The wealth of data collected from focus groups can help companies create products and services that are more user-friendly, leading to higher revenue. In order for a company to earn the most money from their focus group program, they must hire an experienced facilitator.

The “paid focus groups online” is a list of 17 best paid focus groups that are available in 2022. The list includes both free and paid focus groups.

17 Best Paid Focus Groups to Make Money In 2022

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Do you want to participate in trustworthy focus groups? Online focus groups are a great way to supplement your income from the comfort of your own home. I’ve participated in a few as a side hustle coach, and they’re fun. You may also share your thoughts and views on issues that you’re interested in. 

This tutorial will teach you about the 17 greatest focus groups to join if you want to earn some additional cash.

What is the purpose of a focus group? 

A focus group allows a small group of individuals to answer questions in a controlled atmosphere. Focus groups take into consideration the demographics of the members in order to ask questions that elucidate a specific subject. 

Consumer choices, goods and services, difficult issues, responses to focus group questions, and body language may all be influenced by group dynamics. Focus groups are often used in marketing, library science, social science, and user research. 

Individual interviews give a more reliable source of data, but large-scale surveys are more difficult to organize. There is a great deal of focus on a single topic, candidate, or political party. Focus groups, as opposed to surveys, are more like informal chats.

Are Paid Focus Groups Useful?

Working in focus groups is a legal method to earn money. Hundreds of well-known market research firms employ focus groups to investigate their customers’ behavior, therefore participating is worthwhile. You may make additional money by participating in genuine paid focus groups and being compensated for your ideas. 

Companies may need to engage research services to enhance their company concepts. Business research firms use focus groups and services to obtain insight from actual individuals like you.

What is the Process of Focus Groups?

A focus group is a group of individuals who work under the supervision of a skilled moderator who guides them through all of the activities. The moderator keeps the topic on course, engages everyone, and encourages others to provide honest comments. Before the gathering, prepare prepared questions and a moderator. The research team will also decide who will participate in the study, when they should participate, and where they should participate. 

A group’s members are selected based on their age, race, income, and frequency of usage of certain items. To locate the proper candidates to recruit, a corporation conducts screening questionnaires. A focus group is a great approach to find out what people think about a certain issue. 

Because individuals are encouraged to speak to each other and the leader, it is simpler to have a more in-depth conversation in a focus group than it is in a survey. Focus groups, as you surely know, are highly structured, organized, and emotive. 

They can immediately provide a lot of information. The moderators assist the groups in conversing rather than telling them what to do. When moderating a meeting, they adhere to a set of guidelines. Depending on the subject, most sessions are two hours long. The purpose is to gather input in order to enhance or establish new trends and products.

How Much Can Paid Focus Groups Earn You?

Participating in paid market research focus groups may earn you money. There are several paid focus groups available, some paying more than others, but you may earn a decent livelihood by taking part in them. Your remuneration will be determined by the amount of time you put in and how difficult or easy it was to obtain members for the focus group.

In 2022, there are 17 best-paid focus groups to join.

Respondent 1

Respondent focus group


Respondent is a portal that links researchers with study participants. Academics who have used the platform to date have given away over $2 million to participants. The platform is also used for research by several huge businesses. As a consequence, of all market research platforms, it pays the most. Unlike other research sites, Respondent works with firms that need in-depth industry research. 

One-on-one and online focus groups are simple to run using Respondent. This website is an authorized facilitator of online and in-person consumer research studies. For their contributions to future goods and services, participants may be paid. 

Although the revenues will not replace your usual income, they will assist cover some of your expenses. When you sign up with Respondent, you’ll get immediate access to all of the available studies where you may earn money for your time. offers both remote and in-person assignments, allowing you to work from anywhere. To engage in an online project, you’ll attend a video conference, a phone conversation, or another online medium. In-person initiatives need face-to-face meetings between the researcher and the participant. 

Interviews and focus groups are examples of in-person activities. The amount of money you may make on is determined on the project. The cost of each Respondent’s study is decided by the target audience, time commitment, and other considerations.

2. Interviews with users

UserInterviews focus group

User Interviews is a website that pays people to take part in one-on-one interviews, focus groups, and other research projects. It’s comparable to paid survey sites such as Swagbucks or LifePoints, except the studies are longer and involve a phone call or video chat. 

They’re also more difficult to get into, particularly if you’re new to focus groups. In comparison to other places, wages have grown considerably as a consequence. It’s worth mentioning that instead of cash, participants are given gift cards. The organization is open about its origins, leadership, workers, and customers in an industry that may be opaque. 

For each trial, this information is provided up front. As a consequence, you’ll be able to quickly discard studies for which you don’t qualify and concentrate your efforts elsewhere. User interviews are a valid kind of consumer research, and the site payed over 100,000 individuals last year and continues to do so on a regular basis. 

The corporation has handed out over $15 million in bonuses since 2016. Participants in User Interviews must be at least 18 years old. Interviews may be conducted through webcam, phone, or in person. You can be asked to provide feedback on a design or to answer questions on a topic. 

As long as the researcher’s deadline is fulfilled, you may undertake unmoderated assignments on your own time. You may be prompted to complete a survey after the activity. To put it another way, you’ll need to participate in an online or in-person focus group to offer feedback in a group context.

3. Brainstorms 


Mindswarms is a respected survey company that pays you to create videos. It pays nicely via PayPal, however the primary issue is a lack of tasks, therefore patience is required. Mindswarms is a survey site that will pay you to share your thoughts. 

Mindswarms, unlike many other survey sites, offers something special. Mindswarms asks you to complete surveys through video in addition to filling out a questionnaire with your comments. That is what distinguishes our survey website. To create an account on a desktop or laptop, you’ll need a webcam. 

For Android and Apple smartphones, the Mindswarms app is available. You may apply for opportunities based on your account’s demographics. It takes less than a minute to complete the application. Within 24 hours, a researcher must examine your responses. 

If you are selected, you will begin by filming your video replies. This survey data is required to develop efficient marketing strategies and enhance the quality of a product or service. After your Mindswarm account is authorized, you’ll get email alerts for unread surveys. 

You may use the website to look for surveys, but you’ll have to be quick since participation spaces are restricted. You’ll be asked to take a brief pre-survey, which is a fast quiz with multiple-choice questions, after choosing a survey. Most surveys include one to seven questions, and you must answer all of them. 

Video submissions, on the other hand, are limited to 45-60 seconds. If your contribution does not match the Mindswarm criteria, it will be rejected. Accepted entries may be worth up to $50. A survey with less than seven questions pays $10 per question, whereas one with seven questions pays $50.

4. Field and Recruit

Recruit and field

Recruit and Field is a website that conducts online surveys and focus groups around the United States. They usually need professionals or medical specialists as participants. They make payments via PayPal, Amazon, or digital gift cards. Participants might earn between $100 and 275 each study. 

Knowing a firm’s brand ties before joining a focus group helps you trust their reputation and provides you a decent indication of the research you can anticipate. With over 300,000 replies, 12,000 Facebook likes, and five stars on Google, the firm has gained the confidence of the focus group community. 

Recruit & Field offers traditional focus groups, phone interviews, online surveys, and product testing. They are active on Facebook and Instagram, where you can follow current research studies you could be interested in. I like that you don’t have to meet a payout threshold to withdraw your money.

5. Survey Addict

Survey Junkie

If you want to make money in your free time, Survey Junkie is a great place to start. Online surveys may be completed from the convenience of your own home. Although each survey only pays Survey Junkie is an excellent place to start if you want to earn extra money in your spare time. There are online surveys available from the comfort of your own home. Although each survey only pays $0.50 to $3, if you participate regularly and finish each that you’re eligible for, you can quickly accumulate many points..50 to $3, if you participate on a regular basis and complete each one that you are qualified for, you may soon accrue a large number of points. 

If you have some extra time and want to earn some money quickly, online surveys may be for you. It’s simple to get started, and practically everyone meets the requirements for numerous surveys depending on their profile information. Survey Junkie may also place you in paid focus groups in addition to surveys. 

These give you the freedom to be yourself, and the benefits might be enormous. To qualify, however, the intended demographic requirements must be satisfied. In addition, completing the demographic survey on the site will give you 25 points. It’s difficult to find a service with superior survey screening, a well-designed platform, or a straightforward rewards scheme.

It’s tough to make a lot of money on these sites, but Survey Junkie is the most lucrative. A survey might take anywhere between 2 and 30 minutes to complete. Shorter surveys are frequently less lucrative. You may do short activities such as creating a profile, validating an email address, and downloading a browser.

These jobs pay anything from These tasks pay between $0.25 and $1.00. However, you can only cash out your winnings after 1,000 points, equivalent to $10..25 to $1.00. However, you can only pay out your wins when you have accumulated 1,000 points, which is equal to $10.

6. FocuScope (FocuScope)



FocuScope is a corporation that pays its members anything from $75 to $250 for participating in focus groups. You may work on virtual projects from the comfort of your own home. To accomplish jobs on the site, you may choose from 12 different kinds of market research approaches. 

While this website performs research in a variety of fields, it focuses mostly on healthcare professionals and company owners. On both iOS and Android devices, you may join the platform through their desktop site or mobile app. They also possess a panel in Chicago that performs in-person focus groups. 

7. Discussion Group Schlesinger, by

paid focus group

Focus Group By Schlesinger is a paid focus group firm worth checking at. This website offers both online and in-person focus groups around the United States. They’re open and transparent, and you can discover out how much you may make by visiting their official website. Most studies cost $70-$250, and they usually include business and healthcare topics. 

Payment choices differ depending on the study topic, so double-check before applying. They usually pay with a check, a gift card, or cash. This site’s surveys are one of its best-selling features, and clinical trials are offered nationally.

Focus groups are provided in Atlanta-Clairemont, Bala Cynwyd, and Atlanta-Buckhead, in addition to Appleton. On, however, high-paying surveys and focus groups are hard to come by. By providing the screeners your age, income, and interests, you also give up a lot of privacy. Before disclosing your identify to clients, the site guarantees an opt-out option. 

If you’re thinking about taking part in a clinical experiment, read the tiny print first. On the plus side, joining a site like allows you unlimited access to surveys.

8. Usability of Google 

Google Usability 

Google Usability is a platform for focus groups and surveys. You may engage in market research right now with Google Usability. These surveys mainly seek for your input on Google products and are completed online, however in-person research is sometimes required. 

While this isn’t the highest-paying focus group on the list, you’ll make roughly $75 per hour while helping to shape the goods of one of the world’s biggest organizations. While Google Usability isn’t the greatest site for product focus groups, it does have a lot of them. 

People interested in making money while helping one of the world’s top corporations can look into Google User Research. The majority of opportunities are offered only online, making it suitable for people who are unable or unable to travel.

9. Dynamics of Experience


The most effective way for identifying whether or not your design is functional is usability testing. You’ll have to determine whether or not a client’s design satisfies the demands of its users. You’ll want to check for problems and see whether they can navigate easily. 

Usability testing, above all, helps to prevent features that are confusing or difficult. Accessibility testers may also conduct in-person interviews with disabled people in their homes or workplaces while using their assistive technology. Because of this, clients who use Experience Dynamics gain detailed insights into specific accessibility issues. 

To augment your income, you may work here part-time. People are constantly needed to assist with different research methodologies, such as user testing, expert evaluations, and eye testing.

iSay by Ipsos

Ipsos iSay


Ipsos i-Say is the survey site division of Ipsos, a multinational market research company. In 1975, Didier Truchot formed the Ipsos Group. They are reputable and employ over 16,000 people. They are a publicly listed company with 88 locations. You may swap i-Say points for cash, popular gift cards, and Virtual Visa Prepaid cards as an i-Say panelist. 

The most frequent method to earn prizes with i-Say is through doing surveys. You may win rewards in addition to doing surveys by referring friends, participating competitions, and joining their loyalty program. You will get between 10 and 100 points for each completed survey. For your convenience, survey invitations are emailed to your inbox.

All you have to do to register is submit your email address, password, gender, and date of birth. To complete your registration, you must validate your email address and phone number. Adults in the world’s most powerful economies are welcome to enroll for free. 

If your profile fits the surveys, you may expect to get at least one survey each month and up to eight jobs.

Research by Alder Weiner 

Paid Focus group

Check out Alder Weiner Research if you’re seeking for another sponsored focus group. From car clinics and driving testing to focus groups, Adler Weiner provides high-quality marketing research field services for a broad spectrum of customers. They have offices in Chicago, Lincolnwood, Los Angeles, and Orange County, among other locations.

Anyone over the age of 13 may make a profile, but those under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian who has previously registered in the site’s database. You must reside within driving distance of one of their venues to participate in in-person market research.

In addition to the company’s countrywide database, bigger vehicle clinics are held around the country on occasion. The next step is to fill out an online sign-up form to get started.

Cash, gift cards, prepaid debit cards, or items are used to compensate participants in qualitative research studies. This reward will be provided by their end customer in exchange for your feedback on the items and services presented. Before committing to any project, it’s vital to understand the incentive kind and quantity.

12. Consumer Opinion in America

American Consumer Opinion


If you’re searching for a paid focus group, go at American Consumer Opinions. This is a well-known market research agency that was established in the 1980s. Businesses receive hundreds of targeted comments, while members earn points. Joining American Consumer Opinion is simple. You may register as a member by providing basic information such as your age and location.

American Consumer Opinion will ask you to take an initial household survey to decide which polls you’re qualified for, as well as how many and how frequently you get them. You’ll get access to numerous polls since American Consumer Opinion is a large survey firm. You may go on to the next available position if a survey isn’t entertaining or doesn’t give enough incentives.

Instead of a gift card, participants may cash in their incentives. You’ll get $10 for every 1,000 points you earn. If a person qualifies for a survey, the website sends them an email invitation. This function enables you to utilize American Consumer Opinion without having to check for new surveys on a regular basis.

You may view point values to assist you in selecting the most appropriate surveys. Notably, the survey you get by email normally offers 100 or more points, which is frequently more than what you may acquire online.

Fieldwork (nineteenth) 


Participating in a focus group on Fieldwork pays $75, and most focus groups take one to two hours. The firm has locations around the United States. Among these cities are Atlanta, Boston, Chicago-Downtown, Chicago-O’Hare, Chicago-Schaumburg, Dallas, Denver, Fort Lee, NJ, Los Angeles-Orange County, Minneapolis, New York City, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Seattle. 

However, it’s unlikely that you’ll be assigned work every day or even every month. Most fieldwork jobs pay with Visa gift cards, which you can convert for cash or another gift card like an Amazon gift card. Focus groups are available in a variety of sectors, including fashion, cosmetic items, technology, software, athletic goods, and more.

14. Investigate Market Research

Paid Focus Group Probe market Research

The site has a 4.7-star rating on Facebook. Focus groups are held on a regular basis by Probe Research, a market research organization located in the United States, to gain feedback for clients’ new advertising campaigns, commodities, or services. Consider joining this paid focus group. 

Focus groups often pay $50 to $400, and you may complete the tasks from the comfort of your own home. Group interviews, phone interviews, and internet interviews are all possible options. It all depends on how much time you have to complete a job.

For major companies and manufacturers, Probe Market Research conducts mock juries, product trials, mystery shopping jobs, online surveys, and more. Business leaders, medical experts, and regular customers must all participate in their study.

To join, all you have to do is fill out their online form. When they locate a research assignment that fits your interests, you’ll be notified.

15. CheckLab 

Watch Lab Paid Focus Groups

Look at WatchLab if you’re searching for a paid focus group. For study, you may earn anywhere from $50 to $200, but you must be a US resident. WatchLab provides online focus groups, in-person research studies, and in-home studies. 

On their Facebook page, you can see the many focus groups they provide. Although WatchLab’s website is sparse, they promise to host focus groups, usability testing, interviews, mock juries, and other events. 

Payment is given in gift cards or cash, depending on the study. WatchLab has offices in San Francisco and Chicago, as well as a website. Internet focus groups may take 4-6 weeks to complete, while in-person focus groups are paid upon completion. 

This organization is normally quite strict about who is permitted to participate in focus groups, so you must satisfy certain criteria to be accepted.

16. 20| 20 Panel of Experts 

Paid Focus Groups

20|20 Panel is a pioneer in both conventional and online qualitative research. By participating in online or in-person roundtables, you may earn $50 to $150 or more. They also send out point-based surveys that are more quantitative market research. 

In-person opportunities are available to residents of Charlotte, Nashville, and Miami. The website sends you an email invitation to complete a pre-qualifying survey. One of their recruiters will contact you to confirm the details and set up a time for the focus group. 

If you do not qualify, you will get a notification to that effect, and you will have a better chance on the next pre-qualifying survey. A survey is required for chat interviews. If you qualify after taking the survey, 20|20 assigns you to a moderator right away. If you do not meet the requirements, the survey will be closed and any points gained will be given to you. 

You may also take part in online discussions from the convenience of your own home. A 30-90-minute panel discussion or a self-conducted webcam interview might be used. You may be required to check in everyday for 30-45 minutes to answer questions by a moderator. 

Prepaid MasterCard gift cards are used to compensate participants in Charlotte, Miami, and Nashville. You have the option of receiving payment through a virtual Visa card delivered to your email or a real card mailed to your home address after completing an online study. The letter will arrive within ten business days after the study’s completion.

17. Media Studies

Paid Focus Groups Media Science

If you’re searching for paid focus groups, this is the place to go. Austin, Chicago, and New York City all have cutting-edge media science laboratories. Participants may meet up and cooperate on different market research projects in a variety of locations. The strategy suggests using a test environment for your research. 

Each location has a large television and security cameras (versus the older two-way mirror method). Clients may observe their sessions using on-screen features and numerous camera angles. 

Each research for which you qualify will be sent to you through email. A study usually takes 1-2 hours. Pay varies based on the duration of the study, but it begins at $30 per hour. There have been over 500 studies, ranging from television broadcasts to sports podcasts to virtual reality to social media.



What Is The Best Way To Find A Paid Focus Group?

To increase your chances of getting into focus groups, you should join as many consumer research businesses as possible. Do some research on the company before signing up for a focus group to verify it is reputable.

Here are some additional websites where you may discover paid focus groups:

  1. Craigslist
  3. Quirks
  4. GreenBook
  5. Advanced Concentration

Do Focus Groups Make Money?

Yes! For your opinion, some focus groups can pay you up to $500. It’s important to remember that each focus group is different, thus the outcomes will vary based on the subject, group, and length of the session.

Is a genuine website?

Members of are paid to participate in focus groups, interviews, and other activities. It provides a number of methods for people to make money, and the benefits for their research efforts are significant. Payments may be made using prepaid Visa cards, cheques, gift cards, or cash.

Their in-person research assignments are tough to qualify for, but they pay substantially more than other online earning platforms. You also give up a lot of privacy by telling the screeners your age, phone number, income, and preferences. The site promises an opt-out option before disclosing your information to customers. 

For some, their $20 minimum withdrawal restriction and a three-month holding period of 100 points might be aggravating. They claim to answer by DM, despite multiple internet concerns.


Final Thoughts On The Most Profitable Focus Groups 

If you want to earn money by participating in an online focus group, you’ll need to choose a reputable firm. Focus groups aren’t going to make you wealthy, but they may be a fun way to supplement your income when you have spare time.

Visit one of these firms’ websites to discover what they have to offer, read customer reviews, and decide which focus group site is best for you.

If you’re seeking for additional money-making options, check out these interesting side hustles:


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