The Harris Poll Online is the earlier name for a polling site that conducts surveys on internet use. It was founded in 1997 by two researchers from Northwestern University, who wanted to study consumers’ attitudes about new media technologies. But after years of observing online trends, they noticed an alarming trend: while some people were refreshing their browsers or logging into sites like Facebook and Twitter, others were visiting chat rooms where predators lurked behind screen names like “Maddy” or “Luke.” The company decided to do something about it – launching the first survey-based social networking service in 1998 with its own brand of anonymity called . The website still exists today but no longer offers anonymous data collection services due to concerns over privacy breaches.,

Harris Poll Online is a survey company that has been around since the 1980s. They have a lot of surveys and information on their website, but they also have a bad reputation for being fake. Read more in detail here: survey junkie.

Anyone with a computer, tablet, or smartphone can generate money online from anywhere using the internet and cutting-edge business technologies.

From the comfort of their sofas, people are being paid to complete surveys, view movies, access websites, buy online, and read emails.

What route did we use to get there? Market research panels, such as Harris Poll, were the beginning.

Harris Polls Online, like QuickRewards, Swagbucks, I’m a survey hound., and InboxPays, pays users to complete surveys and polls. 

However, before you join up for Harris Poll Online, you should check to see whether the site is authentic or a hoax.

Is Harris Poll Online Trustworthy?

This is what this Harris Poll Online review is all about. We’ll explain what Harris Poll is, how it works, and how to use Harris Poll Online to make money.

What is Harris Poll Online, and how does it work?

Harris Poll Online is one of the biggest and oldest market research firms in the world, conducting polls for governments, businesses, and non-profits (NGOs). 

Harris Interactive, a New York-based market research and exploitation firm formed in 1975, owns and operates the survey site.

Harris Interactive eschewed old-school pen and paper techniques and switched its operations to the cloud with the advent of the internet and business technology. Harris Poll Online was formed as a result of this.

It is presently only accepting Canadian members.

What Is Harris Poll Online and How Does It Work?

Harris Poll Online functions in a similar way to other market research panels. Companies and organizations pay for market research to be conducted on their behalf by the site.

Harris Poll Online, in turn, pays its members to complete surveys in which they share their thoughts and opinions on goods and services. The majority of the surveys on the site take between 5 and 25 minutes to complete.

This site employs a simple rewards and incentives system based on HIpoints to recompense you for your time and views. 

You’ll get 15 HIpoints or more for each survey you complete. A dollar is equal to 125 HIpoints.

How to Participate in a Harris Poll Online

The Harris Poll Online sign-up is free, and anybody from an eligible nation who fits the following conditions is welcome to participate:

  • Residents of the United States and Canada must be at least 13 years old.
  • Users from other countries must be at least 12 years old.

To participate, go to the Harris Poll Online website and click the Join Now option, then answer some demographic questions, provide basic information, and validate your email address. 

Harris Poll will provide you a one-of-a-kind password. It’s where you’ll login in to your account. Once you’re in, check out their survey page to see what kinds of surveys they have to offer. 

You’ll get emails inviting you to take part in surveys if you qualify.

You may be chosen for special sorts of surveys depending on your demographics and earn more valuable prizes on rare occasions.

How to Profit from Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online is a survey platform where you may earn points by completing surveys.

The survey site doesn’t say how much you’ll get for each survey up front, but you can expect to receive at least 15HIpoints for each one you take, whether you finish it or not. 

On Harris Poll, you may participate in a variety of polls, including:

  • Online polls
  • Focus Groups (FGDs)
  • Telephone polls 
  • Surveys of teenagers
  • Surveys on the go 
  • Surveys on video
  • Software surveys and mobile apps

There are also entries for the Harris Poll quarterly sweepstakes.

Every time you complete a survey, you are placed into their quarterly sweepstakes, and you might be the fortunate winner of a $10,000 cash bonus.

How to Use Harris Poll Online to Redeem Points

Your points may be redeemed for e-gift cards from various businesses, as well as gifts and goods from the Harris Poll Rewards Catalog.

Redeem points for e-gift cards from leading companies including Amazon, Home Depot, iTunes, Starbucks, Walmart, Visa Prepaid Cards, and restaurant gift cards, as well as Visa Prepaid Cards.

You may also make a donation to a charity of your choice. Within 24 hours, e-gift cards are sent through email.

Merchandise: On the Harris Poll’s excellent rewards catalog, you may convert your points for a range of items.

Within 7-14 days, items are sent by USPS. Harris Poll pays for delivery and gives you with tracking information.

Points may be redeemed at a rate of 125 Hipoints per $1, with a minimum redemption requirement of 1,250 points, or $10. 

Regrettably, Harris poll does not provide payment choices such as PayPal or cheque. 

Harris Poll Online’s Advantages

  • A reputable survey site that has been in operation for many years.
  • Even if you are excluded from surveys, you may still earn incentives.
  • Users in Canada and the United States may utilize it.
  • To redeem points, there is a wide rewards catalog as well as gift cards from major businesses.
  • Phone, email, and FAQs are all options for customer care.

The Drawbacks of Harris Poll Online

  • There is no way to withdraw money via PayPal or a cheque.
  • There are just a few methods to get prizes.
  • There isn’t a mobile app for earning points on the move.
  • You could only receive 3 to 5 surveys every month.
  • Some users have complained about their accounts being deactivated without cause.

Is Harris Poll Online a Reliable Source of Information?

Harris Poll Online is one of the biggest and oldest market research firms in the world, with over 45 years of experience. 

On the BBB website, the site has an A+ credit rating, which is the highest a firm can get.

The business is situated in Rochester, New York, and it has a comprehensive privacy policy.

Based on the information provided above, Harris Poll Online seems to be a legitimate survey site.

Alternatives to the Harris Poll Online



Survey Junkie




Surveys and video advertising may help you earn money.

Provides a large number of daily surveys.

You may earn money by completing surveys and other easy activities.

Earnings may be redeemed beginning at $30.

Earnings may be redeemed beginning at $10.

Earnings may be redeemed beginning at $5.

Is It Worth It to Take a Harris Poll Online?

To summarize, Harris Poll Online is an excellent service for those who like doing surveys.

You won’t make a lot of money on the site, but if you spend a few minutes each week doing surveys, you may expect to make a few dollars every month. 

If you get invitations to special surveys or win their $10,000 quarterly sweepstakes, your reward may skyrocket.

Alternatively, you may click on the following websites to learn about different ways to make money:

Harris Poll Online 2021: Is it Safe and Legit? Harris Poll Online is a company that provides insights into consumer opinions, attitudes, and behaviors. They have been conducting surveys for decades. Their latest survey was released in October of this year. The survey asked respondents about how safe and legitimate they believe the website to be. Reference: harris insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Harris Poll legit?

A: The Harris Poll is a well-known polling company that has been around for over 50 years.

Who is Harris poll?

A: Harris poll is a leading global market research company that conducts public opinion polls and provides strategic consulting services to its clients.

How does Harris poll make money?

A: Harris Interactive makes money by selling data. This means they are paid to collect and analyze information based on what consumers say in polls, surveys, focus groups etc., for clients who want their opinions.

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