The most interesting and weird facts about the world’s biggest economies. Some are sure to surprise you, while others will make your day!

The “75 of the world’s weirdest facts” is a list of 75 interesting, strange and bizarre facts. The article includes information on the top 10 most expensive animals in the world, what happened to Napoleon Bonaparte’s body after his death, and more.

The world, people, and even animals are strange. There are several strange mysteries about the world around you, as well as those in the skies, that you may not be aware of, from rules in Atlanta regarding tying up your giraffe to a rare metal that is secretly present in your blood. These 75 amazing and strange facts will teach you about the first movable historical monument, an elephant herd in grief, and more.

Coming your way: Weird facts

1. Minor tickling

Neuroscientists have learned that tickling makes rats giggle in what must be the sweetest scientific experiment ever.

2. Mosquitoes are more dangerous than you realize.

Scientists have found that mosquitoes pee on humans while eating on our blood in studies that are not even nearly as charming as tickling rats. They are looking for methods to stop it in order to limit the spread of illnesses like yellow fever and dengue fever.

3. Radiation from bananas

Interested in acquiring radioactive superpowers? Go for a banana! Bananas are even used to evaluate radiation exposures since they are extremely sluggishly radioactive. Banana Equivalent Dose is referred to as BED.

4. Intelligence

You would undoubtedly make a mistake if you were to determine which animal has 32 brains. Leeches, which have a brain in each of their 32 body segments, are the solution.

5. Elephants in mourning

Elephants may only have one brain, but they make some endearing uses of it. A whole herd of elephants showed up to “elephant whisperer” Lawrence Anthony’s home in a show of apparent grief after his passing.

6. The Saharan Snow


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It seems sense that snowfall is uncommon in the Sahara desert, one of the hottest and driest locations on Earth. In reality, there have only been a few snowfalls in recent memory, with the first being on February 18, 1979, the second in December 2016, and the most recent on January 9, 2018.

Chicken’s gender is 7.

According to research, one in ten thousand chickens are gynandromorphous, or half-male and half-female when they hatch. Bird cells vary from mammal cells in that they do not need hormonal programming, according to researchers from the Roslin Institute and the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. As a result, chicken cells may continue to be naturally either male or female. Based on the gender coding of the cells, a half-and-half chicken could have distinct plumage on one side than the other, as well as various body forms, muscles, and even wattle and spur structures.

Eight. Bird brain

A chicken that survived without the bulk of his head being connected to his body was the consequence of Farmer Lloyd Olsen’s failure to kill a rooster. From 1945 through 1947, this chicken made a name for itself by traveling the nation as Mike the Headless Wonder Chicken.

Apollo 11 9.

Everyone unintentionally records over their favorite cassettes, even NASA, as it turns out. Apollo 11’s original moonwalk film was presumably destroyed and then utilized to capture satellite data on new tapes. Oops!

The biological clock being reset

On participants’ knees’ backs, scientists conducted an experiment in which they shined a bright light. The light treatment “advanced or delayed [their] biological clocks up to three hours.”

11. Having a fish-filled bed

Whales and dolphins go above and beyond what it means to be “right-brained” or “left-brained.” They must allow one half of their brains to go to sleep at a time while the other half keeps them awake in order to take a snooze in the water.

converting water from air

Peru, one of the driest countries on earth, is located on the border of the Atacama Desert, where hundreds of thousands of people lack access to clean water. However, a group of technologists decided to use a billboard to fix that. The billboard converts atmospheric humidity into potable water.

13. The institution is older than Aztec culture


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There is a school that predates the Aztecs, who built Tenochtitlan in 1325. In 1249, the University of Oxford attained full university status.

Golden Boys 14. (and girls)

We all own a little amount of gold. The majority of the 0.2 milligrams of gold in the human body is found in the blood.

15. Low on gas

We’re out of gold, to speak of. The world’s remaining supply of readily mineable gold is probably limited to fewer than 15 years.

16. Well worth its feathers

One solution is to take a hint from the Aztecs, who placed a considerably higher value on feathers as gold became more difficult to mine.

17. Sneezing stops when you sleep

Sleeping makes it impossible to sneeze. During REM sleep, certain neurotransmitters really shut down, which prevents your brain from receiving the cue to sneeze.

18. Do you now hear me?

Eight 3G base stations, the tallest of which is at 17,000 feet, were erected in 2010 by a Nepalese telecom beside Mount Everest.

19-longest pregnancy in history

Beulah Hunter, who gave birth in 1945 after being pregnant for 375 days, or around 12.5 months, defied the standard pregnancy duration of 280 days.

20. Glass is raining?


Image: NASA & the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI).

It’s possible that even Captain Kirk would stay away from this blue planet. In 2013, scientists discovered a planet with a vivid blue color where “liquid glass may theoretically pour sideways amid 4,500 mph winds.” Yikes.

21. Take it easy

Would you prefer a day with more hours? The world is very, very slowly slowing down, so in only 140 million years, the length of a typical earth day may be 25 hours.

Tongue print 22.

Similar to a fingerprint, your tongue has a distinct “print.”

23. Losing

Don’t blame the pets for shedding. Approximately 600,000 skin flakes shed from an adult human per hour, making them prolific shedders. Humans shed 105 pounds of skin on average by the age of 70.

24. Very chilly

A particular kind of frog that permits itself to freeze every year lives in Alaska. The wood frog freezes two-thirds of its body water before thawing out in the spring and continuing to hop.

26. Parents-to-be

In seahorses, the male is the one who conceives and delivers birth. The male seahorse holds the fertilized eggs in a pouch until they are ready to be born after the mother seahorse lays her eggs inside of him.

27. The busiest mother ever

Feodor Vassilyev, who had 69 kids, was the most prolific mother in history. 16 sets of twins, 7 sets of triplets, and 4 sets of quadruplets were all born to her.

28. Hearing persists…

According to research, if you still have hearing when you die, it is the last sense to go.

Your bowels, however, do not.

Although every muscle in your body, including the ones that regulate your intestines, relaxes when you die, your ears may still be able to hear after you pass away. This sometimes causes the last bowel movement before passing away.

31. Do you have shivers yet?

You could be getting goosebumps from all this discussion about dying, but did you know that you can also feel goosebumps after you pass away? Rigor mortis is a tightening of the muscles that may give a corpse’s skin a goosebump-like look.

32. Diamonds in peanut butter

Okay, enough strange facts about death. Let’s move on to a topic that is more upbeat. Researchers discovered a way to transform peanut butter into diamonds. All they need is a pressure that is greater than the one found at the earth’s core. Simple, right?

fish farts

Like some adolescent guys, scientists believe that fish communicate via the loudness of their farts.

Well, that sucks, 34

A 13-year-old kid was detained for farting excessively in class in 2008. He “continually disturbed his educational environment,” according to the sheriff’s office, by purposefully flatulating.

35. Depression in primates

PTSD and sadness may affect chimpanzees. Chimpanzee anxiety and mental problems are real, and using them for research and confinement has ethical implications, according to a study.

36. Whale problems

When kept in captivity, orcas, often known as killer whales, exhibit indications of stress. They may attack and kill people, which is against their natural behavior, or their dorsal fin may collapse.

37. Become sour


Hotel De Sal Luna Salada, in picture

Bolivia has a salt-built hotel. That applies to the couches, dining tables, and beds.

38. A sweet escape


Photo: Spoke Art

Look no farther than San Francisco for something sweeter; a cake-based room was built by an artist there.

Gum prohibition (39).

Singapore outlawed chewing gum in 1992. This was in accordance with the nation’s stringent regulations against spitting, jaywalking, graffiti, littering, and other unkempt behaviors.

Hell freezes over, number 40


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Hell may ice over, and it often does. Norway in hell, that is. In the winter, the town of Hell, a small community, has lows of -13 degrees. Hell is the name of at least three additional places in the globe, one of which is in Michigan, two others are in the Netherlands (both of which freeze), and one is in the Cayman Islands (which doesn’t).

Man’s best…bride? 41

In India, a guy who attacked a couple of dogs years previously decided to marry a dog to break the curse.

42. A bread crumb

Before the invention of contemporary erasers, pencil markings had to be erased using rolled-up white bread by artists and others.

43. Dangerous Richter

Charles Richter, the inventor of the Richter scale, was a fascinating figure. He was an ardent nudist in addition to being a poet, Trekkie, and traveler. That ought should jolt everything.

44. A mouthwash with several uses

Today, we are aware of Listerine’s ability to keep our lips minty fresh. However, it has also been advertised in the past as a deodorant, a floor cleanser, a floor disinfectant, a hair tonic, and a remedy for dandruff.

45. A heartfelt demise

Honey bee males only mate once. The male bee’s endophallus is torn from his body when he finishes, his abdomen rips open, and the bee dies. Isn’t love wonderful?

47. Loveless

You’re not alone if it makes you want to avoid romantic relationships. The fear of falling in love or developing an emotional bond with another person is known as philophobia. Yes, it really exists.

47. Re-entering the game

Nintendo briefly participated in the dating game. In Japan, where such hotels are essentially rooms for hourly rental and come with elaborate themes, costumes, “toys,” food, and other amenities, the entertainment firm had a love hotel in the 1960s.

48. The top hangover remedy

Look no farther than Sprite for relief the next time you have a hangover. Scientists discovered that Sprite worked better than many other beverages and remedies to treat hangover symptoms.

49. Vintage face masks

Interesting ingredients for beauty masks in ancient Rome included placenta, dung, sulfur, sheepskin sweat, animal urine, powdered oyster shells, and bile.

50. One hand clapping sounds?

After his opponents began utilizing clapping as a means of protest, Belarusian tyrant Alexander Lukashenko made it illegal. Even Konstantin Kaplin, who only has one arm, was detained for clapping.

The paper house

In Rockport, Massachusetts, there is a home built entirely of newspaper, complete with a piano, a desk, and chairs made of paper.

A sun you can reach at number 52

NASA made the “Y-dwarf” discovery in 2011, which are stars that are even colder than the human body.

A brand-new name

The Dutch navigators who first set foot in Australia in the 17th century named it “New Holland.” Discover more bizarre Australian information.

Great Belize Blue Hole, No. 54


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The Great Belize Blue Hole, a sizable sinkhole off the coast of Belize, is an incredible 410 feet deep. This natural sinkhole is the deepest of its sort that is known.

Island of Dolls (55).


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The Island of Dolls, which is home to several scary dolls with missing eyes, limbs, and heads, is located just south of Mexico City. It was initially intended as a memorial to a little child who passed away unexpectedly.

What causes a kangaroo to hop? 56.

It seems to be the tail. If its tail is raised off the ground, a kangaroo cannot hop.

Bonus bounce (57).

Bonus kangaroo strange fact: They cannot hop backward regardless of whether their tail is on the ground.

“Pure” science

It is said that Isaac Newton passed away a virgin since he never wed.

59. Arrested while naked

In his own house, a guy was detained for being nude. He was detained, according to the police, because someone spotted him and reported him, and “officers felt he intended to be seen by the public nude,” they claimed.

Hippo milk, no. 60

Want to learn more bizarre animal facts? Hippos feed their young using milk that is vivid pink. The distinctive hue is caused by specific acids that the hippo secretes.

Sixty-one. Dying of laughter

One of the few persons who have genuinely passed away from laughing is the stoic philosopher Chrysippus. According to legend, Jesus exclaimed, “Now give the donkey a pure wine to wash down the figs!” when he observed a donkey munching on a fig. He then passed away while cracking himself up.

Quacking up, 62.

Anatidaephobia is the worry that a goose or duck is looking at you from someplace in the globe.

63. Clever dodger

Pablo Picasso was one of the suspects when the Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre in 1911.

64. Stable plastics

Since plastic takes 500–1,000 years to decompose, almost every item ever produced is still in existence.

65. Purely trashy

Unfortunately, a lot of that plastic has found its way to the ocean. Plastic makes up around 90% of the debris on the ocean’s surface. For every square mile of water, there are around 46,000 pieces of plastic.

The common potato

The common potato was highly revered by the Incas. They could use them to cure wounds and facilitate childbirth and store them as a mush for up to ten years.

An Unholy See of Crime (#67)


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The Catholic church’s headquarters, Vatican City, has the highest global crime rate. Its limited population and high rate of tourists are probably to blame for this.

Ching Shih, who rose from being a prostitute to commanding the Red Flag Fleet, a confederation of more than 600 ships and 50,000–70,000 pirates, was one of the most formidable pirate lords of all time.

69. Rude cat

Thai police are required to wear a pink Hello Kitty wristband if they disobey orders.

Seventy. Sharp sheep

More intelligent than we give them credit for, sheep. Researchers discovered that they could teach sheep to identify people in pictures.

“Sex in a box”

More than one person had their knickers in a twist when the game Twister was released. With hesitation, Milton-Bradley released the game, and one of its rivals immediately accused them of peddling “sex in a box.”

Just beat it, 72.


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Indigenous tribes in the Andes of Bolivia celebrate tinku, a multi-day celebration of bloody fistfights, every May.

Volcano surfing

Some people have taken up the dangerous sport of “volcano surfing,” which involves hurtling down volcanoes’ slopes at speeds of up to 56 mph.

74. Nothing to chuckle about

In Alabama, it is unlawful to enter a church while sporting a false mustache that makes others laugh. It seems that more serious fake mustaches that don’t make people chuckle are acceptable.

And giraffes, perhaps?

Here is another another peculiar legislation. It’s against the law to fasten a giraffe to a telephone pole or street light in Atlanta, Georgia. Therefore, Bucko, tie your giraffes up elsewhere.

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