Don’t you just hate the cost of formula? It’s so expensive! Sure, you can just buy a pack of formula off the shelf, but at what price? An additional $3.00 on top of the $10.00 you pay for the bottle (or $20.00 if you opt for a bigger one)? Not only is this more than twice as expensive as buying a pack of formula off the shelf, but you can’t even get 40oz of formula for $10.00!

With so much to consider when looking to purchase formula for your baby, there are several things you may not know. One of these is that many types of formula are more expensive than you might think. If you’re looking to save money on baby formula, you should know about these 8 painless ways to reduce the cost of formula.

Babies are expensive, but breastfeeding for years after they are weaned can be expensive too. There are several ways to reduce the cost of formula, but finding out about them can be a challenge. Here are just a few of the things you can do to save money on formula.. Read more about money saving tips and let us know what you think.

word-image-5589 word-image-5590 word-image-5591 I don’t need to look for ways to lower the cost of breast milk, no parent has said that. Did you know that the cost of infant formula for one year is estimated at $1,642.50? This amount equates to about $31.50 per week for formula to feed the baby. word-image-5592 So I know it is very important to find ways to print the cost of formula for our children! The joy of parenthood is incredible, it’s wonderful, but nothing can prepare us for the cost of formula. For many parents, breastfeeding is not always possible and they resort to bottle feeding. Despite the high cost, there are ways to reduce the cost of bottle feeding your baby. Of course, if you’re breastfeeding, it’s $0.00, but for many moms, that’s not possible or desirable. And if you know parents who need help keeping down the cost of baby food, please share this article with them! This is also not a debate or condemnation since you breastfed and bottle fed your children. I even breastfed my only toddler until he was three! As I mentioned above, I didn’t always breastfeed my babies, and when I had my second baby, I realized how insane baby food prices are.  We were also in a difficult financial situation at the time and had to count our money. I was also a full-time working mom for my first two kids. I used this advice to reduce the cost of the formula, which saved us money. If you have everything lined up, you have saved a few hundred dollars. Baby food is a necessity and I still don’t understand why this product is so expensive; help should be available to all parents and children regardless of income! Keep in mind that these tips to save money and reduce the cost of bottle feeding are not for everyone. Children’s diets are different, and what worked for us may not work for your family. I wanted to give you some ideas to help you save money on baby food. Here are our best tips to help you save on the cost of baby food.

Receive these samples

Once you know you are pregnant, sign up for baby food samples. Encourage others to do the same. Friends and even other breastfeeding parents have given me their free samples. See these articles about saving money: Ask your pediatrician if they will give you free formula, and guess what, they will! Depending on how busy the pediatrician is and what happens in 2020, it’s likely he’ll have bottle feeding samples to hand out. Samples are a good way to stock up, and they can help you reduce the cost of bottle feeding. There’s nothing better than gifts!

Change of trade mark

The baby business is a business and I, like any parent, have fallen victim to many myths. One of the myths was that you had to stick to one brand and such, which I never learned to do. Doctors and hospitals get formula from the same company; this doesn’t mean you have to keep buying the same brand that the hospital gave you. When I used free samples to figure out which brand my son liked, I bought every mix of every other brand on sale so I never had to commit to one brand. If your son is being fed regular formula, use the cheapest brand you can find, sometimes store brands. We got checks from Wal-Mart to try their signature mix. One of their checks was for $15 for a box. Yes, the discount is $15, and formula costs about $20 for a jar of baby food, so I pay about $5! You can also go to Target, Sam’s Club and other stores to try their baby food.

Enrollment in premium programme

Once you know you’re pregnant, sign up for premium programs like Enfamil Family Beginnings, Earth’s Best, Similac and more. When you sign up, you’ll receive special offers like free samples, coupons and vouchers to help you save money.

Use these coupons and applications to get a discount.

You can also use manufacturer’s discount coupons to reduce the cost of breast milk. You can find coupons in your local newspaper and also print them online. These days, using discount apps is a great way to reduce the cost of a formula. Use discount apps to earn money and use that money, gift cards or points to buy baby food. Our favorite uses: You can also use these companies to get gift certificates to your favorite stores.

Memory on

Like everything else, baby food is on sale, and I recommend shopping around a bit to save money. Check out the weekly listings to see what dairy products are on sale this week. You can use coupons and vouchers to save maximum when you buy formula on sale. Yes, the rules add up; when it comes to coupons, they also apply to breast milk! You can always search for printable coupons here to save maximum. Amazon also offers infant formula, for which there are sometimes coupons. If you sign up for Subscribe & Save, you can save up to 15%!

Ask for help

Pride aside, if you need help, ask for it. Consider enrolling in the WIC program, which helps pay for breast milk. If you meet the income criteria, apply for the WIC program and see if you qualify. It’s not about what others think or your pride, it’s about nurturing your children.

Buy in bulk!

Is it worth buying in bulk? Personally, I think it’s possible if you don’t have time to shop and buy coupons that take time.  As I said about Amazon, a milk powder business becomes even more profitable here, because buying in bulk reduces costs, and the benefits of Subscribe & Save can bring those costs down even further.


Write to companies and ask for samples of their products. The worst that can happen is that they say no. Write them a very nice, detailed letter asking for samples or even more checks. Supplement We know that baby food is expensive, but we don’t have to pay full price when we have ways to reduce the cost of food. The above tips will help you save money, and those savings will grow. Free weekly budget planner for children

How can I reduce the cost of baby food?

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You’re probably spending more than you realize on formula. Here are eight ways you can cut costs:. Read more about money saving tips 2021 and let us know what you think.

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