If you have a website or blog, think of all the people who visit it. You don’t need to be popular or make money by hosting ads – just start engaging with your visitors and see how many will come back for more content.

The “earn money by sharing links on facebook” is a website that pays users to share their links. The website has been around for quite some time and has an estimated monthly income of $7,000+.

Get paid to share links

Getting paid to distribute links may seem to be a fraud or at the very least clickbait, but it is not.

You may earn money by sharing links. In fact, being paid to share links is a terrific way to supplement your income while working from home.

Getting paid to advertise links may be done in a variety of methods, including affiliate marketing, social media, and websites. However, not all of them can assist you in earning a full-time income through the internet.

Only a handful of them can help you generate money, and building an internet presence that allows you to make a lot of money takes time. It’s also worth noting that this is not a fast or simple approach to generate money.

The alternatives that are simple to earn money with will not make you as much money as the ones that are difficult to make money with. At best, you’ll earn about $200 each month.

If you already have a YouTube channel, social media accounts, a website, or a blog, you’ve taken the first step toward earning money from links. 


You may start generating money right now if you desire the flexibility of working from home without jeopardizing your revenue potential.

Remember that making a reasonable livelihood from exchanging links will take time and a lot of work.

So, how can you get money by sharing links online? Let’s get started.

Please be aware that this article may contain affiliate links. Please read the following disclosure policy.


Do you want to earn a lot of money in a short amount of time? Here are a few places where you may make anywhere from $25 to $50 in only a few minutes!

  1. PineCone Research: Guaranteed earnings of $3 to $5 every survey. Register right now.


Here are a few examples of how you might earn money by sharing links.

  • Including advertisements in your links
  • Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing in which you
  • Selling your items
  • Passing along referral connections
  • By sharing links, you may earn Paytm Cash.

Most individuals are paid to promote connections by including advertisements in their links. It’s almost frightening how straightforward it is (.. and that is why you need to be careful)

This approach of being paid to spread links is one that I personally dislike and do not endorse. However, I’m going to show you how to do it.

Don’t forget to do your own research.

  • You’ll shorten urls via an app/website and place brief advertising in front of them.
  • When someone clicks on the link you provided, they’ll see a brief advertisement (about 5 seconds after which you will be shown a skip button).

You’ve probably seen these types of links on the internet. Consider a moment when you intended to read something and were sent to an advertisement when you clicked on a link.

Personally, I feel it detracts from the user experience and is rather irritating. As a result, this is my least favorite technique of being paid to share or promote links.

Adf.ly, Ouo.io, Shortee.st, and NSM are the most popular firms to work with.

Affiliate marketing is a kind of performance-based advertising in which an advertiser compensates an affiliate for each visitor or client brought in by the affiliate’s (your) own marketing efforts.

In a nutshell, you get compensated for sharing links that result in clicks or conversions on the product or service.

Are you curious as to why?

…because it attracts a new consumer and enhances brand awareness. It is also the most cost-effective type of brand promotion.

Affiliates get a commission for each sale they bring in, which is normally a percentage of the purchase price.

Affiliate Marketing via blogs, YouTube channels, and social media, for example, is one method to earn paid to advertise links.

We’ll go over everything in depth later.


ShareASale is a platform that links affiliates with retailers.

In return for a percentage on purchases, merchants join up with ShareASale and submit information about their goods or services, which affiliates may advertise on their website, social network, blog, or YouTube channel.

This is one of the most well-known networks for earning money by sharing links. It’s simple to join up and incredibly dependable.

CJ Affiliate is another name for Commission Junction.

Another site that links merchants and affiliates is Commission Junction (CJ).

It is the biggest and most trusted brand in worldwide performance marketing, specialized in affiliate marketing technology and services, and it leads the industry. They claim to have over 167K global publications and brands.

You may advertise items from thousands of top companies in practically every category you can think of with CJ Affiliate.


FlexOffers is a platform that links affiliate programs with ad networks.

As a result, affiliates may locate the greatest deals to advertise from a range of networks in one convenient location. Promote goods and services via their partner marketing network to earn unique commissions.

You’ll get access to over 12k advertisers all in one place!

Associate Program with Amazon:

Amazon Associates is an Amazon.com affiliate marketing network.

It enables you to advertise any item on their website in exchange for a 4-10% commission on sales. It’s no surprise that they pay highly since it’s one of the oldest and most prominent affiliate marketing programs.

You may promote a product that you personally use and endorse, or you can just locate a fantastic deal and share it with your audience.

As a result, the Amazon Affiliate program is the perfect place for you to start earning money by marketing links. That said, it’s important to do your homework and locate the best deal for you.

You may join an affiliate program for a lot of the products, courses, services, and other things you use.

You will earn a commission for each sale made via your affiliate link without having to perform any further effort.

Teachable, Doba, Teespring, Ibotta, Rover, Poshmark, Instacart, Postmates, Udemy, and other prominent applications all offer affiliate programs.


Another great way to get money while doing nothing is to share referral links.

This is arguably the most straightforward method of earning money via links. Simply sign up for a few websites and you might get money every time one of your friends clicks on your link and joins.

Make sure you use the correct link since it is unique to you.

You are paid a bonus and occasionally a portion of your referral’s earnings for life for every successful referral.

Although some websites pay you for recommendations, this isn’t a job that will help you pay your rent or expenses.

Here are a handful of the best:


Rakuten has revolutionized the way people buy online since its foundation in 1997, giving Cash Back, offers, and shopping incentives on the world’s greatest variety of goods and services.

To date, over $1 billion in Cash Back has been earned by its 12 million users in the United States at their favorite retailers.

They provide a referral program in which you may earn money by recommending a friend to their site.

The only requirement is that the person you recommend make a qualified purchase in order for you to get a bonus.

In general, each recommendation will get you about $25.


Swagbucks is a popular rewards program that rewards you with gift vouchers for doing things online.

Referring friends will also earn you points. You will get 10SB for every 1,000 SBs (Swagbucks) your buddy earns.

They also give you a $5 bonus if a buddy joins.

The nicest aspect about this scheme is that you are paid a portion of your referrals’ earnings for the rest of their lives.

Dollars in Your Inbox:

InboxDollars is a well-known rewards program that gives you cash through PayPal in exchange for conducting surveys, viewing movies, buying online, and other activities.

They provide a referral program where you may earn up to $1 per referral plus 30% recurring income on your referral earnings.

Aside from that, have a look at:

  • Ibotta offers a $20 sign-up incentive as well as a $10 referral bonus.
  • MyPoints offers a $10 welcome incentive plus 25 points for each referral. When your referral spends $20 or more in the first 30 days, you’ll get 750 points in addition to 10% of all their qualifying Points!
  • Qmee offers a $3 sign-up incentive and a $1 referral bonus.

So, do you want to earn Paytm Cash by simply filling out surveys, playing games, or viewing and downloading videos?

You certainly can. All you have to do is find the correct applications that allow you to make money while using your phone.

The first step is to download the most recent version of the Paytm App. The “Invite Friends” option may be found under the money transfer menu after you’ve signed up.

Start referring friends who haven’t joined yet by copying the link. You may only suggest up to 100 people, and each successful reference will earn you 13 cents.

You may, however, utilize specific applications that pay you up to Rs. 100 ($1.30) every referral and give 100% payback.

App MPL Game Pro

Mobile Premier League (MPL) is an online gaming platform that includes games such as Match 3, Spider Solitaire, Bubble Shooter, Baseball Star, Bowling, and others, and is a gamers’ paradise.

MPL not only rewards you for referral links, but also for playing online games with real money. You may easily win up to Rs 60 + 9 MPL tokens by playing this game.

After downloading the app, look for the Refer & Earn link in the lower right corner. Begin by sending your link to your friends.

So, what do you get?

  • When a buddy joins MPL, you will get a $75 bonus.
  • Get 50% of your buddy’s initial deposit up to $75 Bonus Cash when they refer a friend.

What do your pals get?

  • 75 Bonus Cash when you join up and up to 50 Bonus Cash when you play on MPL are guaranteed.

Paytm, Amazon Pay, and bank transfers are all options for cashing out your incentive.


RozDhan is the finest app in India for making money fast. Playing games and reading the news are two ways to get money.

You may receive a Rs 80 bonus just for signing up, and you can earn up to Rs 25 for each click on the link you share with your friends.

To get RozDhan and get your prize right now, click here.

Sell your own items:

You may offer your own items and services instead of promoting the products and services of others.

Not only will this increase your earnings, but it will also provide you greater control over your company.

Any service you give may be turned into an e-book, a video course, or a product. Just make sure you have a one-of-a-kind selling point.

Instead of posting an advertisement or a link to another company’s website, share your product link with friends, family, or in your content.

Start your own affiliate or referral network and ask individuals who have already signed up for your services to share your links instead.

Right now, learn how to write a bestselling eBook.


Invite friends to join up or utilize a product by sharing your referral links.

It’s as simple as it seems. You may send your friends the links by email, text, or social media. You may also track your referrals by creating a custom link.

You get compensated when people perform an action on your link, such as joining up for a service or purchasing a product.


You must publish high-quality posts on your blog on themes relating to the product or service you are marketing in order to get paid to share links.

Your blog’s readers should be interested in what you’re saying as well as the items or services you’re marketing.

Make sure to add links to your goods or services in your blog article and highlight them.

Follow these steps if you don’t know how to establish a blog.

To have a better understanding of how to monetize a blog, consider the following:

Ads – Ads are shown on your blog, and you earn money when someone clicks on them. Find Adsense alternatives that pay well for advertisements.

Affiliate marketing is when you make recommendations for other people’s items in return for a share of the transaction. Check out this article to discover how to make money with affiliate marketing.

Email marketing – Building your own email list and then sending them targeted emails about relevant subjects or items is how you make money with this method. Take a look at this free lesson on how to make an appealing lead magnet.

Prepare your blog for traffic – It’s an EXTREMELY LOW-COST beginner’s lesson on how to generate money with a blog. It explains how to create a blog, utilize Pinterest, and use SEO tactics. I was able to rank on Google’s first page using her advice. My first revenue report may be seen here.

The Internet and Social Media

You may also earn money by sharing links on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Create accounts on the social media networks where you want to promote links first.

Second, cultivate a loyal following by being open and honest with them. Recognize their pain spots and areas of interest, and focus on them. You should also choose items that are likely to pique your audience’s attention.

Next, share affiliate links with your followers to advertise items or services.

Demonstrate your usage of the product, the outcomes you’ve achieved, why you’re endorsing it, and more.

When you achieve a certain level of conversion, you may additionally request special discount coupons for your customers.

YouTube Video Marketing

You may post affiliate links to goods or services if you have a YouTube channel and want to get paid for it.

Be honest with your visitors and post your affiliate links to items or services that you are interested in, just as you would on social media.

Make sure you include facts about the product, why they should acquire it, how it would assist, and more in an appealing video.

Finally, you may profit from your YouTube videos by using Google AdSense or other companies to monetize them.

Marketing through email

If you have an email list, you can use it to advertise affiliate links and earn money.

Be honest with your followers and share your experience, just as you would on social media or on YouTube.

In this scenario, an affiliate link to a product or service that will assist them in resolving the issue they are now interested in.

If at all feasible, provide a discount for the product or service you’re marketing.

Do you have no clue where to begin with email marketing? Take a look at this.

This free course will teach you how to develop a freebie that sells and converts.

Marketing for Facebook Groups

To boost traffic for advertising items or services, you may advertise affiliate links in Facebook groups.

Make a Facebook account and then look for groups that enable you to promote your items. Join active communities and put the needs of the members first by answering queries, offering useful information, and so on. Promote your links when the time is perfect, and be sure to respect Facebook’s group guidelines.

Most Facebook groups, however, do not allow sharing or advertising links.

As a result, as a group owner, start your own Facebook Group. To acquire an appropriate audience, start promoting them in other groups, social media platforms, and on your blog.

Make sure you’re using keywords so that others may discover you on Facebook by searching for you.

You may start sharing and advertising links once you have members.

Yes, sharing links may make you money. The amount you earn is determined by the firm or program with which you are affiliated.

You will be compensated if someone clicks on one of your links.

You may get paid via direct deposit into your bank account, PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, check, and other methods. It is dependent on the organization with whom you work.

You may earn anywhere from $100 to over $10,000 each month depending on the technique you pick.

If you’re seeking for a way to supplement your income while working from home, being paid to distribute links is a possibility.

You’ll need an internet presence to provide you the chance to make a lot of money in this industry.

It isn’t simple job, and it takes time for your efforts to bear fruit.

If you’re up for a challenge, though, there are methods to get started right now!

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