As the digital economy continues to grow, so does the need for accounting and bookkeeping. These professionals are in high demand with a $1 billion market-assessment by Forbes.

The “virtual bookkeeping jobs with no experience” is a business that can be started with little to no experience. The job requires very low investment, and the potential for high profit.

I’m here to provide you all the information you need on How to Work as an Online Bookkeeper if you’re trying to start a side business and numbers are your thing. 

Find out how to become a virtual Accountant with no experience by reading on! 

Small enterprises, such as mine (like it or not, this site is operated as a company! Here is how I earn money from my blog.) often have a small workforce and little resources.

The majority of the time, it is the company owners themselves that keep track of all financial and commercial transactions. 

Sometimes we forget to record transactions because we are so busy taking care of all the other elements of our company. This results in a backlog of work that must be completed while simultaneously raising stress levels. 

The assistance of a Bookkeeper is useful in circumstances like these. Even if you have never done it before, you can simply learn How to Work as an Online Bookkeeper if you believe this is something you would want to do.


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How to Work as an Online Bookkeeper

A Step-By-Step Guide For Becoming A Virtual Bookkeeper

Here is our comprehensive advice on how to become a Bookkeeper if you’re prepared to take on this challenge:

Step 1: Revert to the Basics

Basic understanding of accounting will include:

  • adding financial transaction information to a debit and credit sheet
  • generating invoices
  • payment of bills
  • monthly financial statement preparation
  • creating a transactional summary

By picking up knowledge through experience and finding things out the hard way, you can arm yourself with these abilities. 

As an alternative, you may enroll in several online courses. As there will be someone there to walk you through your adventure into the realm of accounting, you will save time (and possibly lots of tears of frustration). 

Launch of the Bookkeeper by

How to Work as an Online Bookkeeper offers a massive accounting course called Bookkeeper Launch.

They not only provide comprehensive instructions on how to launch your own accounting firm, but they also provide a variety of courses on how to sell and advertise your enterprise. 

No matter what stage of your company you are in, they have something for you. Whether you are just starting out, expanding, or scaling, they provide comprehensive guidance. 

Ben Robinson, the creator of, offers a very popular free course there, despite the fact that most of their courses require payment. (If it’s free, I want it!) 

You will learn all the fundamental skills required to run your own accounting firm in this free course. 

You can tell how dedicated they are to providing you with all the resources you want and to educating you on how to become a Bookkeeper from their motto, “We are on a mission to produce an army of 25,000 21st Century Bookkeeping Pros by 2025.” 

Accounting Coach’s Bookkeeping Training

How to Work as an Online Bookkeeper

You can learn all you need to know about being a virtual Accountant in this free online course. 

The writing is simple to grasp and goes right to the point. You may choose the subject that interests you and get started learning more about it. 

Additionally, they provide tests where you can quickly put what you’ve learned into practice and obtain the confidence you need. 

Bonus: There are also Q & A sessions as well as videos of the seminars that you can watch if that is your preferred learning method.

 Learn to Be a Certified Bookkeeper

While acquiring a certificate can let you to raise your hourly rate and accept more high-level customers, such as organizations and foreign firms, it is not absolutely necessary to be qualified to be a legal Bookkeeper. 

Getting Certified as a Bookkeeper

How to Work as an Online Bookkeeper

All individuals who complete the standards and pass their exams are presently given certifications by the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB) and the National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers (NACPB). 

You may enroll, enroll in their classes, and take their tests online. 

Gains from being a qualified Bookkeeper include:

  • You will distinguish yourself from other online Bookkeepers.
  • You may impose greater fees.
  • You can draw in a variety of customers, which will increase your degree of experience.

NOTE: To operate as a virtual Bookkeeper, you do not need to be certified. You may test out the free accounting course to determine whether it’s right for you before making an investment. Don’t blow through all of your hard-earned cash at once! 

How to Work as an Online Bookkeeper

Step 2: Organize your bookkeeping company.

Although this is not required to launch a virtual accounting service, it does give your company more credibility. Your customers will feel more confident in you handling their financial transactions and records thanks to this increased legitimacy. 

Depending on how you want your tax obligations to be set up, you may register your firm as a single proprietor or a private corporation.

The most crucial need is that you have a system in place to guarantee that your client’s financial information is secure, private, and secret. 

Most nations have rigorous rules governing the privacy of sensitive, financial, and personal information. This is an extra benefit that you may provide to your customers if you can demonstrate to them that you are aware of it and that you cherish their privacy.

Step 3: Tell Everyone About It!

Once you have everything you need to launch a virtual accounting service, you must let everyone know that you are open for business and ready to go. 

This is possible by:

  • A LinkedIn profile update 
  • telling your Facebook and Instagram buddies
  • To promote your services and company, write succinct accounting articles with helpful recommendations and share them on your social media profiles.
  • looking out for small companies To find out whether they need accounting services, you may write to them.
  • establishing a website for your online accounting firm to showcase the services you provide

Here is a FREE tutorial showing you step-by-step how to create a virtual accounting website. 

Do I need to specialize or not?

You could be considering whether to target a certain sector or kind of organization when you first launch your virtual accounting firm. 

It is generally not a good idea to specialize just yet in your virtual accounting firm at this early stage. You should now seek customers and employment in order to begin generating a sizable income from home. 

Your task will undoubtedly be simpler if you provide virtual accounting services for a certain sort of organization. This is due to the likelihood that they may share similar spending categories and financial reporting obligations.

However, you will be able to charge more for your services and acquire insight into how various organizations and sectors function as a result of the expertise you receive by offering virtual accounting services to a variety of firms. 

Keep in mind that education and expertise are vital tools that can help you succeed in your online accounting company!  

An online Bookkeeper is what?

You may provide small company owners with record-keeping solutions as a Bookkeeper.

As a virtual Bookkeeper, you may work from home while offering these services to as many customers as you need or desire. 

In essence, a virtual Bookkeeper oversees, monitors, and records the business costs of small to medium-sized businesses. 

What Services Are Offered by a Bookkeeper?

A Bookkeeper often keeps track of the following in order to provide transaction recording solutions, among other things:

  • Amount received for the day
  • Charges made for the day
  • any staff members’ claims
  • Expenses that must be paid

A Bookkeeper is also accountable for the following:

  • Creating pay slips and ensuring that payments are paid for salaries
  • arranging payment vouchers, receipts, and other transaction data
  • Creating a system or template that appropriately represents everything mentioned above

What Distinguishes An Accountant From A Bookkeeper?

An Accountant is not a Bookkeeper. In case you were wondering, there are a few key distinctions between the duties that an Accountant and a Bookkeeper perform in enterprises. A certified Bookkeeper is not the same as a certified public Accountant.

In essence, a Bookkeeper handles a company’s daily financial activities while an Accountant is called upon for more formal tasks like preparing tax returns or certified Accountants’ reports. 

Here is a brief synopsis:

Bookkeeper Accountant
Financial transactions are recorded. assesses and investigates financial transactions
Arrangement of transactions assembles financial data for tax reasons.
ensures the accuracy of the records Ensure that accounting adhere to the relevant legislation
does not need any training or certification must be licensed and acknowledged by the necessary professional organisations.

What Kind Of Pay Can A Virtual Bookkeeper Expect?

How to Work as an Online Bookkeeper

A virtual bookkeeper may expect to make an average of $38,193 per year as of September 2020, according to ZipRecruiter. 

With little to no experience, you may start out charging $60 per hour as a virtual bookkeeper and gradually raise it to up to $100 per hour as you get more customers, experience, and talents. 

These wages are perfectly feasible, according to a simple search on Upwork. 

Starting A Online Bookkeeping Business

Don’t worry if all of this seems a bit scary. There are several tools available to aid you in beginning your quest to work from home as a bookkeeper.

It’s a widespread misperception that becoming a bookkeeper requires you to be an expert in arithmetic. This is the farthest thing from the truth.

Yes, you must possess fundamental math abilities. But in order to work as a virtual accountant, you most definitely don’t need to have math skills on par with NASA scientists. 

Competencies Required for Virtual Bookkeeping

If you have the following skills, you are well on your way to Starting A Online Bookkeeping Business:

You’re really organized if you make to-do lists all the time and like crossing things off as you do them. 

  • Keep an eye out for information

A game of numbers is bookkeeping. Therefore, there is no tolerance for mistake since a single incorrect number will invalidate all of your previous work and provide challenges for your customer. 

  • having experience with Excel sheets, comparable software, and/or comparable accounting or bookkeeping tools

You’ll be able to work more quickly and take on more customers thanks to your efficiency and aptitude for navigating these tools.

What advantages do virtual bookkeeping jobs offer?

Starting A Online Bookkeeping Business may not be the easiest thing to do at the beginning. However, like most things, once you take the time to set it up and have all your systems in place, it becomes rewarding very quickly. 

Among the major benefits are:

  • launching a company quickly and easily
  • working from the convenience of your home or another location as desired
  • Flexible schedules that allow you to spend time with your loved ones and children (even those that are furry, scaly, and plant kids!)
  • You choose the customers and the amount of work you wish to do.
  • You may boost your rates as you gain experience fast.

Where to Find Jobs in Virtual Bookkeeping

How to Work as an Online Bookkeeper

There are several methods to work as a remote bookkeeper from any location.

Business owners may list their accounting requirements on a variety of freelancing websites. On these platforms, you may submit your ideas and advertise the fact that you provide online accounting services.  

The following are a some of the most common places to hunt for virtual bookkeeping jobs:

  • FlexJobs
  • UpWork
  • Fiverr
  • Join bookkeeping groups on Facebook. You get to see open positions, and as an added benefit, you may observe how others in the same industry run their businesses and interact with customers.

Advice for Bookkeeper Success

If you are still debating whether to launch a virtual accounting company, you could be concerned about the following:

  • the level of competition among online bookkeepers
  • whether you can find job that will allow you to pay your expenses, maintain your lifestyle, and save
  • if working as a virtual bookkeeper will result in a long-term, reliable income

Here are some short ideas for differentiating yourself and obtaining consistent work:

  • Create a positive first impression.

Make sure to provide the greatest virtual accounting services to your customers, and your work will begin to speak for itself. Make the most of your one chance to impress a customer!

Consider how you can wow them and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Get reviews of your services from your clientele or testimonials about their interactions with you, if you can. These may be included on your website, social media profiles, and LinkedIn profile.

  • Always keep in mind the importance of relationships.

Develop a connection with your current customers. Referrals from customers who have previously utilized your virtual accounting services are the best approach to grow your clientele. 

How can you make your customers happy by adding a little personal touch? On their birthdays, I always wish them a happy birthday and leave a note on any tasks I am doing for them. 

As you can see, there are several guides, tutorials, and courses available online that will instruct you on how to work as a virtual bookkeeper. 

When it comes to earning a full-time income from wherever you want to work, it may initially take some time and effort, but it is worth the investment in yourself to provide you the freedom and flexibility you need. 


Without any prior experience, how can I become a virtual bookkeeper?

Even if you are asking whether it is feasible to be a virtual bookkeeper without any bookkeeping expertise or accounting knowledge, here are the steps on how to become one.

One thing to keep in mind is that with virtual accounting, you have control over who you work with, including customers, jobs, and employer agreements.

Which individuals you can best assist is up to you.

Remember that you must be motivated by yourself, organized, and possess outstanding time management abilities. You must have and understand these essential qualities if you want to succeed in your virtual bookkeeping job.

Let’s go to the steps now; enough blather.

Step 1: Make purchasing working tools a top priority.

Laptops and a reliable internet connection are the two most important instruments for remote accounting employment.

It should go without saying that you will most likely spend your first accounting training, your search for remote bookkeeping employment, and your preparation to start your own virtual bookkeeping firm hooked to your laptop.

You will be significantly reliant on your laptop and a reliable internet connection while you are attempting to develop your portfolio to draw in your own clientele.

Therefore, pay attention to these two tools, adjust as required, and particularly if you’re committed to working remotely as a bookkeeper.

2. Step 2: Obtain instruction in fundamental bookkeeping

Can I learn accounting on my own?

Yes! Because there are so many online courses to pick from, you can learn bookkeeping on your own. As long as you set aside a particular number of hours each day to improve your accounting skills.

You must devote time to learning about the industry if you want to work as a remote bookkeeper full-time.

You may find the following courses beneficial in helping you improve your accounting abilities:

Udemy: Mastering Bookkeeping Step-by-Step

How to Work as an Online Bookkeeper

The Accounting Course

How to Work as an Online Bookkeeper

Basics of Accounting on Udemy

How to Work as an Online Bookkeeper

Financial Accounting Fundamentals on Coursera

How to Work as an Online Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping Program at Penn Foster

How to Work as an Online Bookkeeper

Learn accounting software in Step 3

If you know how to utilize accounting software, clients will appreciate you much more. Software innovations make online accounting simpler, enabling you to work more productively.

Because of features like automation, accounting software may also save time. It also gives the owner a safe place to save important documents and receipts that can be retrieved whenever necessary.

These are some things to think about when selecting a bookkeeping software whether accounting isn’t your strong suit or if it is and you want to save time:

  • Software’s bookkeeping capabilities
  • Operation on the go
  • Cost
  • storage building
  • Usability
  • Interoperability

When selecting an online accounting program, bear in mind both your customers’ and your personal financial management. Remember that you will also be using it to handle your own finances.

You must select the software or application that will provide you the most value for your money since they are seldom offered for free.

Can the software aid in your customer acquisition? Can it assist you in launching your own company? Will it aid you in becoming a knowledgeable bookkeeper?

Software might be one of the most important accounting tools, so keep these questions in mind as well. Try trying the following accounting software:


How to Work as an Online Bookkeeper


How to Work as an Online Bookkeeper


How to Work as an Online Bookkeeper


How to Work as an Online Bookkeeper


How to Work as an Online Bookkeeper

4. Step 4: Launch Your Bookkeeping Company

Now that the groundwork has been done, you may work toward building a successful accounting firm.

One option is to concentrate on a certain specialty that you can expand naturally. Virtual bookkeepers are a must for almost all businesses.

Even though they may not be looking for one, they will need virtual bookkeepers to make sure that the company’s daily financial health is in order.

Use the connections you already have and let your loved ones know about your new virtual bookkeeping career. Ask for referrals from others to increase your network and get customers.

You may begin by connecting with people on LinkedIn, a professional bookkeeper or a freelance bookkeeper who shares your interests and might add you to their network.

An effective method of marketing your services is social selling. Should you want to build a website, be sure to keep your profile updated with relevant and high-quality content.

5. Step 5: Agree To A Reasonable Price

When you do online accounting, you might earn more than the typical full-time bookkeeper. The secret to getting better prices is giving your customers what they need.

Anyone looking to earn money online should consider freelancing. You may start generating money faster than with a full-time work because to the low entry barriers.

Freelancing, however, might be a bit difficult as a business strategy.

While it comes to making money via online accounting, freelancers act from their own point of view when they need to be considering the client’s viewpoint.

As a consequence, spend some time considering the characteristics of both your customer and the project. More than anything else, the value of the task to the customer affects the rate you may charge.

When discussing the fee for accounting work, consider the following questions:

  • What advantages does your work provide the client?
  • How will it affect their company’s operations?

When you choose to become a bookkeeper, the answers to such questions will determine your salary.

Never forget the value you can provide for your customer.

If your service can maintain their financial statements and financial records and you have reduced their overall accounting strain, you may be able to negotiate bigger fee increases.

Step 6: Your greatest asset is you

You are your largest investment, as corny as it may seem. You have to put in the time and effort necessary to succeed in anything.

Learn all you can about becoming a competent bookkeeper, including how to prepare financial reports, reconcile bank accounts, handle payroll, manage your own finances, prepare tax returns, and more.


You have it now! Everything you need to know to get started as a bookkeeper.

One of the secrets to becoming successful as an online bookkeeper is to concentrate. Even if you wind up becoming one of the many independent bookkeepers, your area of expertise will help you stand out.

All you need to do is choose a specialty and stick with it.

Maybe you’d like to work as a bakery’s entry-level bookkeeper in this circumstance. Maybe you’d want to serve as a virtual accountant for lawyers. Though you may always widen your area of expertise, it’s wise to start small and let your business develop organically.

Once you’ve made the decision to become a bookkeeper, put in a lot of effort and do your hardest in every accounting position you get. You’ll soon be successful.

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