When you’re stuck with books you no longer need, how do you get rid of them? That’s where eBooks come in handy. There are many ways of selling eBooks for cash, but the easiest way is to list them on a well-established platform like Amazon. You can easily sell your textbooks and other books for cash through this platform and make some decent cash. If you’re looking for ways to sell your textbooks and other books, we’ve listed down the top places to do it.

While the majority of people deal with textbook-buying season as a stressful experience, there are others who enjoy the thrill of reselling books. If you’re one of those lucky souls who can make a nice profit from your old textbooks, you’re in luck. There are a number of companies out there, such as Ebay and Amazon, that help you get the best price possible for your unwanted textbooks.

Students have been going back to school for more than a decade now, and with more and more people entering the workforce it’s only a matter of time before these stay-at-home adults have to get a job. You might have a few bucks saved up, but you can still think of a few options that pay more than 80 cents/hour.. Read more about best place to sell books online 2021 and let us know what you think.

Looking to get some cash for your old textbooks?

If you’re a voracious reader with piles of books at home or a college student who purchased textbooks for last semester’s courses but no longer need them, you may be wondering how to sell your books online to earn some extra cash for even more books.

We’ll answer some common questions regarding selling old books, such as why you should sell them online, how to do it, and where to sell textbooks for the most money, in this post.

As an added benefit, we’ll provide a FAQ section to address any queries you may have.

What Is The Best Way To Sell Used Books On The Internet?

To sell books online, you must first choose a platform on which to list them, compare buyback pricing, and enter the book’s details.

Reselling books essentially entails inputting the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and then getting a price depending on the book’s condition. Obviously, the costs vary depending on the niche in which the book is published. 

To optimize your earning potential, make sure you conduct sufficient research before posting a listing. There are a lot of websites out there that profit from scamming you off, so be informed and ahead of the game.

Best Places To Sell Textbooks For Cash

Where Can You Sell Your Used Textbooks on the Internet?

Book Scouter No. 1

One of the greatest sites to sell textbooks online is BookScouter.

It takes care of a lot of the grunt work for you. Simply input the ISBN of the book, and BookScouter searches hundreds of online shops for purchasers before providing you with the best possible price. It’s essentially a search engine for book sales.

BookScouter compensates you in the following ways:

It all depends on whatever option you choose in your account settings as your preferred method.

Cash4Books (#2)

On the other hand, companies like Cash4Books allow customers to purchase books straight from you.

When a buyer makes an offer on your book, they’ll give you a prepaid shipping label to use to ship it to them, where they’ll examine it and either send you the money through PayPal or check if they accept it.

3. Resell Your Book

Return to the market Your Book operates similarly to Cash4Books, except that instead of having to enter the ISBN of each book one by one, you may input as many ISBN books as you like. You’ll receive an immediate quotation for each book this way.

They also have applications available for download that allow you to just scan a book with the app, greatly speeding up the process.

4. Amazon

Of course, no buy and sell article would be complete without mentioning Amazon, the world’s biggest online marketplace.

While it may be a reputable platform with hundreds of prospective customers, evaluations indicate that you will get much less for your textbooks than on other sites.

The truth is, you may have a far greater chance than anybody else of selling this book quickly.

Barnes & Noble is number five.

People overlook Barnes & Noble’s online shop, which offers a fantastic textbook resale service. While the procedure of selling a textbook is similar to that of other textbook websites, there are a few differences. The fact that it bears the name Barnes & Noble only adds to its security.  

The only disadvantage is that the books you sell must be at least $10 in price.

CKY Books is number six.

CKY Books enables you to purchase and sell a wide variety of books, including fiction and nonfiction, religious and textbooks, and more. The best part is that they also pay the cost of shipping.

The following products are also available from CKY:

It looks like the kind of bookshops you’d see in the early 2000s. You may also be paid through PayPal or bank transfer as an additional incentive.

BookFinder.com is number seven.

BookFinder.com is another excellent resource. Many people compare it to BookScouter and use it to compare the deals found by BookFinder to those found by BookScouter.

Craigslist is number eight.

Despite the fact that there are many sites that are comparable to Craigslist, Craigslist remains one of the finest places to sell your items locally or in your region.

9. Ebay

If you have textbooks to sell, eBay is another excellent site with a lot of potential buyers. When you contemplate selling anything, the first place that comes to mind is eBay.

When pricing your books, keep in mind that there may be additional expenses such as a commission or shipping costs, so be sure to include that in.

BookByte is number ten.

BookByte is one of the first online marketplaces for buying, selling, and renting low-cost textbooks. After entering the textbook’s title or ISBN, you will be able to locate the title and get an immediate offer.

11. Purchaser of Textbooks

This is an excellent marketplace for buying textbooks since it has specialized in reselling textbooks for the last ten years.

Textbook Buyer has the following features that many other sites lack:

  • A reasonable pricing policy
  • Shipping is free.
  • Payment is made quickly.

Textbook Buyer may be the way to go if you’re seeking to sell on a trustworthy website.

12. Chegg

Chegg is a website that enables you to buy and sell books in addition to tutoring and education. After visiting the website, you may quickly input a book’s ISBN to get an immediate price estimate for your textbooks.

Chegg compensates you in the following ways:

Textbook Rush is number thirteen.

Textbook Rush is another website where you can sell your unwanted textbooks for cash. They specialize on college textbooks, and you may enter an ISBN to receive an estimate of how much it will sell for.

TextbookRush enables you to get paid in a variety of ways:

FirstClassBooks.com is number 14 on the list.

You may input the ISBN of the textbooks and get a quotation for the current price of the book on FirstClassBooks.

These payments will be sent to you within two business days.

CampusBooks is number fifteen.

CampusBooks operates in the same way as BookScouter in that it allows you to compare pricing from various sellers. CampusBooks, on the other hand, is a website that concentrates exclusively on textbook buybacks.

Why Should I Use the Internet to Sell My Textbooks?

Selling your books online benefits you in two ways: 1. it enables you to sell at a better price and 2. it helps you to sell your books faster.

Because online businesses have fewer overhead than their brick-and-mortar counterparts, they can pay you more, and it’s self-evident that selling to a business with greater profit margins is always the superior choice.

Second, the quantity of individuals who will view your book is restricted by the platform’s incoming traffic. The greater the volume of inbound traffic, the more likely your book will sell quickly.

As a consequence, posting your used book listings on major platforms like Amazon and eBay, where thousands of people peruse the site every day, will improve the odds of someone actually buying your book.


There are a plethora of ways to sell your old textbooks if you’re seeking to resale them. It’s a very easy procedure; you just input the ISBN, receive a quotation, and have your goods sent for free.

Make sure, however, that you exhaust all available resources in order to maximize the earnings from your secondhand book sales.


Where can I get the best price for my textbooks?

There are many excellent choices available. Because each site will most likely provide various quotations for the same book, diversifying your resources and comparing pricing across platforms will guarantee that you are paid the most.

Where do you think the greatest location is to sell your old books?

Choose a site with a lot of inbound traffic, such as Amazon or eBay, if you want to sell it fast. However, if you wanted to sell it for the best price, you’d have to search several websites. Please keep in mind that this choice may take longer than the first.

Is it lucrative to sell books on Amazon?

They are, indeed! Despite the fact that most trendy commodities concentrate around the IT sector, books are lucrative and offer a high return on investment. “The riches are in the niches,” as the old adage goes. If you want to get your feet wet in the world of book resale, Amazon may be the ideal place to start.

Who is the most willing to pay the most for secondhand books?

This question has an easy answer: college students. Consider this: a single college textbook may cost up to $300, which means that even if you buy a secondhand textbook for $50, you can profit handsomely by reselling it at a higher price. This is precisely why so many people speak about flipping college textbooks for a profit.


The textbook industry is being disrupted by startups who are developing innovative alternatives to traditional textbooks. Textbook sales have been declining for years, but the pace is accelerating. The Internet has empowered students to search for information on books, to figure out what they’re getting for their money, and to buy the materials online. And the students are responding by buying e-books. Before long, textbook sales are likely to drop dramatically, just as they are for CD’s, DVD’s, and VHS tapes.. Read more about sell books for cash and let us know what you think.

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