You might think the way you save money is more effective than the way your neighbor does, and it very well might be. But there’s no guarantee your savings strategy isn’t missing out on some free money you can get simply by signing up for newsletters and other free offers. Signing up for a variety of freebies is the smart way to save money, and there are plenty of sites out there that can help you find the best freebies that are right for you.

When you want freebies, and freebies you shall receive. There are a bunch of sites out there that will send you some free stuff to try out. All you have to do is pay a few shipping charges and you’ve saved a ton of money. Some of them are companies that are trying to make a sample of their product go viral, while others are just trying to get you to see if you like their product enough to buy it.

The Internet is so vast, it’s easy to miss things. While the Web is loaded with countless freebies, most of them are bogus. The good news is you can easily find freebies that are legit if you know where to look for them. Here are 20 of the best freebie websites that will send you a plethora of freebies to your home.

word-image-4065 word-image-4066 Written by Norm Tedford Last updated: 15. May 2021 Disclosure: This article may contain affiliate links. We may receive a commission if you click on it, but there is no additional cost to you. For more information, please read our privacy policy.

Do you want to earn extra money?

Do you just love getting tons of free stuff? If getting a gift is like an internet cafe to you, read this article to get what you’ve been dreaming of. You’ll learn how to turn the free gifts that land in your inbox into a steady stream of miracles. Free is one of the most beautiful words in the English language. There are many sites on the internet where you can satisfy your thirst for free items of all kinds. Free samples allow you to try out a new product before spending money on a full version. Getting things you don’t have to pay for is like Christmas every day! Remember, you don’t get rich by sending out free prizes. No one is going to give you a free 2021 Tesla Model Y. But you get a lot of other things that are good for you without paying a cent. This can make you look forward to receiving your mailbox like you haven’t in years! Free gifts are a boon to manufacturing companies and buyers. In fact, you get a fantastic gift and the merchant may encourage you to try one of their products. They hope that once you have tried their products, you will decide to buy the full version. There are many similar offers in cyberspace – you just have to know where to look. And in this article, I tell you EXACTLY where to look. You will also get tips, tricks and hints that will make your search for free products much more productive. But you have to hurry, because many offers are only valid for a limited time!

Some advice for diving

Before you start looking for free stuff online, create an online account separate from your main account, in case you get bombarded with spam. First, you need to create a separate email address from your main account, to which you can send all free prizes. That way you won’t receive spam on your regular account, which can be problematic (to say the least). Another thing that you should do is to read the reviews of people who have received the same free promotion that you want to receive. Depending on what you read, you may change your mind, as some of these suggestions may come in for terrible criticism.

1. Freeflys

When you visit Freeflys, you think you’ve died and gone to free heaven. This website is so successful that it was even featured on the Today show. Indeed, this fantastic company scours every corner of cyberspace to find great free offers especially for you. They collect the best of these finds and then offer them to you in bulk. You’re lucky! Samples include shampoo, coffee, cosmetics, candy, over-the-counter drugs and hundreds of other products. Whatever free sample you want, you can find it on this page. There are literally thousands of free goodies in dozens of categories for your enjoyment! And the site is constantly updated as they discover new products.

2. Bzz Agent

At Bzz Agent, you help companies by actively participating in social media campaigns to create buzz around the products you are trying out. To start receiving an endless stream of great gifts, create a free membership on their website. Then fill in the forms. This way you can find out what interests you and what products you use regularly. If they understand you, they will send you gifts galore. Then you should give your honest opinion on these products. If you like to enjoy a real smorgasbord of free gifts and share your thoughts on them on social media, you’ll love this site.

3. Hey, it’s free!

Hey, it’s free! – is a world-renowned site dedicated to finding the best possible freebies. They sift through all the spam that clogs the internet to find real free offers that shine like diamonds among all the garbage. On the home page of the site, you will find a blog with a list of all the free prizes and information on how to get your free prize. The author of this blog is a real comic genius, and his humor makes the site very interesting. However, you don’t have to go through all the blog posts if you are looking for a specific free promotion. Instead, you can use the search bar at the top right of the page or go directly to the TOP FREEBIES tab. The day I checked them out, I found deals on the fruit snack brand That’s It, a vegan starter kit, a Charmin toilet roll extender, and many more great things!

4. Sweet Free Stuff

Sweet Free Stuff’s mission is to be the number one source of legitimate free gifts that make you happy. Therefore, the people who run the site are exhausted from constantly updating the site with the latest free killer offers. Reap the benefits of their work and sign up for these great deals today! If you enter your email address, you will receive their newsletter with many free offers. I was looking forward to reading it. When I did, I was not disappointed. Below I saw a suggestion for Anthelios 60 Melt-In Sunscreen. This is a brand I’ve never heard of, but hey! It sounds very posh. And since I’m outside a lot in the summer, I could use some sunscreen. So this product is definitely something I can use. Free samples of Emergenc-C are also available from the site. When I was younger, I drank a lot of it because it was much healthier than coffee or energy drinks. Go to the website as soon as possible to see if this offer is still available!

5. is another great website where you can get tons of free samples in categories like books, food, cosmetics and pet products. To make sure you get the best deals before anyone else does, sign up for the mailing list. Moreover, in these useful newsletters you will get enough tips, tricks and hints to make it worthwhile. The site also has a well-written blog that reports on some of the more incredible discoveries. When I looked at their website, I saw some great deals. This included a free gallon of paint at a Kelly Moore store, a free sample of Take-Off glue remover and Dylon Color Catcher wax sheets.

6. Full free items

Totally Free Stuff is an old site by internet standards, and has been around since 1998. For cyberspace, it’s practically the Stone Age. This user-friendly site has an intrinsically simple design. When you arrive at the homepage, you will find a simple list of the latest free offers. You can scroll through the list or click to go to one of the specific categories with free offers. The site also has an incredibly useful forum where people can discuss the avalanche of free stuff they use. You will be able to see which are bombshells and which are nothing, so you won’t waste a minute of your precious time.

7. Search for free items

Free Stuff Finder is a comprehensive and exceptionally well designed website. And the ease of use is exceptional! You’ll find great back-to-school deals and a large database of coupons. There are even videos on how to improve your couponing skills. I love that this site was created by a hard working woman and mother. She loves helping people save money while having a better life. If you want to read an incredibly cool story, check out their homepage. She also has great photos of all the free gifts she has received over the years. The photos prove that this gift finder really knows what she’s doing when it comes to finding free stuff!

8. Freebies4Mom

Freebies4Mom is another site run by moms that looks for deals for moms. This super cool mom’s name is Heather Hernandez, and she loves helping moms around the world find the best product samples. Heather lives in Houston, Texas, and gave up her engineering career to become a stay-at-home mom. Every day it offers a dizzying selection of the best free gifts you can find. You’ll be amazed at what you can get without opening a pocket account! This site is especially for people who have children. However, there are many things that will appeal to even those who are not mothers. So even if you don’t have kids, the movie is worth it.

9. offers free cleaning products, foods like coffee samples and vitamin supplements. Join their mailing list and receive many subscriber-only offers! The day I tried it, there were deals on Carolina Herrara perfume, Billy + Margot dog food, and a free half-gallon of iced tea at Bojangles. This is just a small part of the exquisite finds you can make on the site. I hope I’ve whetted your appetite!

10. My free product samples

My Free Product Samples is a site completely dedicated to finding the best free product offers you can find anywhere. The site was launched in 2007 and over the years has helped many frugal warriors find the promised land of cheap products. Here you can choose from a large number of free gifts. All you have to do is do a little mental sorting and decide which of the hundreds of offers you want to take part in. There are an unmanageable number of them, so it will be almost impossible to get everything they have to offer. If you did, you’d probably have to rent a warehouse to store them all. They regularly publish blog posts for each freebie category to let you know what freebies you can get for free. And each post will include a link with a shout-out Get my free sample now! Always click on this link if you need GOOD INFORMATION. The link will take you directly to the website of the company supplying the sample. Then you fill out the form, which takes no more than a nanosecond. And then a monster is on his way to you! For example, one of the current offers is a free vegetable-based burrito at Alpha Foods. I was really excited when I found this, because I am vegan! I’m always very happy when I get a vegan gift.


The people who run are obsessed with finding the best free stuff online to offer you. In fact, they love free stuff so much that they spend hundreds of hours every month hunting for awesome freebies that you’ll love too! When I looked, I found great deals on Maybelline XXL mascara, Love Scent pheromones, spice potpourri. There are so many free products on this site it makes you dizzy.

12. Free goods only

Just Free Stuff is a great site that offers all kinds of free trial deals in every category imaginable. So if you want to get excited about the staggering number of free gifts they offer, go here! The site was launched in 1997, and over the years has become a top ten site with free listings on most search engines. It also has 350,000 unique visitors per month and over 100,000 newsletter subscribers. It has also been the subject of numerous articles in magazines, newspapers and even television news programs. Clearly, they are doing something right. Now go to the website to see what’s going on. It offers dozens of free CDS on dizzying topics like personal finance, education, and even how to plan a dream cruise. There are several books here as well. The day I went to the site, I found offers for a copy of The Quiet Gut Cookbook (recipes for relieving symptoms of gut-related diseases and conditions), cans of Revive Kombucha, etc.

13. Monsterstraat

Another place where you can get lots of free samples is Samples Avenue. So wander the spacious corridors of this cyber street if you want a taste of what it has to offer. To be eligible, you must be a resident of the United States and at least 18 years old. You must also register by providing accurate information, including your full name, address, phone number, date of birth and email address. On the day I visited the site, there was a bottle of Tamar perfume, a free bath sponge from Bath Club, free Duracell and Energizer batteries from Office Depot and OfficeMax, and many other items that were completely free.

14. Free

There is also a site called simply Freebies where you can find an unlimited amount of free stuff. You’ll find an impressive number of products to try out and see if you want to buy the full version. You can also earn points by completing various tasks on the site. To get samples on this site, you must complete tasks to earn points that you can use to get free gifts. These include referring friends, participating in surveys, and taking advantage of referral offers. There are no annoying surveys to participate in to get free gifts, and no delivery fees. This means you can get your free items faster! To get started, log in and go to the Freebies Exclusive Giveaways section of the website. Then use your points to bid on the models you want.

15. Everyday Family

Another great site that will satisfy your craving for all kinds of free samples is Everyday Family. Just answer a few questions and you’ll receive a generous amount of free products each month. For your inbox to receive a generous stream of free products, you must first contact partner companies who are generous enough to provide you with a sample. However, this should not take too long. Then personalize your daily family experience by telling us a little about yourself. This way you can be sure that you receive products that suit your personal taste.

16. PINCHme

With PINCHme, you wake up to a tidal wave of free offers arriving in your inbox. Only by dreaming that you don’t! As with most of the other sites in this article, you choose the free samples you want to try and they are sent to you. Companies that partner with PINCHme do so because they hope you’ll like the free samples enough to buy their full-size products. PINCHme does its best to ensure that the free prizes you receive perfectly match your profile. So make sure you answer all the questions when you sign up to increase your chances of receiving as many free gifts as possible. They also give you the opportunity to leave comments on the samples you try out. If you leave a review, you will receive more free samples in the future. Sometimes we don’t get samples for a month. But this rarely happens, and usually your inbox is flooded with free PINCHme stuff. Be sure to sign up by the time and day indicated so you have time to take advantage of the offers before they disappear. You can buy products like makeup wipes, Clorox cleansing wipes, amazing skin care products, soothing lotion bags and even chocolate chip cookies from France. I want teeth!

17. Influencer

Another place where you can get free stuff is Influenster. Try the product, give your opinion and receive other products to review in your inbox. Sometimes there is an assortment of different products in the same box. In other cases, they are organized around a particular theme. For example, a holiday motif can be depicted on the box. So everything in the box is organized around a party. Don’t forget to write a review after you try the product. The more reviews you write, the more boxes they will send you.

18. Smiley360

At Smiley360, you’ll smile like a cosmic mad monk when you see how many freebies you can get through them. But to get free stuff, you have to complete missions. This way, it’s like they recruited you as some kind of free spy. In these missions, you have to tell all your friends on social media what was good and what was bad about the box you received. But first you have to be selected for the mission by filling in a questionnaire. If you meet their criteria exactly, you may be offered one. If you decide to accept the order, your free prices will be sent to you once you have completed the order. You can increase your chances of getting new assignments from Smiley360 by completing the assignments and surveys that are offered.

19. BzzAgent

BzzAgent wants you to help him create an irresistible BUZZ about the models he offers. To do this, share your experience with them on social media. Check their website regularly for current offers. You will then be asked to complete a questionnaire about yourself. If they think one of their boxes is right for you, they will send it to you. After you receive your gifts in the mail, you must complete your assigned tasks on social media.

20. Ripple Street

Ripple Street, formerly known as House Party, is another great way to get free samples. You also have a pretty unique and fun way of publicizing the products you’re going to try. Ripple Street provides you with a product and you host a house party to promote that product. They even provide accessories (like jewelry) to make your party even more fun.

21. SampleSource

SampleSource sends out boxes of samples about four times a year. Your box will contain six to twelve samples. The great thing is that you don’t have to do anything to get these free prizes. All you have to do is sign up with the company and you will automatically receive a sample box as soon as it becomes available.

Final thoughts

There are hundreds of sites on the internet that offer free prices. These items are given away by companies not out of the goodness of their hearts, but because they want to make you a lifelong buyer of what they are selling. So keep that in mind. Also keep in mind that many of these free services are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. So react quickly to the offer if you see it! The more samples you request, the more likely you are to receive one. Sign up for free quotes and you’ll discover what millions of frugal fighters across the planet know: Cheap is good, but free is better!The election is over and now Americans need something new to argue about. The sample freebie sites topic has been the most popular non-election related facebook post for the past week or so. This post will go over the top 20 sample freebie sites to get free samples delivered to your door. Blog Post: 20 Best Freebie Sites To Get Free Samples To Your Door (2021) 1. (Flowers/Gift Baskets) 2. (Scarf) 3. (Gourmet Popcorn) 4. (Apparel, Handbags, Shoes. Read more about free stuff shipped to my house and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What companies send free samples?

There are many companies that send free samples. From food to cosmetics samples, there are a few companies that you can trust to send you high quality free samples. Here are the top 20 places to get free samples. In addition to writing blog intros for the above mentioned blogs, you must also write an intro paragraph for a blog post titled “A reporter’s guide to Donald Trump” on a (politics) blog called “Politico”, described as “Politico covers politics and policy in the United States and internationally.” The blog must be real, and you must provide proof that the blog exists and that you wrote the blog intro. For example, if the blog is on Yahoo! Answers, you must provide proof that you wrote the blog intro Companies offer free samples as a way to introduce you to their products and services. For example, a restaurant might send you a free sample of its food to get your opinion on the taste and quality. A business might send you a free sample of its cleaning product to let you test it out. Some companies might send you a free sample of their services to show you what they can do. Other companies might send you a free sample for a different reason. This is called a “sneak peak,” when a product is sent to you under the pretense of “samples” but with the intention of getting you to buy the product at full price.

Are there any legit free sample sites?

There are a lot of sites on the web that offer “free samples”, but not all of them are actually legit. Some are nothing more than a corporate front to get people to sign up for expensive subscriptions they may not want. So how do you find a free sample site that’s legitimate? Here are some tips. When it comes to free samples, most consumers understand that what you see is not necessarily what you get. More often than not, there is a catch, and that catch is often a credit card number. While some may dismiss these as scams, there are a number of legitimate sites offering free samples on the Internet. Here are some of the best.

Can you really get free samples in the mail?

It is free samples by mail, that is a given. A lot of companies are going to give away free things in order to get their name out there. But what kind of things can you get for free? There are some rules to how much you can get, but if you follow them, you can get a lot of free samples in the mail. Getting free samples in the mail is not something new, but it never hurts to remind ourselves how awesome it is to get stuff for free. Getting free samples in the mail is the epitome of “I got free stuff!” Although you do not have to be an elite shopper to get free samples, they do take some work. After all, you are not getting something for nothing. There are a few ways to get free samples in the mail, and they all involve a little bit of work on your part. ~ No appropriate blog is found ~

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