


Selling the recordings of your travels is a fantastic additional approach to monetize your filming expertise.

Your trip movies may be sold to businesses like tour operators, travel publications, websites, and even brands. Even better, you may work with businesses to produce films for them by contracting out your own videography abilities.

You may also sell your films on websites like these:

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6. Work as a Freelance Author


Consider working as a freelance writer if you like journaling and keeping a travel log to help pay for your trips.

As a freelance writer, you may choose to focus on a single subject or a variety of subjects.

You might begin by setting up a profile on MuckRack or LinkedIn to house your portfolio.

then begin browsing the following websites for gigs:

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7. Work as a virtual assistant for Pinterest


You may earn money with that talent if you like using social media, particularly Pinterest.

To promote themselves online, a number of small companies, bloggers, and online stores utilize Pinterest. However, the upkeep required by Pinterest often necessitates hiring at least a virtual assistant or Pinterest manager to maintain it for you. You may do the job for someone else remotely from anywhere and earn money as a freelancer.

As a virtual assistant for Pinterest, your responsibilities can include:

  • creating pins using Canva
  • Creating pin descriptions
  • Pin scheduling
  • maintaining the Pinterest profile and associated boards
  • interacting with fans
  • Developing a marketing plan for Pinterest
  • Analyzing Pinterest’s analytics

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8. Watch after other people’s homes and pets


A terrific method to not only generate money while traveling, but also gain free housing, is to house and pet care for others.

While housesitting, websites like TrustedHousesitters will provide you free housing, but you won’t get compensated. However, Rover will compensate you for pet and home sitting.

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9. Farming Work


Consider working on farms to pay for a life-changing road trip if you like getting your hands dirty.

Numerous websites that are well-known among van-lifers provide temporary agricultural employment to nomads and other people. While some of these chances provide free lodging and meals, others really pay.

On a website called WWOOF, you can work on farms in return for free lodging and meals, but you won’t get compensated for your labor beyond that.

You may also search on the following websites:

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My Favorite Travel Strategies: Trip-Hacking


We’ve been keeping to domestic travel hacking as we haven’t taken an international vacation in more than two years. Our preferred rewards card is the Chase Sapphire Reserve card since most other rewards points (like Southwest points) can be converted to chase points and because you can cash in your points for cash if you don’t believe you’ll use them for a trip any time soon.

Additionally, during the last two years, all of our tickets have been paid for in full by utilizing Southwest Rewards. Up until recently, I had a Southwest Companion Pass for my wife, and every time we needed to make travel arrangements for relatives or other visitors, I had enough points.

For those who struggle to pay their credit card payments on time, I don’t suggest travel reward credit cards. However, if you can transfer your regular spending and expenses to your credit card rather than your regular debit card, keep track of your spending, and pay your bills in full and on time each month, you may accumulate some incredible rewards that might pay for your fantasy vacation.

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Getting Started with Your New Remote Lifestyle


Pace yourself while you decide where to go and how to begin generating an online income. When you travel and work at the same time, numerous changes will occur all at once. Working remotely might seem chaotic, disorganized, and exhausting even while it can be amazing and liberating. Take care of yourself.

Above everything, just enjoy yourself!


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