Consignment shops  are popping up all over the place. They allow you to sell all of your used clothing and accessories, and in most cases you can walk out the door with cash. If you are in the market for a new high-end designer handbag, for example, a consignment shop is a great way to save money.  You can sell your current handbag, and then use the money you get from the sale to buy a new one. You’ll keep your old handbag, and you’ll still get to enjoy it.

The best consignment shops near me are a great place to sell your clothes, handmade crafts, and collectables when you have no other choice than to sell them. Some are seasonal, some are year-round; some pay you cash, others are consignment shops that only accept items on consignment. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the 30 best consignment shops near you, along with their opening hours, directions, and contact information. Keep an eye out for a consignment shop that best fits your needs.

You should consider a consignment shop if you’re selling something valuable but can’t afford to go through an auction process. You’ll need to create a consignment contract with the seller, and you should expect to pay them a flat percentage of the final sale price.  You’ll also need to set a timeline for the item to be sold, and the store will hold onto the item until the pre-determined time expires. If the item sells, you’ll pay the seller a pre-negotiated percentage of the profits. If the item doesn’t sell, the seller has the option to sell it back to you, or you can accept a refund of the store’

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7. Trading option

Many consignment shops offer sellers the opportunity to obtain store credit at a rate higher than the cash value of the items sold. If you decide not to take cash, you might be able to buy $50 worth of items worth $60. Because consignment shops sell a wide variety of items, you can trade in your child’s used items for furniture you really like. The possibilities are endless.

Why buy on consignment?

1. Low prices

We have to deal with it. We are all looking for bargains and trying to save our wallets. Consignment shops are a good option to buy quality items at low prices. And that’s why consignment shops are becoming increasingly popular. According to a report by The Shelf, thrift store shopping is no longer limited to low-income people and grandmothers….. Everybody does it!

2. Regular replenishment of stocks

Consignment shops receive new goods every day. Buyers can therefore choose from a wide range of options. Plus, there’s always something new to see here. You may not have gotten what you wanted yesterday, but it’s worth giving them another chance before you pay full price at the department store. word-image-3611

3. Branded and fashion goods

Consignment shops sell what they get. These items were once personal belongings of the former owners. Technically, as long as you don’t buy them, they remain the personal property of the original owner. These stores can be a gold mine, filled with treasures from well-known brands. In addition, retailers filter the products they receive to keep them trendy and seasonal. The last thing a store owner wants is a store full of unwanted items, which is why they keep the trendy, hip items.

4. Good quality genuine article

Traders don’t accept garbage. The items must be of good quality. It is a safe option for the buyer to go to the store and be assured of getting a good quality product.

5. Unique products

Department stores can seem dull because they are filled with aisles that seem like a maze of identical, boring merchandise. The consignment shops are littered with shaped diamonds. You never know what you might run into! word-image-3612

7. Aid to small enterprises

Personally, I’m a big believer in small businesses. Small businesses are mothers and fathers trying to support themselves and send their children to college. This gives them the opportunity to sell much more than give their money to the industry giants!

8. Contribute to environmental protection

The more we reduce waste and reuse items, the less waste ends up in landfill. Supporting consignment shops helps prevent these items from becoming waste.

Online consignment shop vs. real shop (bricks and mortar)

Now that you understand how consignment shops work, you need to choose the right type. If you’re looking for the best consignment shops near me, you’re probably interested in the shop itself. But before you make a final decision, you need to know the difference between the two. There are two broad categories of consignment transactions: Online consignment shop or traditional brick-and-mortar store. As you already know, the brick and mortar store is the typical neighborhood store with a real physical location. This business is a proven concept that has an address and a front door. Recently, online consignment shops have become increasingly popular. If you want, you can set up a website and your own online forum to buy and sell goods using the consignment model. However, there are many online sites and applications that specialize in this. All you have to do is choose an organization that specializes in the kind of product you have and meet their requirements. Depending on the nature of your items and whether you are a seller, special considerations such as extra packaging for fragile items may be required, as you are responsible for shipping. If you think an online clothing store is better for you, check out the list below! word-image-3613

Best online mail order companies near me

Poshmark – Poshmark is a leading online retailer specializing in fashion apparel, shoes and accessories. OfferUp – OfferUp gives you the ability to buy or sell almost anything. They even came up with a special plan to help individuals in the real estate business by offering special packages to sell homes faster. Trove – Trove is a great option if you want to get rid of your clutter or buy high-quality, second-hand clothing, shoes and household items. Carousell – Carousell specializes in everything. It provides a forum for buyers and sellers to negotiate and complete transactions, such as buying or selling used clothing. Grailed – Grailed is the world’s largest online retailer of menswear. thredUP – ThredUp is a great way to buy or sell quality clothing, shoes and accessories at great prices. Vinted – Vinted is an alternative way to buy or sell used clothing, shoes and accessories. Re-SEE Re-SEE is a stylish online platform specializing in fashion clothing and accessories, vintage items and even collectible books. LePrix – Purchase and sale of clothing and accessories, provided they are designer brands. Depop – Buy and sell unique fashion items and accessories. Depop aims to create and sustain a bold and artistic marketplace. The RealReal If you are looking for luxury goods to buy or sell, The RealReal is the place for you. Buying or selling second-hand, branded clothing, accessories, art and household goods Worthy is a fast and secure way to buy or sell jewelry online. The website does all the work and you are guaranteed to get the best price for your items when you sell them at auction. Chairish – Looking for stylish interior decoration, furniture and accessories? Look in the seat. Vestiaire Collective – Vestiaire Collective is an online retailer of chic women’s and men’s clothing, art and lifestyle accessories. Rebag – Rebag is the website or app you visit when you want to buy or sell used designer handbags, watches and accessories. Tradesy – Tradesy is a platform for elegant objects. Buying or selling branded clothing, handbags, shoes and wedding accessories. Mercari – Mercari is a popular website where you can buy all kinds of products, such as clothing, art, sporting goods and electronics. Everything but the house and its application is an online auction house specializing in home furnishings and furniture. You can put just about anything on the list, because we’re talking fashion accessories, toys, outdoor equipment and even cars. eBay – eBay is the guest of honor of this post and is probably the pioneer of the whole concept of buying and selling used goods. Basically, you can buy or sell almost anything on eBay, no matter what condition it’s in. LetGo – For those of you who remember the LetGo commercials: LetGo was acquired by OfferUp in 2020.   word-image-3614 word-image-3615

Now that we’ve listed the best online consignment shops, if you’re still interested in physical consignment shops, here’s a list of the best and most popular! If you’re using our consignment store locator above to find the best consignment stores near me, see if you can find any of the stores below on your map! word-image-3616 Buffalo Exchange – Buffalo Exchange, with about 50 branches in 19 states, is probably the flagship brick-and-mortar consignment shop. They specialise in the sale of second-hand clothing, jewellery and accessories, with a preference for designer brands. Priority is always given to trendy and seasonal items to keep the shelves up-to-date. Plato’s Closet , a franchise for reselling teen clothing, #1 in Entrepreneur magazine. Plato’s Closet operates throughout the United States, specializing in the sale of clothing, shoes and accessories for teens and young adults. They focus on the brands and styles that are fashionable in this age group. Style Encore – Style Encore has several stores across the United States and specializes in stylish, current and second-hand clothing, shoes and accessories. Crossroads Trading – Crossroads Trading is also a licensed consignment warehouse that is very similar in structure to Buffalo Exchange. They also have a penchant for designer brands and generally wear fashion clothing, shoes and accessories of good quality. The Wasteland – The Wasteland is similar to Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads Trading, but only operates in the state of California. If you live in California, you should definitely try them. Beacon’s Closet – Popular and fashionable adult clothing, shoes and accessories, located in New York City. Awoke Vintage – If you want to buy or sell used vintage clothing, you should stop by Awoke Vintage when we are in New York State. Once Upon a Child – Specializing in children’s clothing, shoes, toys and accessories, this consignment shop is a great option for parents looking for baby items. Sort through your child’s wardrobe and fill it with current pieces, One Upon a Child is a great option. If you are looking to buy or sell used music equipment, please visit Music Go Round or Guitar Center. If you are looking for outdoor equipment and sporting goods, Play it Again Sports is a good place for you.

Rules for consignment shops

Now that you know how consignment shops work, here are two golden rules to follow when buying or selling used items. After all, saving money is the goal and living frugally is the game! Don’t buy if you don’t sell in store anymore – Make it a personal rule. You can buy or trade multiple items, but only after you’ve sold the most valuable item in the store! This keeps your wardrobe under control, as it’s easy to overload your closet with items you never wear or use. Get your stuff in order – Filter your stuff, wash it, clean it and sort it. If they are scratched or slightly cracked, try to repair them. The only way to avoid throwing them away or to get the best price for them is to keep them in good condition. word-image-3617

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Latest thoughts on consignment shops near me

Now you know everything you need to know about how to make and save money with consignment shops, both online and locally. Do you usually sell or buy at thrift stores? Do you have any tips for bonuses? Share it with us in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

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30 best consignment shops near me to make and save money

A consignment shop is a shop that pays you for items that you bring in. You can sell most clothing, including shoes and handbags, as well as household items, accessories, toys, and baby products. (And no, you don’t have to be pregnant or have kids to participate!) The consignment shop will sell your items and give you a portion of the money made selling them. You also get to shop at the consignment shop for a great selection of items for yourself!. Read more about consignment shops cincinnati and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What consignment store pays the most?

Contrary to popular belief, most consignment shops are not secondhand stores. A consignment store is a shop where the employees don’t buy anything and are paid on commission. The big difference between a consignment shop and a thrift store is that in a consignment shop, the store owners do not pay a dime for the item. They accept it on consignment and sell it for a percentage of the sale. The rest of the profit is distributed between the seller and the store owner. Maybe you’re an avid thrifter, a mom that needs to quickly reduce the clutter in your house, or a professional reseller that scours the country for deals. Whatever your reason for shopping consignment, you want to know which stores pay the most. Unfortunately, there is no one answer, because different stores pay different amounts and have different policies.  Most consignment stores will pay you a flat rate for your items, so the amount you get will depend on the current value of your items and the store’s payment rate. For example, if a store only pays 25 cents per pound, then a bag of clothes that weighs 5 pounds will get you $1.25.  On the other hand

What percentage do consignment stores usually take?

It’s hard to find good deals with many brands charging upwards of $300 for their items. If you’re a bargain shopper, you might be interested in making the switch to consignment stores. They take unsold items from other brands and sell them at a discounted price. The catch? You have to wait to see if the items sell. Of course, you can always try to sell your own items to the store. (If you do, you’ll be able to make more money.) Consignment stores have been around for hundreds of years, but over the last decade they’ve grown into a multi-billion dollar industry that takes in over $38 billion a year in the United States alone ( (The store-owners) bookkeeping is fairly straightforward: they’ll either take a flat fee for the item, or a percentage of what they sell it for, and they’ll provide a donation receipt for your donation. The fee percentage is usually 25% or even 30%, but you can sometimes catch a deal for 20% or even 0%.

Are consignment stores profitable?

When the recession made itself known in 2008 and all avenues seemed to have dried up, many people turned to consignment shops for their clothing needs. In a time where people were losing their jobs and downsizing their purchases, it seemed like a viable option. While it is true that there are many consignment shops that operate in a manner that turns a healthy profit, it is also true that there are far too many that sadly are operating at a loss. There are many reasons to start a consignment store, but many people start because they think it is an easy way to make money. However, many people find out it is not as profitable as they thought. In fact, many consignment stores are not profitable at all. Whether you are considering starting a consignment business, or you are already running one, it is important to know how much money you can make with a consignment store.

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