Planning a summer family outing? These nine free games can help keep the little ones entertained for hours in between swings and slides.

The “fun games to play at the park with your friends” is a list of 9 fun games to play at The Park. These games are easy for kids, and they will help keep you entertained while you’re out and about.

9 Fun Games to Play at The Park With Kids

In the park for the afternoon? Here are nine entertaining park games for kids.

A trip to the park may offer smiles, laughing, and excitement for a pleasant day with the family. Children will not only have fun running around the playground, but they will also benefit from the fresh air and sunlight.

We like visiting to the park, but after a few minutes of playing, my children get bored. That is why having some fun activities to play in the park is usually a good idea to keep them outdoors for a bit longer.

For children, being outdoors is beneficial. Simply spending 20 minutes in the sun may enhance energy levels and give everyone with a healthy dosage of vitamin D. Nature has the ability to revitalize and nurture your spirit. The trick is to enjoy yourself while being outside. While being outdoors, playing games in the park is a terrific method to boost physical and cerebral activity.

So, if you’re going to the park, have a look at some amusing activities that your kids can do.

9 Park Games to Play With Your Kids


Have a great time!


A park is an excellent spot to bring a variety of balls to toss, kick, and throw because of the wide-open expanses. You can whip up a friendly game of HORSE on the basketball courts, where competitors take aim at the hoop and compete for the finest shots. Each player takes a turn attempting to make a basket. When a player scores, the following player attempts to replicate the shot. If this player misses the basket, he or she will be assigned a letter (“H,” for example). A player is also eliminated if they spell out the word “horse.”


Grab a ball and play a pick-up game of basketball, soccer, football, or kickball in the park. 


Square Four


Square Four is another fun game that you can play at the park. Many parks have Square Four courts sprayed in paint on the asphalt or concrete surfaces of the park. If yours does not, bring some sidewalk chalk and make your four-square court. Essentially, the four-square court is a large square divided into four equal boxes. If you are drawing your court with sidewalk chalk, a recommended size would be 5 feet x 5 feet.


Each square has four players, and one player starts by bouncing the ball once in his square and serving it to another player while staying inside the square’s border lines. The player who gets the ball then hits it to any other player, ensuring sure the ball stays inside the player’s square’s boundary lines. The ball is only permitted to bounce once. When the ball bounces twice in a player’s square or travels outside of a boundary line, the player is “out.”


In the Middle Monkey


This game may be played with a ball or a frisbee. First, the participants form a circle in which one member is designated as the “monkey.” The participants then throw a ball (or frisbee) back and forth across the circle to the opposing players. The “monkey” then attempts to intercept the ball. If the “monkey” catches the ball, he moves into the outside circle. After the ball is intercepted, the player who threw it becomes the “monkey” in the center.


Scotch with hops


It’s an age-old game that’s been played for generations. Your kids will appreciate a game of hopscotch in your local park, which is likely a childhood favorite. Several hopscotch courses are likely already drawn on the ground in your park. If not, you may draw your own using sidewalk chalk. As “markers,” you may throw stones or coins. Parents, be advised that if you play this game with your children, your balance may not be as stable as it once was!


Water Tag


Bring a couple water guns (or super soakers) to the park and get ready for a wet spin on tag! The majority of parks and playgrounds include public water faucets or restrooms where you may receive water quickly. Players will be able to “reload” their armament more easily if they are near water. This game is similar to conventional tag, except that participants take aim and attempt to tag one other with water squirts. Players that become soaked are “out,” and may either leave the game or remain frozen in place (as in freeze tag). The player who is blasted with water the last wins.


Balloons de l’eau


Playing with Balloons de l’eau is super fun. Playing with Balloons de l’eau in a park is even more fun! Most parks have more room to run around than your average backyard, making the playing field even more fun! Remember to bring a large supply to make this game last a long time. Of course, don’t forget to clean up all the balloons after playing this fun game in the park!


Obstacle Races


If you are familiar with the park, you may utilize the items there to create an obstacle course for your children. This is a great game to play during a children’s party. Set up a few more tires as well. Make it as enjoyable as possible. When other children in the park see how much fun the others are having, they will want to join in as well!


Treasure Hunt


This game may take a few minutes of pre-planning, but it is likely to be one of the favorite activities of the afternoon. To devise your Treasure Hunt, first, consider the ages of your children. You may want to give each child a list of things to find, or if your kids are not yet able to read, include a list of pictures of items that you want them to search for. Some ideas to include on the search list are:


– Leaf

– It’s an acorn

Butterfly –

– Bird

– Feather

Caterpillar –

Squirrel –

– Branch

– Flower


It also helps to come up with a prize for the Treasure Hunt winner. The prize could be something simple. Perhaps the winner gets to decide where to go for ice cream at the end of the park outing. This prize makes a smooth exit strategy when it comes time to leave the park. Who would argue with going out for a scoop of their favorite flavor of ice cream to cap off a satisfying afternoon at the park?

Tags of Every Kind

Tag is the classic children’s game. Everyone understands how to play, and everyone enjoys themselves. The game of tag has so many varieties that you can play them all (but not all at once!).

There you have it: a variety of children’s games and activities to enjoy while playing outside in your neighborhood park. Your kids will have a blast playing these entertaining park activities and will hopefully remember them fondly!



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The “it was fun playing in the park” is a blog post about 9 games that you can play with your kids at the park. The games range from ball tossing to scavenger hunts.

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