While the vast majority of startups along the tech sector have been funded by VCs, a number of companies are now looking to change that, offering startups the chance to sell ideas in exchange for cash, shares, or other rewards. Here are 36 companies that will be offering to pay for ideas and inventions in 2021.

In the seventh year of the 21st century, the world saw a number of new products and services emerge in the market, which was accompanied with the idea of ​​sharing one’s ideas and inventions. This led to the idea of ​​paying for ideas and inventions in return for rewards. This idea was inspiring a group of 36 companies that have been paying people for the ideas and inventions.

Say you are an inventor and/or innovator. What steps do you take to protect your intellectual property? How do you make sure that you get paid for your work? What types of companies pay for new ideas and inventions?

We naturally look for ways to make things simpler or more efficient throughout our lives. This prompts ideas for how to make this new concept something that everyone can benefit from. There are businesses that pay for ideas and can get your innovation in front of the appropriate people in situations like these.

As a mother, I’m sure there are hundreds of ideas I’ve had for making life simpler or making my children happy. Pet Rocks, the upside-down ketchup bottle, slap bracelets, and Chia Pets are just a few examples of successful inventions that have made inventors wealthy.

Keep your brilliant innovation or business concept to yourself. To be compensated for your ideas, start with the appropriate business. Now is the ideal moment to begin bringing your ideas to reality. Take a peek at these businesses who are interested in purchasing your innovation concepts.

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Before you are paid for your idea, there are a few things you need do.

Consider these procedures before submitting your million-dollar concept somewhere.

Examine the Possibilities of Putting Your Own Idea into Action

If you have a good business concept, no matter what it is, you should think about how you can make it happen on your own. By carrying it out yourself, you may be able to make more money. Invention firms that purchase ideas will only pay you a fraction of what you might make over the course of your life.

Consider utilizing Fiverr to hire an app developer, a website designer, or another third party to help you bring your concept to reality.

Before deciding on a company that buys ideas, consider your options.

Always read the fine print, since certain businesses may have stringent exclusivity policies. It’s possible that you won’t be able to submit the same innovation or business concept to more than one company.

Before you share your idea, think about getting a patent.

The owner of intellectual property may use a patent to prevent others from producing it. It distinguishes the property. Before you share an idea with a business, a patent may help you protect your rights to it.

Only totally original ideas are eligible for a patent.

36 Legitimate Companies That Purchase ConceptsMan and woman placing sticky notes with ideas on glass


There are a plethora of businesses who purchase ideas. Consider submitting your concept to one of these businesses that pay for ideas.

City of Invention

Invention City is dedicated to assisting innovators in realizing their visions. To begin, you must fill out a private application and pay a $95 charge to have your concept evaluated. The business enters into a “net sales” license arrangement, which means your concept earns you 5% of the company’s sales in royalties.

Over the years, Invention City has accepted a wide range of concepts, including a travel mug, a tofu cooking attachment, a lint roller, a health and beauty accessory for lips, and more. Submit your innovation concept through the internet.

Design Concepts

Design Ideas is a one-of-a-kind company that compensates for creative ideas. This business specializes on assisting others in bringing their ideas to reality. Design Ideas takes pride in combining unusual ideas with cutting-edge technology in a number of areas. It is well-known for its work in BioDesign and NASA. Inquire with the Design Ideas team about submitting your concept.

Innovations by All-Stars

The Snuggie, Magic Mesh Hands-Free Screen Door, and Debbie Meyer Green Bags are just a few of the products that All Star Innovations has helped customers bring to life. To submit your product concept to the business, go through the four-step application procedure. Please keep in mind that the form is time-sensitive.


Bosch is a technology firm that focuses on goods and services. It welcomes new ideas for smart homes, as well as other technology and software-related services and products.

From the first inspection to encouraging cooperation, the procedure may take up to eight weeks. Payment will vary depending on which ideas are chosen and implemented. To begin the submission process, choose the best choice on the innovations page.

Image that is clearer

Sharper Image is renowned for high-tech home and lifestyle gadgets, air purifiers, and other consumer products. [email protected] is the email address for submitting ideas. In your email, include a description of your product, a video or picture of it, information about who it is presently being sold with (if relevant), and your name and phone number. A 14-day follow-up period is in place.

Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble (P&G) is known for household goods for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and even the laundry room. Its products are known for keeping the household life simple.

P&G accepts ideas on an as-needed basis, meaning it will post the type of innovative ideas it is looking for. There is a separate section to submit an idea that is different from what is posted to keep on-hand for possible future use. Submit your idea through the company’s application page.

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Hyde Instruments

Hyde Tools is renowned for its wide range of tools, which include anything from paint brushes to putty knives and even dust-free gloves to assist customers with their home tasks. Hyde is looking for hand tool innovations for contractors and DIYers. If your innovation falls within those categories, fill out an online application to be considered.

The Hillman Group is a firm that specializes in the

Hillman Group works with hardware shops to stock their shelves with long-lasting, high-quality goods from companies like Gorilla Grip, PowerPro, Minute Key, and others. Electrical, plumbing, fasteners, and other hardware are among the items sold by Hillman Group.

One of the top businesses that pays for ideas is Hillman Group. Inquire about concept submissions by contacting Hillman Group.

Weasel in the Garden

Garden Weasel develops tools that make gardening more convenient. Hand tools, weeders, edgers, and even thermometers are among the items available. To submit a garden-related concept to the business, go to the contact page. 


Wilson is renowned for everything sports-related, from men’s and women’s sportswear to sports equipment for almost every sport. Wilson welcomes concept submissions aimed at improving sports and the industry as a whole. Fill out the online form to submit your proposal.


Rico is a business that offers novelty products and gifts related to sports. Products vary from favorite sports team car accessories to tailgate party necessities and home and workplace décor. To make sure you’re submitting an idea the correct manner, see the Rico New Product Submission guide. Rico gets compensated for each product concept he pursues based on the value it provides, which is unique to each idea.

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Under Armour is a sportswear brand owned by Under Arm

Under Armour focuses on creating active sportswear for athletes. To begin the process of submitting your concept for the next big thing in activewear, create a new user account. Every 4-6 weeks, Under Armour evaluates submissions.


Escalade is a sports products business that specializes in table tennis, archery, and other outdoor activities for people of all ages. It should be included to your list of businesses that pay for creative ideas. Fill out the Escalade online application with the specifics of your concept.

Nautilus, Inc. is a company based in the United States.

Treadmills and stationary cycles are among the products that Nautilus, Inc. creates and manufactures. The business welcomes patented or patent-pending concept submissions related to keeping consumers inspired and energetic to exercise. To submit your proposal, follow the steps below.


Henkel is a chemical and consumer goods business that makes products for beauty, laundry, and home care. It’s also renowned for cutting-edge adhesive technologies including sealants, functional coatings, and other sticky requirements. Henkel welcomes patentable ideas through a submission form on their website. Ideas should fit into one of three categories: laundry and home care, beauty care, or adhesive technology.


3M is a prominent participant in the idea-paying industry. It is renowned for health care and consumer goods items such as medical equipment, adhesives, and household products that help people live better lives.

The business welcomes patentable product idea submissions that fit within its goal of applying science to everyday life. To submit your proposal for consideration, fill out the online submission form. Because 3M is not obliged to respond to idea submissions, you may not get a response.

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Home Solutions by Jokari

Jokari Home Solutions is a business dedicated to bringing joy into people’s homes while also saving them money. It is renowned for goods such as the Jokari Paddleball Game Set, the Fizz Keeper for soda bottles, personal care items, cleaning supplies, and a range of other home-related items.

It’s on the hunt for the next big thing in home solutions. To contact a representative about submitting an idea to the business, fill out the confidential form online, send an email, or phone.


Unilever is one of the most innovative businesses in the world. It creates goods that are beneficial to one’s lifestyle and home life, such as Dove, Knorr, and Lipton. Use the submission site to be rewarded for ideas that address Unilever’s technological WANTs and problems, or if you’re a published patent applicant with technology that may be of interest to Unilever.

General Mills is a company that produces cereals.

This business is devoted to agriculture and creating items that assist farmers in producing nutritious food while also using environmentally friendly technologies. Yoplait, Nature Valley, and even Tyson pet treats are among the companies with which the business has partnered. General Mills offers a dedicated webpage where you may submit a technology-based concept.


Tovolo is renowned for producing kitchen goods such as cleaning tools, meal prep items, baking, and beverage products, among other things. Its goal is to make the time you spend in the kitchen more enjoyable for you.

To submit an idea request, call or contact Tovolo. To submit, you must be at least 18 years old. Tovolo exclusively accepts patented concepts.

Customized Products

Tailor Made Products is renowned for producing high-quality cookware and other home goods. Use the contact form or give us a call to speak with a representative about your idea submission question.

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Products that are simple to use

In 2019, this business merged with Dish Matic to provide home cleaning products focused on keeping the kitchen clean with new dish supplies. Fill out the Let’s Talk form to ask about possibilities to market your concept if it fits with the company’s goal of making it easier for families to clean their dishes.


OXO is a business committed to making life simpler in the kitchen by creating tools that make cutting fruit easier, making child meal times easier, and creating safer containers with less mess. Choose the form of communication that best suits your requirements and submit an enquiry to Oxo about your concept.

Brands of Architects

Architec Brands is a kitchen manufacturer dedicated to creating items that make cooking and food preparation simpler. Architec has everything you need in the kitchen, from bistro bowls to cutting boards, colanders, and more. Use the Get in Touch form to submit your query if your concept is related to kitchenware.


Eco-Products manufactures biodegradable, environmentally friendly disposable cutlery and tableware. Things like wooden stir straws, cups, buckets, and plates are among the items available. If your concept involves developing single-use goods, submit it using the online application form.

Play with a Goal in Mind

Play with a Purpose is committed to developing items that allow children to have fun while learning about the world. The items range from playgrounds to active play devices to furniture, all of which contribute to a pleasant learning environment.

Use the online contact form to get started with submitting your idea. Original ideas that might help the professional community are accepted by Play with a Purpose.

Kids with Creativity

Through exciting, engaging activities, Creative Kids creates items that help children learn, grow, and experience creativity. The items are made in an arts and crafts style. To begin the online application and submit your basic concept for a new product, go to the ‘Inventors’ page. If your concept fits into one of the company’s areas, you will be contacted.

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Hasbro is committed to providing children of all ages and abilities with innovative and interesting games, toys, and technology. Dolls, action figures, toys, and other family favorites are among the items available.

Hasbro highly advises that you read the submission conditions before submitting your concept. If you still want to continue, complete the online form in three stages to have your proposal evaluated.


The Go Go Bird, the Hyper Strike, and the KlikBot are examples of Zing’s high-action toys that encourage youngsters to remain active. Simply fill out the application form with an overview of your proposal for consideration. To leave a lasting impact on youngsters, ideas must match the company’s present vibe.

Toys for Fat Brains

One of the businesses that pays for toy and game-related ideas is Fat Brain Toys. It creates toys for little children as early as infancy. Use the submission page to learn more about the rules for submitting an idea.

Technologies for Workplace Safety

Worksafe Technologies sells solutions that assist companies safeguard their workplaces against earthquakes so they can recover more quickly. To find out when concept submissions will be accessible and how to submit, contact the headquarters.


BD is a healthcare safety and technology business that collaborates with doctors and nurses to develop solutions that improve medical research and clinical labs. This business is on the lookout for innovative health-related concepts. Take a look at the idea submission booklet to learn about the rules and how to follow them.

Gifts from the Oak Patch

Oak Patch Gifts has a wide selection of one-of-a-kind gifts with good messages. Oak Patch offers a present for almost every occasion, from coffee mugs to flip flops to baby onesies and more. To enquire about submitting an idea, use the contact form to contact the business directly.

Joseph Enterprises (Joseph Enterprises)

The renowned Chia Pet is produced by Joseph Enterprises. Star Wars, cartoons, and celebrity Chia Pets have all been family favorites in recent years. Submit your question using one of the ways provided on the contact page if you have a Chia Pet or another home improvement suggestion.

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Crown is a market leader in the beverage, transportation, and food packaging industries. Its objectives include reducing food waste and extending the shelf life of products via creative packaging.

Crown is interested in a variety of topics, including ways to enhance production, extend shelf life, and create more environmentally friendly packaging. Use the online form to submit your concept to the business. Within 30 days, you should get a response.

Dorman Products, Inc. is a company that manufactures and sells a variety

Dorman Products, Inc. is all about repairing automobiles and trucks in novel ways to make repairs easier for vehicle owners and installers. The Doorman Products catalog includes items such as door locks, air suspension, hybrid batteries, transmission lines, and more. Start with the online application for consideration if your innovative concept involves automobiles.

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Don’t Let Someone Else Steal Your Profitable Idea

Because they are based on our experiences and thinking processes, each of our ideas seems to be unique. It may even seem to be the greatest idea ever!

However, don’t keep that concept for too long since someone else may come up with something similar. Nothing is more frustrating than believing you have a million-dollar idea only to have it stolen by someone who moved faster than you and is now profiting handsomely from it.

Take action right now and pick one of these businesses that purchase ideas to get your concept in front of the right people. Your concept may become a large money-making potential with the appropriate business and a few changes here and there.

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In the world of innovation, the boundaries between business and “non” business are becoming increasingly blurred. Innovation is being viewed not only as a way to better the lives of consumers, but also as an increasingly profitable business practice.. Read more about companies that pay for invention ideas in south africa and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there companies that pay for ideas?

Yes, there are companies that pay for ideas.

Can you get paid for invention ideas?

Yes, you can get paid for invention ideas.

How do I sell my invention idea to a company?

In order to sell your invention idea, you will need to create a patent application. This can be done through the United States Patent and Trademark Office website.

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